Chapter 51 – The First Day Of The Event (Part 2)


(Point of view of the Pervert Gentleman (Rank #1 in the Order faction))


“Hmm!” I shouted.

“Gah?!” The enemy said as he collapsed.

Was I too rough? As soon as I saw an enemy party, I ended up attacking them right away without thinking twice… To make such a surprise attack, I am a failure as a gentleman.

“This pervert is too strong…” The last one of them commented… Well, I ended him too, since they’ll all just respawn anyways.

I wonder how often I appear in the minimap though, since I’m the highest ranked player in the Order faction, I must be there frequently. Will this force me to change strategies?

And I also wondered if there was any change in the frequency with which you appeared in the minimap in case you were alone or in a party… Let’s just check it out, though it’s still been less than one hour since the minimap first displayed the position of all players, so I don’t know if anything will show up.

… Well, I guess it can’t be helped if it’s her.

What I saw in the minimap was a very large dark mark. It had to be the Genocider, Rena, who all players were afraid of… To think that her signal has been displayed again after less than one hour, even I was a little sympathetic towards that.

Considering how low her Karma is, it’s quite possible that even members of the Chaos faction will try attacking her. They won’t get the doubled points bonus, but she is so above everyone else, that this hardly matters.

… And she is close to my current position. Well, as the top ranked member of the Order faction, I must do something about her, while showing off my brave muscles to all the bystanders!

… When I think about getting close to her, my muscles just start pulsating naturally… Oh?

While I flexed my muscles, a new party appeared in front of me… Let’s greet them properly.

“Gah! It’s the Pervert Gentleman!” One of them said.

I started giggling from the excitement. Then, taking on a brave pose, I proudly punched through their vanguard’s swordsman, then used a roundhouse kick to blow away their healer.

“We need to rebuild our formation!” Their leader said, but… He is too late.

With careful rhythmic breathing, I quickly approached them and swung my fist, which is as strong as a mallet, against the head of a swordsman, burying him deep into the ground.

“You must be kidding me!” Their mage said.

Making use of the surprise, I jumped forward while using the buried swordsman as a foothold. Then, making a twist mid-air, I dropped a heel kick into the mage, which created a beautiful explosion. Its impact was so incredible that it also defeated a nearby archer instantly.

“This is no good…” Their leader said.

“Oh my, aren’t you going a little crazy over there?” I said while quickly approaching their leader, using the buried swordsman as a foothold again.

“What!?” The leader shouted as I grabbed his crotch. “I-I’m straight, alright!?”

“It’s okay, I’m bisexual and used to being the one teaching,” I told him while smiling.

“Please don’t…?” He begged.

“In that case… Bye!” I then killed him while squeezing his crotch.

Ah, I wonder how fun things will be once I meet up with Rena. Could we even enter a honeymoon perhaps? I couldn’t stop shaking my muscles from the excitement.


(Blossom’s Point of View (Rank #2 in the Chaos Faction))


This is so annoying! Just who is that Genocider!? I, Blossom, was the leader of the few players in the Chaos faction since the Beta, how dare she come and steal my top spot!?

“Just who the hell is that woman!?” I shouted.

“E-even if you ask me…” The nearby pest said.

“Silence!” I shouted while beheading him with my scythe. “The weak do not have the right to speak!”

This is so frustrating! This is all that woman’s fault! Just because she is a bit cute she thinks she can steal my place!? I’m the one on top of the chaos and… Oh? She was already shown on the map? But it hasn’t even been an hour… Though that might be good for me.

Thinking about it, if I kill her early in the event, everyone will be aware of who is the top Chaos player… That seems nice, just how should I kill her? Should I ruin that proud face of hers? Maybe I should take a picture of her underwear after forcing her to remove all her equipment? This seems fun…

While giggling in joy, I started running towards her direction.


(Rena’s Point of View)


Oh my… After almost two hours since the first display of every player’s position in the minimap, the location of players other than me are finally appearing as well.

And there are that two are pretty close… Two large circles are approaching the forest I’m currently at, from opposite directions. Judging by the distance, we probably won’t meet today, but it seems likely that they’re the Rank #1 of the Order faction and the Rank #2 of the Chaos faction. I’m not sure why all the high rank players are so close to one another when the teleportation should have spread us out randomly, but… I guess they might just be coming after me?

This will surely earn me a lot of points. But it’s a bit troublesome that I have only appeared in the map thrice so far, it might be hard for them to pinpoint my exact location like this, and I don’t want them to clash with one another without giving me the chance to ‘play’ with them first… I guess I should try to stand out a bit more?

Let’s then make an oversized ball and fill it with gunpowder. Now, to throw it up as high as I can with my <Boulder Throw> skill. Then, it exploded, making an instant firework… It was functional, but not very beautiful.

Regardless, the huge explosion roared through the skies, it should be easy to find me now even if they’re far from here… Well, let’s go.

While I moved through the forest, I occasionally threw more of those fireworks up in order to make sure I could be easily followed.



(Rena’s Point of View)


I ended up attracting quite a lot of them… There are at least a few dozen players chasing me through the forest right now… Moreover, it seems like even players on the Chaos faction are after me.

Though I guess it can’t be helped with my Karma being this low. Even without the double points I must be well worth killing, especially because this would also deny the other party the opportunity of getting double points for my death.

However, I have no intention of being killed.

As I ran, I threw various types of oil and of highly flammable chemicals at the forest. I also used the <Dry> magic at a few key points, and then used some tree trunks as footholds for the <Sky Kick> skill, to get more distance from the pursuers.

“Ah, I can’t catch up!” One of them said.

“Wait!” Another screamed.

“Don’t you run away now!” A third one complemented.

“Surround her! Let’s use our numbers to our advantage!” A fourth one shouted.

“Let’s cooperate regardless of faction!” A fifth one said.

So they’re really working together? I guess they’ll keep fighting as a team until they defeat me, then they can just kill each other without regrets… It doesn’t really matter though.

By now, the players chasing me already reached the triple digits. It felt like a good point, so I used <Gust> to accelerate, and then <Sky Kick> to go high up in the air. Following that, <Heat Ray> at the trees I previously dried up, and <Breeze> to make the fire spread quickly.

“Woah!?” They started reacting.

“She set the forest on fire!” Another seemed to be panicking.

“What is she thinking!? This isn’t a city, alright!?” I wondered why he thought I cared for that.

By now I had already landed, so I rushed towards a mage that was trying to extinguish the fire, threw him high in the sky and murdered him with a few needles. Then, I threw some poisonous smoke bombs at those that were trying to run. Their explosions also helped spread the fire more quickly, which ended up serving double duty.

“I can’t see where I’m going because of the smoke!” One shouted.

“Damn, where did she go!?” Another said.

“I’m gonna die!” A third one screamed.

While they panicked, I quickly escaped the area before the fire reached me, though I made sure to scatter more fuel through the areas I passed, just in case any of them was trying to follow me.

And then… I guess I earned quite a few points from this? And my kill count from the event went up by more than a hundred due to this fire. Seems like this was a good idea after all.

It wouldn’t be fun to use the same method again though, I wonder how should I ‘play’ with the next group that comes after me…

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