Genocide Online 260 Magichichi Aura

I’ve led a life full of shame.

When a youth approached for life advice, such was the gentleman’s opening line.

Despite being born in the Duke of Konoe family, he fell in love and eloped with a commoner.

The decision itself was short-sighted, since he thought that he wouldn’t be able to spend the rest of his life with his beloved if his status remained.

Even though he should’ve properly faced his own father, and spoke to him so that their relationship would be approved.

“Let’s go somewhere far away.”

But… the gentleman and his lover chose the easiest option right at the very start.

—Thus, he fled from having to sit down in a discussion with his stubborn, strict, and difficult father; and along with it, his duties.

—He ran away from trying to gain approval from those around him.

—and ultimately, lost the chance to get her to be accepted into his home.

As if that kind of person would be able to accomplish anything, regardless of where he went.

“Sorry, I’m busy with work.”

There was no way an adventurer of unknown origin—not to mention, one with neither connections nor relatives—could find a decent job in the rural Lizard City.

If someone like that were to be suspected of being a spy from either an opposing country or the lower class, the entire company would’ve been razed to the ground by the military police.

Hey, when’s your next day off?

—Aren’t you working too much lately?

—I’m with a child.

—Won’t you eat dinner tonight?

—I want to spend more time with you…

After that, the conversations he had with the sweetheart he left his hometown for dwindled.

That fact remained even after two of his children were born.

…No, things actually went downhill after that.

As soon as the company found out that his child was born, they burdened him with a lot of work.

The company took advantage of the gentleman’s anxiety, threatening that if he were to be fired, his children would be forced to live on the streets.

By allowing employees to start a household, have children, and take out loans for their houses, they’d then be forced to work overtime or be mutated. To the company that favored old-fashioned, wicked, methods, the gentleman was a dispensable workforce that was to be exploited.

“Dad’s back sure is broad.”


When the gentleman was about to step out of his front door and go to the office like usual, he heard an unfamiliar, youthful voice.

Apparently, it was the voice of his own child, whom he barely saw.

It was still 4:00 in the morning… No, more importantly, his child was able to stand, and not to mention, speak?

As his eyes widened in surprise, he caressed the cheek of his dear child with a trembling hand—at the same time, his child’s tears dribbled on his fingers.

“My mother, always said this but… Father, is working hard for my sake, isn’t he…?”

The child was in good health.

His child, who was still little, could understand things—no, the child was being understanding.

From the shadow, his haggard-faced wife stared anxiously at her child—no, at the gentleman.

Upon seeing his own reflection at the mirror placed near the entrance—

Who’s this guy?

Sporting dark circles under his eyes, even the seven-three distribution hairstyle that he was so particular about was unkempt.

His cheeks were sunken, his eyes red, while his lips were pale and chapped.

Perhaps because he still had some money left, a trace of the steel muscles he was so proud of remained… but that was it.

His back, which his child said was broad, was much smaller and more crooked compared to a few years ago.

“…Let’s return to my parents’ house.”

Before he knew it, those words escaped his mouth.

“This time, I won’t run away, I will face him properly… For the sake of this child, won’t you accompany me?”

Without hesitation, the wife nodded.

“…As long as it’s with you, I’m willing to go anywhere.”

His heart was enveloped in brilliance.

After promising to spend more time with his child in the future, he proceeded to leave the house.

After submitting a letter of resignation to his company, he believed that all that was left for him to do was to kneel before his father.

“…Why did this happen?”

There was no one to blame, except for the society.

Lower class refugees of unknown origin ransacked the gentleman’s house.

Lacking food, shelter, human rights, family registry, and basically everything—those people, who had nothing, raided his house to see another day.

It was quite common for people in destitution to survive the day by raiding a house that was only slightly better than them.

In the end, all he could do was hold the cold remains of his wife and children.

Instead of taking revenge, he left the matter to the military police. It wasn’t like he intended to do anything in the first place.

He no longer had that kind of energy left.

From that day on, he was beyond salvation.

Unable to get a decent job, he began to abuse his body.

Around that time, he acquired his twisted tendencies.

Every day, he lived a decadent life filled with only regrets, as if to escape.

Due to having such a past, the Perverted Gentleman strived to become an adult by protecting the children.

As such, boys and girls would seek help from such a gentleman.

—For the former princess of a great power to reclaim her kingdom.

—For a pair of twins to reconcile with their family.

—For a sister, whom was formerly a slave, to reconnect with the girl who was her benefactor.

Since they had especially asked him, there was no way for him to reject.

—Thus, he helped the little princess regain her kingdom.

—Thus, he helped the twin reconcile with their father and sister.

—Thus, he helped the sister to reconnect with the girl.

If someone asked him for help, he’d do his best to make it come true.

It was never in the Perverted Gentleman’s nature to ignore those in need.

Due to his good nature, he even quarreled and cut ties with his own father—a full-fledged politician, who could make ruthless decisions such as sacrificing a few to save many.

As such, there was no way for him to turn a blind eye towards NPCs that were oppressed by two madmen and eccentrics.

It wasn’t that he considered random NPCs—who were nothing but data—as substitutes for his own children, whom he couldn’t protect.

He did it in order to not feel the same helplessness again—in order to not be misled—

Hence, he shall fulfill his duty.

Such was Ginji Konoe—no, it was just his conviction.


Even if some of the local NPCs were to treat him with disdain, the Perverted Gentleman wouldn’t cease to protect them.

Using that shout as a shortcut key to trigger himself, the pre-assembled macro was activated, resulting in the Perverted Gentleman’s physical buffs activating one after another.

His skin turned pink, while smoke rose from his entire body.


The Perverted Gentleman’s monstrosity never stopped.

The muscles all over his body swelled. His temples, pectoral muscles, and all his thick veins bulge out.

As the blood flow literally stimulated throughout the body, the radiance between his crotch grew more intense.

From the front, you’d be forced to squint due to the brightness. From the side, one’d despair because the light was just slightly off his waist. But from the back, it was as if he was facing the morning sun.

The Absolute Inviolable Area’s eyes widened at his perverted nature, something he had never encountered before, while Rena involuntarily averted her gaze.

The Perverted Gentleman’s bulging muscle was simply too thick, sweltering, heavy, and huge…

Seeing the transformed Perverted Gentleman, all the local NPCs were terrified, just like in the fairy tale titled ‘Red Demon.’

“Wait a minute, what just happened? Personally, it’s interesting, but really? You’ve become a meat tank… Not only that, you’re thrusting your hips. You couldn’t possibly be planning to assault the women and girls?”

Wahahaha! Don’t worry! I’m a gentleman before I’m a pervert! I won’t attempt such brutality on a lady! Of course, I won’t ask them out without consent, either!”

Hee… Who thought that you’d be capable of that?”

As they threw jokes towards each other, the Perverted Gentleman cut in between them.

Screaming loudly, he used ultrapure water to negate their magical attribute, and protect the locals from the aftermath of the battle.

Occasionally, when the two pounced him, he’d climax. Even the local NPCs grew terrified of his high-pitched squeal and the sheer brilliance emanating from his body.

“Why did you come here in the first place? Do you even have a reason to fight us?”

Excitedly, Absolute Inviolable Area asked him if he had taken over a country, and whether or not he was promoting modernization on top of that.

At that, the Perverted Gentleman smiled wryly, and spoke of his usual line.

“—I’m an adult before I’m a gentleman.”

Hearing that, the girl in front of him seemed to smile faintly.




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