Chapter 50 – The First Day Of The Event


Once the teleportation finished, the surroundings became clear, and I could see that I was in the middle of a vast meadow.

“I-it’s the Genocider!” Someone nearby said while pointing at me.

Directly near me, there were two enemy parties. It was fortunate that the random distribution already put three groups of different factions together.

“Hey, we should join forces!” One of them said while looking at the other party.

While they were talking to one another, I threw some iron scraps at the guy that just spoke and pierced his head, instantly killing him. Then I used <Fire Magic> at my feet to create a <Jet Propulsion> and used it to jump in the middle of their party.

“Leader?!” One of the nearby enemies said.

They didn’t start reacting to my attack yet, so I made use of that to kill the man that looked like their healer with a roundhouse kick to his neck.

His dying scream seemed to finally take the rest of the party out of their stupor, so their mage turned towards me and seemed to be trying to cast something. Without giving her a chance to finish it, I held her neck with my hand and then used <Jet Propulsion> again, moving closer to the other members and swinging her as my temporary weapon to attack them.

After that I put one of my poisonous smokebombs on her mouth and threw her as a living bomb towards their fighters. While they were confused by it, I killed their other magician by throwing an iron scrap at his neck before he finished whatever he was casting, and then kicked their last healer’s neck, killing them as well.

With only some of their fighters left, the remaining leader of the two parties shouted “Retreat!”

Before they had the chance though, I threw an iron ball at one of their swordsman’s head, which smashed it to death and also exploded, leaving flames and poisonous smoke in the surroundings.

Making use of this opportunity, I rushed in while throwing more iron scraps and poisonous needles at their vitals. Then, I used the spear of one of the fighters that died to the needles to pierce a dagger user. Immediately after, I used the spearman’s body as a shield to protect myself from another magician and then I pierced his head with my dagger.

Following that, I threw a needle to their last swordsman that was trying to attack me. It pierced his heart and instantly killed him.

“You must be kidding me…” Their last remaining member, a magician, said.

In the end, I just threw the dagger of one of their dagger users at that magician’s head and he died too.

“And I guess that’s that…” I said.

It can’t be helped since the event just started, but this isn’t nearly enough…

It would be boring to wait until the guy that declared war on me came, so let’s just ‘play’ around as I originally planned.

And as such, I started looking around this vast meadow, though I couldn’t help sighing at the splendid nothingness all around me.


(Hannes’ PoV)

“Isn’t it about time?” I asked my teammates.

“Probably,” Kellin said, then went on to check the minimap.

We had just defeated a party that had been attacking us, and the fight just happened to end at about 30 minutes since the event started.

“Oh, it’s live,” Kellin muttered.

As I checked the minimap in response to what he said, I couldn’t help feeling a bit disheartened, “She’s far,” I said.

“Yeah,” Ryne replied.

“Isn’t that a good thing though?” Kellin commented.

Considering the distance between the mountainous area we’re in, and the grassland that Rena is at… “Won’t we only reach her in the last day of the event? And even then, the timing will still be tight, won’t it?” I asked to no one in particular.

“That’s pretty much it,” Ryne answered, confirming my unpleasant thoughts.

“It’s amazing that the genocider is the only one that stands out this much, isn’t it?” Myra commented cheerfully.

“Her marker in the map is so large and it is of such a deep black hue… It only takes a glance to identify her,” Cherry noted.

That’s no good! I have to meet her soon! Considering how infamous she is, she’ll definitely be attacked all the time, which might make her mentally tired, and then her concentration might slip, so someone might be able to actually defeat her at that point… “Let’s hurry! I have to be the one to beat her!” I exclaimed.

“I guess so.” Ryne commented half-heartedly.

“Seems like it can’t be helped.” Eleanor said while sighing. Their replies were a tad annoying.

“… I suppose it’s fine. I have something to say to her anyways.” Cherry said.

“Sure, let’s do it. I won’t be satisfied until I shoot through her anyways.” Myra also agreed with the plan.

“I guess there’s no helping it at this point,” Kellin said while sighing… “But I have one correction to make.

“It’s not you that will beat her. We’re the ones that will take Rena down. I may not have a grudge like you, or something to tell her like Cherry, but we’ll still be working at it together!”

“Yeah, let’s do it!” I cheered! We were all beaten by her together, so it’s only fair that we defeat her as a team!

“… Wait, I’m not sure I get what you meant, Kellin… I mean, you don’t have a grudge? I thought we all had one against her.” Ryne asked… Coming to think of it, wasn’t he the one that should have been the most dissatisfied with the way we lost?

“… Rather than holding a grudge, I kind of want her phone number instead.” Kellin clarified.

… Seriously!?

“… Is that so?” Ryne seemed amused.

“You…” Myra seemed angry.

“Huh…?” Cherry didn’t seem to have understood what he just said yet.

“… You’re the lowest.” Eleanor seemed to have lost any hope that she could have had for him.

“I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by those reactions…” Kellin said.

I understood that he was a womanizer, but still, that girl of all people!?

“But well, isn’t she just super cute?” He complemented.

Just because it’s true, it doesn’t make her any good! Even Ryne was astonished at this point, but Kellin just kept laughing while aiming at Rena! Seriously!?


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