1. Penetrating, Shooting, and Strangling


Isn’t it cool to have two guns or something?




“─ ─ Die!”


Ron shouted suddenly.


 I caught Master Ron’s fist, which was projected at close range, aiming at my stomach with both hands. I gave him a head butt along the way and our eyes met at some point.


I saw him frowning but never closing his eyes as he came down with a sword in his hand. Then I threw out the tiny poison needle that I had right in his face.


 Master Ron slashed me with a sword at the right shoulder, but I was able to destroy one of his eyes by using a needle having a powerful and deadly poison in it.



“Crap. ……”








I have completely removed my pain limit, so when I take such a big damage, the pain is huge and it slows me down a little bit.


 But, well, the pain is what makes me feel that this game world is real, so I have nothing to complain about now.


 I am now experiencing simulated pain in exchange for life.


 How can this “game” not be fun?








“Hmph ……!”




 I aimed a palm strike at his chin, which was successful. But as a countermeasure I was also hit in the throat by his fist with only the index and middle fingers sticking out a little.


 Master Ron momentarily lost focus, and I was able to have an interval of a few seconds to breathe. A strange silence enveloped the area.


 The space, which had been filled with the sounds of fierce battles up to that point, was now tranquil – and then the deafening sounds of battle rang out again..








“Gah ha ……?!”




 Because my right shoulder was hit, here I failed to block another strike and Master Ron pierced my stomach with his bare penetrating hand.


 How can he strike so perfectly when he is blinded in one eye? …… Or should I say that because he is blinded in one eye, his aim was shifted to my stomach from my heart.


 This heavy damage here could destroy the battle that has existed up to this point.








 Spitting out a large amount of blood from my mouth, I smiled at Master Ron and fascinated him. As I looked at my HP on the side, it was rapidly decreasing.


It’s bad for him to have a suspicious look on his face, but I let him dominate me around with a little bit of confrontation.






“─ ─ ─ [[Meteor Harpoon]]!”







That’s right, this is right under Yamada-san and Jun-san, whom you shot away.





 It was a good thing that I had ordered them to stand by until Master Ron was caught off guard and then I used telepathy.


 I held Master Ron’s arm as he tried to escape by clutching the arm that was piercing my stomach – a harpoon came from directly above and pierced his back.


 …… Now the scenario of battle is back to the same and things are competitive again.




“Gosh, gah,……, you’ve done it,…….”




“Well, I don’t see you as an old man, just as you didn’t just punch a woman in the stomach, but penetrated her.”




 By leaping backwards, I stitched the wound in my stomach with threads while applying restorative magic. I tried to maintain a distance from Master Ron.


 I wish I had wrapped a tissue around the wound, but I don’t have any. …… I had to do it this way or the guts would overflow and fall out.







 In response to my call, before Master Ron could catch her, Jun transformed the body from a harpoon to a gun and came back to me.


 Master Ron looked surprised for a moment at the sudden change in the shape, but he immediately readjusted his fist.




“─ ─ [Ryujin Gekijutsuken]!




Happy Trigger from “Shadow Image”!


 Jun is increased in gun form, and with two guns, he activates his skill …… This [Happy Trigger] is a difficult thing to use, as it keeps pulling the trigger until he runs out of ammunition and he doesn’t use it sparingly. It’s difficult to use and I can’t be stingy with the ammunition.


 It would take five shots to counteract one of the [Ryujin Gekijutsuken] shockwaves from Master Ron’s fists.


“Haaa, Haa, Haaa !!!!”



“If you yell too much, you’ll burst a blood vessel in your head.”




 I continue to pull the trigger while running counterclockwise with Master Ron at the center.


I used my skills to strengthen my servants and then “alchemy” to replenish simple ammunition, but the .. decrease is faster.




 The sound of the gunfire reverberates in the enclosed space and hurts the ears more than the fist fights of earlier.


I am not even sure if my warning has reached Master Ron’s ears.


 Besides, we were both seriously wounded with holes in our stomachs and backs, even penetrating to the other side, but we were both ready to fight.


 I had thought that the momentum of Master Ron’s attack seemed to increase because he was gradually closing the distance while turning counterclockwise, but it was just him gearing up as time went by as usual, and he is one hell of an old man.




“─ ─ [Dragon Claw]”




“─ ─Fusion”





As soon as the effects of the Master Ron’s skill are over, my ammunition runs out. And as the high-pitched sound of the last cartridge case falling to the ground echoes, we move on to each other’s final attacks.


Since there is no longer time to take into account the negative effects of metal weapons, such as the faster decrease in durability value, I transformed Jun into a dagger and activated my skill, swinging the red-hot dagger violently at Master Ron.



“It’s a win.”




But at the last moment, perhaps using the power to shield up using the dungeon surrounding, the earth beneath my feet rotates halfway around, and a pillar stands in front of where the dagger is swung.


Unlike my attack, which was deflected by this, Master Ron’s dagger had cut through my side brilliantly.


 Surely, there was no doubt that Master Ron had won the fight.



“── No, this is the end.”



“──But my “copy shadow image” is still in operation.”





At the angle that would be a blind spot of Master Ron, who is blind in an eye, I cut off my own hair that had been stretched whimsically with the other dagger that I hid behind me.


Twisting strands of my own long hair that I had obtained from it – I hung it around Master Ron’s neck from behind. I strangled him.



“Gah, ugh …… guh?”




“Did you know? I’ve heard that this position is called the “Jizo backstrap”,…… haha,……?



Well, I don’t think I could afford to ask such a thing. …… I didn’t have that much time but I did it anyway.


I am running out of MP to use to control the rampaging Master Ron, and it is a chicken race to see whether I will die first or he will suffocate to death from the heavy damage I have inflicted on him so far.




“The poison that blinded you in one eye …… has the effect of depriving your brain of oxygen making you unable to use your body”



Of course, it has all the usual benefits, but this oxygen deprivation effect is probably the biggest.



 ”So feel free to choke to death……”







Yamada-san, who has re-possessed himself into his original dagger, and Jun-san, who has morphed into a mace…… then uses part of Inoue-san to beat the dying old man.


Even if the damage amount is small, the top priority now is to kill him as quickly as possible.








 I mercilessly stabbed Master Ron’s corpse, which had then stopped moving. Soon I stopped when the announcement was made that the quest was complete.






You really do kill in an horrific manner, Rena.








The bunny girl costume that was sent to me which I mentioned in the postscript of the previous chapter, I put it on Twitter as “horse knee girl” wearing a horse mask and I’m glad I got a few laughs (probably).




I’ve had a maid outfit, a tyrannosaurus, a gothic lolita, a furisode-like outfit, a yukata, a bunny girl, a prisoner outfit etc …… all send me various interesting things, and when I put them on Twitter, they get more readers…. …what is this ….(complicated expression)





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