Chapter 35 – Krebskulm Liberation Front (Part four)


(Ronove’s Point of View)


“Please sit around here.”

My old man offered them seats, and that woman complied. The guy standing behind her looked a bit confused, but he followed suit. The little sisters were resting in another room.

“So, what would you like to talk about?”

… Honestly, this woman isn’t agitated at all. Normally, wouldn’t a woman be wary if some strangers brought her to a secluded place where it would be difficult to escape?

Rather, I felt a little worried, seeing my old man, who was our general commander, walking with these people, who were neither the allies of the city nor liberated slaves. We could only see him from the sidelines. How pitiful…

“Well, you’ve probably have guessed, we’re a dissident organization. Our purpose is to liberate the slaves.”

“And you would like our cooperation?”

I have no idea why my old man asked for this woman’s cooperation… He should have known that getting her involved would only bring chaos.

“That’s right. Well, it’s an exaggeration for us to be called rebels or liberators. In reality, we only have very few allies in the city and help the slaves who rebelled against their masters and escaped. This happens twice or three times a month.”

What my old man said is regrettably true. Because of my lack of power to save them, everyone still had to persevere in hardships.

“Former slaves have become a fighting force and aided us in their own way, but there are four skillful bodyguards hired by the lord. If there were only one or two bodyguards, my stupid son would be able to deal with them. But more than that would be impossible. If we don’t defeat them, the lord won’t acknowledge us.”

Indeed. Those hateful traitors had become the lord’ dogs completely… They no longer had faith in the true Sea God Krebskulm. If possible, I want to kill them with these hands…!!

“However, if you agreed to lend us a hand, we would have the upper hand. I was observing from behind earlier. My son wouldn’t have been able to take you on as his opponent, just like those four bodyguards. You are a skillful fighter after all.”

“… I just thought those sisters were taken hostage because there was a woman standing near them.”

“Don’t make me laugh.”

… Argh! My old man was right. Even if I fought her, my defeat would be certain!!

“So what say you? If you agreed to join hands with my son, we could focus on attacking the lord and end this slavery once and for all, without dragging this whole thing into a civil war. If you need a diversion, we, the former slaves will undertake it.”

“Hmm ….”

The woman was giving a deep consideration. I could not read her at all. What in the world could she be scheming…?

“Of course, we will prepare rewards. Would you please help us somehow?”

My old man bowed his head in request… Even though it pained me to do so, I followed suit.

“… Please, help us.”


(Rena’s Point of View)

They bowed their heads pleading for my help.


Quest No. Extra

World Quest: Krebskulm Liberation Front

Client: Sage Ron, Ronove

Mission Details: While the Krebskulm fighters are causing confusion throughout the city, Ronove and we will assault the lord’s mansion, take out the bodyguards, and overthrow the regime.

Rewards: 5 levels worth of experience points, one million G, blessing of the true Sea God Krebskulm.

Warning: World quests are quests that will influence in-game scenarios and future quests. Regardless of its success or failure, it may not be repeated.

Accept quest? Yes / No


Oh? This would be our first quest because the tutorial guy was killed before we could accept any quests. Moreover, it was a World Quest… The number was extra as well.

I see the outcome is fixed regardless of the success or failure of the quest. However, even if there was no such quest to begin with, it would happen voluntarily. I’m also curious about the blessing of the true Sea God Krebskulm. So let’s select “Yes”.

“Understood. We shall cooperate.”

I informed them so.

“Oh, that’s great! We’re saved!”

“… You have my thanks as well.”

As usual, Ronove was unfriendly and very cautious toward us. They thanked us for the time being… but really, did I do something to offend him? Could it be because of the killing intent I displayed earlier?

“Well then, it’s already late today. We will prepare a room so please have a rest.”

“Right then, we’ll be in your care.”

After our conversation was over, we all left the room.

“… I couldn’t keep up with what they were saying at all.”

Yuu was feeling down. After entering the room they had prepared for us, it was time for him to log out today.

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