246. Sea God Priest and Sea God Maiden

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World Announcement: Player Rena has completed the world quest “The Rebellion Of the Old Priest.”

World Announcement: This has caused the collapse of the forces of the Order camp.

World Announcement: As a result, the power of the Sea God believers has been greatly diminished.

World Announcement: A new Sea Priest will be selected and a new Sea God Maiden will be selected.

World Announcement: Many other changes have been made, so players will have to see for themselves.


Your Levels have been increased.

Your skill level has increased.

You have gained skill points.

Karma values have dropped significantly.

You have earned the title “Blasphemer.”

You have earned the title “Enemy of God”.

You have earned the title “Friend of God”.




I recognized the large number of voice and text announcements that were being sent out at once, and knew that I had won.

I let out a stuffed breath, and with the termination of the various enhancements I had applied to myself, I lowered Master Ron’s body.

“Hah, ha… My win… Right……”

I sat down right next to the old Master’s body with my leg thrown out, my arm resting on my propped up right knee, and my left hand pushed into the ground on my back side.

It is a little ill-mannered, but I don’t have much to do.

I put my head down and muttered to myself as I looked to see the old Master’s body, but there was no answer.


“So, what do I do now? ……”

There is some work to be done to check newly acquired skills and titles, but first of all, where should I place this body? …… I can either leave it as it is …… like this …… …… undead, or expose the head publically.

It would not be good to risk lowering the support of “Belsenstock City” by exposing his head to them, and even if he were to become undead, he would be easily recognized in that area where there are many sea god priests.

If so, it can be used for propaganda purposes as if I were the first to recognize the invasion from the kingdom and the countries in the northern part of the continent. I fought to protect the “United Kingdom of Barrens” and by extension the “City of Belsenstock” from its dastardly clutches?

Let us trap them in cowardly traps and incite them not to forgive the nations that killed Old Master Ron in an evil way.

“Then I guess I’ll save it for now.”

And there are a lot of things I need to discuss with Eren anyway, such as propaganda techniques and the outcomes of this case.

Yes, I am usually indebted to Eren, and since he seemed to be worried about the national treasury, I may present him with a few ideas.



“…… Oh, it’s shaking.”

The whole dungeon seems to be shaking, perhaps due to the death of Master Ron, who was apparently the master of this dungeon.

It is unlikely that the dungeon itself will collapse and bury me alive, but I won’t be able to stay here for long.

The dungeon is a place to worship the sea god Krebskulm, and I’m sure that Krebskulm has a grudge against me. Maybe that’s why.

“──Oh, isn’t that you, Miss Rena?”


When I thought I saw a violent shaking, a part of the wall shifted upward, and from there I saw the perverted gentleman wearing what is commonly known as “bikini armor”. I also saw Blossom, and the sisters I thought I had seen somewhere before.

I mean, why is Perverted Gentleman wearing iron equipment?- – oh, I see…because it’s a bikini…armor.

Yuu’s joking skills are good, and it seems that some of the management has a good sense of humor.

“……It’s an unusual combination.”

“… It doesn’t seem like you were having a hard time.”

“This guy had a lot of fun playing with me, even though he’s already dead because I killed him.”

I respond to Blossom’s voice by lifting the arm of Master Ron’s body and giving it a wobbly shake.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had such a close, tight battle, and I think the game was a little too heated.



“Ugh, you’re lying ……, why ……?” The girls said.


“……, I was a little careless. The girls would rather not see this.”



The sisters, who had seemed petrified of the situation earlier, opened their mouths and …… I’m not sure what to expect.

What is the intention of this statement? One of them didn’t even utter a word.






Important NPCs

Name: Mia Lv.12

Karma Value:41 [Neutral・Good].

Class: Seamstress

Status: Normal


Speldia Original family Adopted Child

Krebskulm Congregation










Important NPCs

Name: Nia Lv.8

Karma Value :null [innocence]

Class: Sea god maiden

Status: Normal


Speldia family Adopted Child

Krebskulm worship, Sea God Maiden







…… Oh, it was these girls, wasn’t it?

“Perverted Gentleman.”

“What is it ……?”

“I’m going to do my best to kill those girls from now on, so please protect them with all your might…….Are you an adult before you are a gentleman?”

I turn my attention to the perverted gentleman, completely ignoring the incomprehensible sisters who scrunch up their faces at my comment and begin to shed tears.

I’m sure it’s not completely coincidental that he’s here right now for some reason and he’s bringing along girls with a newly established class of “sea god maiden” with him.

In the first place, he was seen mingling at a player event held in “Belsenstock City” not long ago. When most of the other attack groups were absent, he has been interacting with Master Ron since that time.

“Hmm, yes, …… I am a gentleman before I am a pervert, and an adult before I am a gentleman.”

Perverted Gentleman, who seems to have made me invisible to the girls by patting the two sisters on the head and stepping forward, goes on – and makes a Muscle Pose.


Suddenly, I was rotating my head, wondering what this person was doing. …… I noticed that the tattoos on the perverted gentleman’s cheeks, neck, and even his arms began to glow with the ” Klebskulm pattern” like the one Mr. Ronove had on his cheeks, neck, and even on both arms.

I wondered why he had bothered to have such tattoos, and whether he might be a sea god follower among the players, given his use of water-based magic skills and martial arts skills.

“And I’m the new sea god priest, you know.”

[World Announcement: The player named “Perverted Gentleman” is the new Sea God Priest.]

“I see, Master Ron has really thought of something.”

It seems that he left the role to a player who will eventually revive, whether he is killed or not. …… And to bring the top rank player to be a part of the Order camp is very clever.

“So, let’s play hard to keep me from killing you, shall we?”. I smiled at him



“Yes, I promise to protect them seriously.”

He strikes a new pose with a big smile on his face.

“…… What’s this, can’t you two lunatics communicate with each other?”

It is charming that Blossom’s solo talk echoed and reverberated around the area.


I wondered if we could just barely bring the loss of Master Ron to a level of zero by having the new Sea Priest, a perverted gentleman who is number one in the orderly camp. I feel like it.

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