Chapter 37 – Krebskulm Liberation Front (Part six)


The sisters I had helped gave me some kind of hand-made pendant. It was decorated with a strange creature, but as it had better stats than the thing I took from the bishop, I accepted it gladly and put the old one away.

Shortly after, Sage Ron came to call us. We were currently moving towards the meeting room. Though, it seemed like it was mostly about confirming a few final details…

“… People are really staring.”

“Hahaha. I guess they’ve become fond of you?”

Well, it was true that the children had pestered me into playing with them during the last two days… I had been playing with Nia and the more hesitant Mea, and then the children saw us and came forward. With no other choice, I taught them about building blocks and butchering meat. And now they seem to like me.

“It’s a good thing, though. It’s rare for people to be able to get close to children who have become very guarded.”

“Is that so?”

I don’t really have any good memories attached to small children, you know? But, well… I don’t exactly hate it now.

“This is it.”

Apparently, we had arrived. The captain’s room was being used for meetings. And so Yuu and I entered as we were told.


(Ron’s Point of View)

“Is everyone here?”

The girl called Rena and the guy called Yuu entered the meeting room. A quick glance showed that everyone present had expressions that showed that they were prepared… How many of them would survive?

“… It seems like it. Now, we will start the war council.”

I declared, and we went over the details.

“First, Ronove and Rena over here will be our main force. Before these two take the castle, we will create confusion in the town and stop the guards. This has already been decided.”

“… I know who Ronove is, but who is that girl?”

Hmm. Judging by their expression, the others were quite worried.

“Do not fear. She is at least stronger than those four. In fact, she may be just as strong as Ronove, if not stronger.”

“Surely not!?”

They were all so surprised. They looked at the girl with wide eyes. Well, what was really surprising was her boldness. She was being stared at by so many people and yet she was more interested in the pendant around her neck…

“So, do not worry. Now, does anyone else have any opinions?”

“I do. I heard that out of the four, two will go out to the town square in order to put on a show with the slaves that rebelled.”

“Hmm. In that case… Can I rely on you, Rena? I had initially planned for the two of you to move together…”

“I don’t mind. If anything, it’s easier when I’m alone.”

She really was a reliable girl. If she wasn’t so close to chaos… and even the children like her… it really is too bad…

“So then, are we all in agreement that there will be no changes to our initial plans?”


Hmm. Seems to be fine? In that case…

“I’m asking just in case, is there anyone here who has skills like Leadership and Encouragement? While the advance party is causing chaos, I want someone to give a speech to the fighters…”

Everyone remained silent. Perhaps I was asking for too much…

“… If that’s what you want, I have both skills.”

… Does this girl have no limits…? I thought she was just a Scout or an Assassin type?

“… I see. Then can I rely on you? Thankfully, the town square is closer than the lord’s house. So it won’t be a problem if you’re a little late.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Thank you… Now, if anyone had anything to say… no, I see that no one does. Well, the meeting will end then. We start tomorrow!!”


“We will fight at the Krebskulm Liberation Front in order to be free!!”


This might be the end of the long age of subordination… No, it will be. At last, in our generation… From now on, this mark on my left cheek will once again be a symbol of freedom and speed, not hurrying!

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