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Intermission 3 – Q&A with the Author


  1. Why did you choose to write a story with a female main character?
  2. When I tried writing with a Male main character, he ended up feeling like a nerd, which didn’t really fit the tone of the story.


  1. What is Rena’s favorite food?
  2. Anything her mother cooks.


  1. What kinds of foods does Rena dislike?
  2. Party food.


  1. How old is Rena?
  2. She is 16 years old.


  1. What is the concept behind this game?
  2. It is a social experiment of sorts, which uses the Karma value as a way of analyzing what would happen if people were thrown in a closed society with NPCs that had almost no difference from humans, but with no laws binding the players themselves.


  1. Isn’t Rena getting skill levels way too quickly?
  2. I’ve never played an MMO before, so I made some mistakes in the base setting. I’ve added some other details to it to fix this initial problem though.


  1. How do skill evolutions work?
  2. The current plan is that you can obtain a second tier skill when the original skill reaches level 30, and a third tier skill when the previous tier reaches level 50.


  1. Isn’t Karma falling way too quickly?
  2. The speed at which Karma falls depending on what was done, how it was done, and on the circumstances surrounding the act.

For example, if you kill someone as an act of mercy, you karma might actually go up instead of down.

Or, if you kill a random NPC that had just left the city, your karma will probably fall, but not by much.

But when you do what Rena did, your Karma will understandably fall much quicker.


  1. What is the color of Rena’s underwear?
  2. She prefers black or red colored ones.


  1. Can you tell us a bit about the people in Hannes’ party?
  2. This is roughly what I planned:

Hannes is in the basketball club

Ryne is in the kendo club

Kellin is in the soccer club

Cherry is in the tennis club

Myra is in the art club

And Eleanor plays a wind instrument.


  1. What are Rena’s three sizes?
  2. From the top… *sound of a head falling*


  1. What’s up with the buff Alexei used?
  2. It’s a special type of skill that can only be used by important NPCs and by players with advanced classes. A player must also meet some special conditions, like a Karma value of +/- 200 or a neutral one. Those skills do not have a level requirement however.

The Oath skill in particular also has a bit more to it.


  1. What do the people at Rena’s home think of her?
  2. Her relationship with her father is completely broken.

The second wife and her children do want to have a good relationship with Rena, but the protagonist doesn’t even want to meet them. Rena is particularly against meeting the second wife, because she stole Rena’s dad from her mom. The only reason Rena hasn’t done anything to them, was because she promised her mom that she wouldn’t touch her father nor the people near him.

The butler, Mr. Yamamoto, does care a bit for her, but Rena herself doesn’t have any form of affection for anyone except for her mother.


  1. How big are Rena’s breasts?
  2. They are of a moderate size and are in good shape. *sound of a dead body falling on the ground*


  1. Hannes is a bit…
  2. He’s a good guy, it’s true… I swear!


  1. What do Rena’s butt look like?
  2. They are the kind that would probably let her give birth to a child easily. *sound of a headshot*


  1. I want to be bullied by Rena!
  2. Be careful with what you wish for…


Q, I love Rena. What should we call people who are Rena’s fans?

  1. Genorer.


  1. Why does nobility still exist in this story? Did Japan defeat the United States in the Second World War in this setting?
  2. We still lost, but the Soviet Union mediated in our favor, so the war ended without many losses on our end.

Nonetheless, there was still a considerable reduction on the number of noble families, less than half of the original number still remain.


  1. Why is it ok for a minor to use the realistic settings within this game?
  2. Japan’s constitution in this world includes freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, as well as freedom of choice. The idea behind it is that any crime is the sole responsibility of the criminal, no excuses. As such, they decided that they should not rob children of the experiences they wanted to go through due to the ideals of the adults.

On the same line, things like same-sex marriage and polygamy are both allowed in this world’s Japan.

And of course, crimes are not protected by the constitution because they violate someone else’s freedom.


  1. Killing an NPC seems no different than killing a real person, couldn’t this cause some form of trauma to the players involved?
  2. People that have a hard time dealing with this kind of thing would quit the game very quickly, probably long before they have an opportunity to actually kill one.


  1. How tall is Rena?
  2. She’s a bit taller than most women her age.


  1. How can I make Rena fall in love?
  2. You gotta be her mom!


  1. Is Rena learning martial arts in real life?
  2. Her father did everything to stop her from doing so, but Rena has learned how to “break” people since a young age in one way or another.


  1. Is Rena strong even in real life?
  2. No, but she should be able to stab at least three of her father’s escorts before getting caught.


  1. How come Rena never got into serious trouble in real life?
  2. Her mother worked really hard to protect her.


  1. How can Rena enter the city normally when she has a title that prevents her from doing so?
  2. She has skills that help her enter unnoticed. Think of it in the same way that criminal NPCs are still able to live in the city.
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