Chapter 36 – Krebskulm Liberation Front (Part 5)


(Yuu’s Point of View)


Things had been tempestuous two days ago. We had walked around the town during the day in order to gather information, and when I had questioned Rena’s methods, I got a kick in the stomach. At night, we helped some slave sisters escape, but then a scary man suddenly appeared, creating an ominous mood. And then I ended up cooperating with some opposition group… and it was a world quest… and then Sage Ron told us to wait here so he can contact the places involved, but he has yet to return.

“Ah, good morning…”


I was walking down the hallway and organizing the events of the past two days in my head. That’s when it happened… the person I helped two days ago… Nia, suddenly came out of her room. She was a cute girl with pink hair and light green eyes. Her older sister was Mea, who had bright red hair and dark green eyes. They were both so pretty… If this were a light novel, she would probably kiss me, since I was one of the people that helped her and was close to her in age…


However, no more words were exchanged… Well, that was reality for you. I knew that all too well.

“Ah! Miss Rena!”

Apparently, she had seen Rena, who had logged in a short while after me, and went running towards her.

“Were you able to sleep well last night?”

“I was!”

… She was so close with Rena already. What was with this difference? Don’t you know that she used someone like you as a shield in order to block an arrow on her first day of playing this game?

… Of course, I wouldn’t say anything about that. It would be rude…

“Oh! You know what! Me and my sister spent yesterday making you a charm from our homeland! It’s to show our gratitude!”

“Ah, is that true? I am very thankful.”

So saying, she handed over a crafty-looking pendant with a strange creature on it to Rena… Hey, what about me? Wasn’t I useful too?

“I’ll put it on you…! Ah.”

Nia had been smiling broadly as she was about to put the pendant on Rena. But then she noticed that Rena was already equipped with a very expensive looking rosario, and she became visibly depressed.

Well, it was prettier and looked more expensive than what had they made…

“What’s the matter…? Ah, this thing? Oh, it’s nothing. Some bishop from a previous town I was in gave it to me.”

Rena said as she tore the thing from her neck. Was it just me, or had it moved…? Also, uh, Rena??? ‘Gave it to you’? That’s not true, is it? You killed and robbed him, didn’t you? I know the truth! And now you’re treating it like this…

“A-a bishop!? Oh, I can’t make you do that!”

“It’s fine. Your pendant is much closer to my tastes than this one.”


“… Are you not going to put it on me?”

“Fine! I’ll put it on you!”

Nia had been very hesitant, but once Rena started to fake cry, she was happy to put the pendant on her. … I guess she really was nice, deep down inside…

“How is it? Do I look good?”

“Yes! You’re so pretty, after all!”

Saying so, Rena and Nia looked at each other and smiled…

Ah, it was so precious that I could just die and have no regrets.

“Ah, Miss Rena, that…”

“I heard that you helped make it. Thank you. Does it suit me?”

“Yes! Of course!”

Ah… now Mea was here as well. The sight of three pretty girls smiling at each other… ouch!

“… You’ve been grinning at us for a while now. It’s a little creepy, you know, Yuu?”



Ah! Damn it! Damn it! I was having a trip because their preciousness had exceeded the limit! Rena was staring at me with cautious eyes, and Mea was giving me a painful look as if I was something filthy… as for Nia… oh, she looks clueless. Her purity could not be invaded.

“It-it’s nothing! I’m just happy to see that you all get along!”

“Is that right? It better be…”

Damn, that was close… I suspected that Rena was a bit on the dim side, and I was able to fool her… but Mea’s expression hadn’t changed… it really was painful.

“Ahh, there you are. Since preparations have now been made, will you come to the meeting room?”

That’s when Sage Ron arrived. Apparently, he had finally finished contacting the relevant places. And so Rena and I nodded.

“Well, we better go then.”



“Yes. Do your best, Miss Rena.”

“Of course. I will do what I can to keep you all safe.”

So saying, Rena and I moved to the meeting room… So, what about me? They had no words for me? I do have feelings you know… Reality was so cruel. You couldn’t win without a fight.

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