Genocide Online

261 Order Union (Kerrin’s POV)

“What do you think?”

Mira, a party member who wielded a spear, lightly spoke to me.

While training my hand on my quiver of arrows, I used the skill ‘Hawk Eye’ to observe both the madman and the eccentrics. After witnessing their crazy stunts, I replied indifferently, seemingly unfazed.

“Quite frankly, it’s a monster.”

“Which one are you referring to?”

“All of them.”

Fishing for a telescope from the item storage, I observed what had taken place in the midst of the Imperial City.

There stood Rena clad in a jet-black shadow, Absolutely Inviolable Area donning heavy armor that made him seem like a lump of iron… and the muscle doll that was the Perverted Gentleman. Certainly, the sight itself was out of this world, and difficult to comprehend.

It was an ongoing battle.

The unpredictable Rena would usually use ‘Stealth’ to unleash a fatal blow, all while giving her opponent a series of debuffs using poison and string.

A metal armor coursed with purple spark wrapped Absolutely Inviolable Area’s entire body. With its excessive weight and toughness, he merged offense and defense, and could deliver a powerful tackle and other one-hit kill moves.

As soon as he saw that the locals had evacuated, the Perverted Gentleman ceased all the pretenses. Coated in oil, his muscles swelled each time he received an attack, turning him gigantic.

…Yep, a monster.

“Even though he’s supposed to be an ally, that gentleman’s just indescribable…”

“In the first place, if the two were about to go at it, there’s no reason for him to butt in…”

“Isn’t that asking for the impossible?”

“There’s no way that person can abandon those in need, let alone innocent people who’re in trouble.”

“Hey, Kerrin, how’s it going?”

“Oh, Hannes? A giant monster battle is unfolding right at this second.”

From the voice chat via the friend list, the voice of their party leader could be heard. As such, I put away the telescope and stood behind Mira.

“I see. I’m done here.”

“Oh? That’s quick.”

“When I gave the second prince the taste of my fist, he cried and gave up his right of inheritance.”

“You know what…”

“It can’t be helped. When I tried to negotiate with him, he charged at me.”

Well, even though she’s young, it’d be nice if Princess Feera could ascend the throne of the Hermagne Kingdom.

“Alright, then we’re done here—”

That’s right. It’s the founding of a nation by the orderly faction.”

I was glad that things seemed to be going well.

As Rena and Absolutely Inviolable Area crushed each other, we were secretly accumulating national power.

After all, there was no way the two madmen would let us do as we pleased…

Yep, not a chance.

“How much have you gathered?”

“There’s a bit of neutrality and chaos in the higher-ups of the main order… I’ll send you the list.”

I groaned when I saw the names of the supporters and collaborators on the list sent by Hannes.

With the Perverted Gentleman at the top of the list, top players belonging to the orderly faction are stepping in together. To top it off, there were even those who belonged to neutrality and chaos.

Aside from the Northern Cross Federation, which was said to be a faction of order donning the skin of chaos, I was slightly wary of Love Pandora, who might destroy us from the inside.

“Great, you’ve gathered this much.”

“Otherwise, they won’t serve as a deterrent.”

“Well, you’re right.”

After all, Rena and Absolutely Inviolable Area were ridiculously strong, and good at playing the game, to boot… Moreover, they’d even taken control of the in-game nations, and amassed a lot of supplies.

However, they didn’t have a fixed party, and even when they banded together, the number was extremely small.

—Therefore, we had strength in numbers.

Rather than a mere combat PVP, it was warfare… While us players could always be revived after dying, the same couldn’t be said about the important NPCs who ran the country.

No matter how strong a crucial NPC was, there was a limit. However, if us players were to lose, we could obtain information about the opponent and gain experience.

Though, being able to remember the way we got killed is quite disturbing.

Hence why, intimidation had a certain effect on us.

‘If you want to start any more wars in the game, we’re going to cause a zombie attack and wipe out the upper echelons of your country.’

“Then, the next order probably has a lot to do with numbers again~”

“Hmph! It’s not like I have a choice! Do you know what her fanboys said about me, who has to chase after a woman’s ass?”


In short, did he want to say that the higher echelon was conspicuous, while the lower echelon was incompetent, and unlike order, the line was thin—

Or is it because he’s simply frustrated due to always being harassed?

There were really few players who could go against Rena and Matomo. Moreover, among them, it was said that Rena was fond of Hannes.

The notion itself stirred the jealousy and envy of her fans.

“They even create a troll group like Genorah…”

“Hannes, it’s time to move.”

As I was just about to get sidetracked, Mira joined the conversation.

“Is it time?”

“The Perverted Gentleman seems to have gone all out because the NPCs are no longer around.”

“If possible, I’d like to prolong it a bit longer…”

After all, it was a perfect opportunity to keep Rena and Absolutely Inviolable Area in the same place and make them go all out against each other…

But well, if there were no more NPCs to protect, the Perverted Gentleman must’ve decided to prevent further desecration in the future—

—and in order to do so, he had decided that he’d inadvertently have to eliminate the two.

“Well, then. Mira, go ask for the Gentleman’s support from a distance.”

“…Is it really alright?”

“Let that old man do whatever he wants, I want to prevent more damage.”

“How kind~”

“Shut up—! I’m going—!”

“Ah, he cut it off.”

“Perhaps, it’s time for me to go, too…”

“…Hannes seems to be worried about that girl.”

“The fact that she’s his first love doesn’t make it easier. Isn’t it kind of cute?”


…I didn’t expect the two would collide in the middle of the Imperial Capital. In truth, I was going to have two units lead them to the field.

So, well, Hannes might be worried that Rena was up to no good again. Moreover, the wellbeing of the NPCs he knew was also at stake.

“But well, in a sense, that child is in danger…”

“Wow, Mira is actually thinking about someone else?”

“Well, it’s Hannes. As his classmate, I often saw him at school.”

I made a joke, but Mira softly spoke while pitifully glancing at someone.

“I mean, that child—”

—Sometimes look like he’s lost.

Unable to agree or deny that murmur, I simply keep my silence.




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