1. The Twin Sisters

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Blossom’s POV


“I was lost……”


What is this place? This place is huge.


Is this really like a town in an underwater dungeon? There’s not a single …… person here, and I’m getting sick of it.


I wonder if everyone evacuated during the fight with the two gatekeepers?


Those two guys were trying so hard to protect it, and there must be something there, if not humans.


“I wonder if I should have kept one of them alive?”


I don’t think they would have given up information even if I had let them live, but it was not a mistake to kill them either. I increased my killing experience points.


I personally didn’t like that sibling. I hated the red-headed sister and hopeless brother.


Now that I have reassured myself that I have no regrets about my choice, …… I have to steadily explore this sprawling city.


“Ah, this kind of exploration should mostly be left to the servants, isn’t it…”


“Ah, um…!”


As I was walking along, blabbering away at random, I was suddenly approached from behind.


I think I was a bit too relaxed with my reactions or is it a use of my compensatory ability, although for a short time? …… Well, either way, I’m a little too relaxed to be surprised.


This is not like me, it’s not ‘perfect’.


“A…… child?”




I turned around, pointing the tip of my scythe at the voice. There are two little girls about …… eight years old and another one about twelve years old who looks a lot like the elder one.


The big one is probably the older sister, who has come after her younger sister who ran out of the house. And, here I thought everyone evacuated.


Well, whatever it is, I wonder why there are children in this dungeon …… And is this really the place where the great old man has prepared to take on the genocider. ……


Maybe there is more to this,…… maybe these two sisters are also involved.


“Oh, um!”


“…… what is it?”


Before I could ask her anything, she started talking to me. …… Unlike her older sister, the younger sister seems to have a much less intimidating personality.


The sister who is confused seems to be having a hard time. This made me think I’m right about them being involved with the Old Man.


If I find them useful, even if they are children, I’ll use them to my advantage. But if I find them annoying, I won’t hesitate to kill them.


…… That’s for sure.


“Are you the one who came with Rena?”


“…… what?”


What are these guys talking about? By the way, did he clear the world quest in “Belsenstock City”?


I wonder if that’s how they got to know each other. …… I don’t know.


“Oh! I just can’t think Rena is bad! So … take me to her!”


“Nia, you can’t! It’s too dangerous!”


’What is this ……’ I wonder what I am being shown?


I’m sure Rena has forgotten about those girls who seem to adore her so much.


It’s not going to be enough to sway or outwit him, and at this point,

I’d have to judge the girl as a delicate hostage against Master Ron.


I don’t want to be with two kids like that.


“I’m sorry, but could you find someone else? I don’t need someone to slow me down.”


Well, maybe Maria would be willing to take you? …… No, she would probably refuse.


She wouldn’t risk the lives of the children irresponsibly when she can’t guarantee their safety.


“But, but ……!”


“…… I will slash you down if you try to get in the middle of my way.”


While activating the “Intimidation” skill, I once again point the scythe at the sisters and shoot them an icy glare.


A normal NPC would have been frozen in place from it…but it’s a messy process.


The younger sister, even under my intimidation, still does not lose strength in her eyes, and the older sister steps forward, although trembling, to protect her sister.


I didn’t use “Detection” because I thought it was a trivial thing, but are they important NPC?


…… Well, you’re going to die here anyway, so that doesn’t really matter anymore either. ……


“It’s too much trouble, you should just die here…”

“-Wait for me… !!”


I swung the scythe and tried to swing it down, but something fell between me and the sisters.


Immediately, I back-step to distance myself from the scene and stare at the intruder in alarm while preparing my magic and martial arts.


“…… why are you here?”


The cloud of dust clears and the identity of the person who came down is revealed.


I’m already getting tired just by looking at him.


“I, the Perverted Gentleman will not allow you to harm young children!”


“You’re being too loud.”


What’s more? He was wearing bikini armor? I don’t say it’s safe because it’s a bikini.


How can he be so stupid as to judge a bikini, a swimsuit, as armor even if it’s made of steel?


Even if it’s made of steel, it’s still a bikini, so it’s the same as a bathing suit.


“Please put your scythe in her place?”


“I’m tired of looking at …… you, so I’ll let it go.”


“Mm? I don’t think so. I’m glad to see things have come around.”


Really, this guy is always so upbeat all the time. …… It pisses me off that he’s wearing such a perverted outfit like bikini armor. But it’s actually less revealing than my swimsuit.


I hate it when he shows up because he always disturbs the atmosphere of the place.


“So? Why are you here?”


“Oh, I am here to get these kids to a safe place in case of an emergency…”


As he answers my question, his arms and neck suddenly start to glow.

It appears to represent some kind of dragon-like symbol, a bit like the tattoos on the cheeks of the …… sisters.


“…… Apparently, the time has come for you.”


“Hey, I don’t see what you’re talking about at all.”


I hate it when I’m cornered and left out.


“Well, let’s move on from here. If you follow me ……, we can get out of this dungeon, okay”


“…… Well, I’ll accompany you just this once. You should be grateful.”


It’s a pity that I can’t explore the undiscovered dungeon, but I don’t think that I can conquer it alone, to begin with, so I guess I’ll have to retreat for now.


Let’s come back next time with my servants.


When you and the team are separated in a dungeon, the theory is to escape first, re-join them, take countermeasures, and then attack again.


“It is a great pleasure for me to escort a beautiful lady like you.”

“Oh, you know it well.”


“I’m a gentleman before I’m a pervert.”


“Is it because you are a gentleman that you protect these children?”


“I am a grown man before I am a gentleman.”


“Oh, yes.”


Maybe this guy has his own pride and joy. …… Well, I’m not interested in that.


More importantly, I wonder what the others are doing right now?

I’m sure Maria will follow the theory, but she’s also the one whose behavior is the most unpredictable.


“…… Well, Maria is probably doing something stupid again anyway.”


“Did you say something?”


“Nothing, you pervert. Shut up!”


“That’s harsh!”


I can’t help but look at his uselessly plump ass when I look forward.

The younger of the sisters don’t mind, but the older sister and I have trouble keeping our eyes and have to look up and down diagonally.


“…..This really pisses me off.”




The sisters – and a perverted gentleman!

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Illustration (By Mitemin)


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Illustration (By Mitemin)

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And from “Kamikaze”, a perverted gentleman who reappeared this time!


Illustration (By Mitemin)



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And here is Reina Ichijo from “Soda Water”!


Illustration (By Mitemin)

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Illustration (By Mitemin)

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