Chapter 52 – The Second Day Of The Event


(‘Playmate’s’ Point of View)


“Huff… Huff…” I panted as I ran with all my might… I couldn’t stop running. Why… Why is she coming!? Things were going so well, so why!? “Just why is this happening!?”


“This will be alright, let’s just keep running silently-“ The person next to me was saying, but…

“He was hit!” I screamed as he died. An iron ball suddenly blew out his head, and then he disappeared… “Just where is she aiming from!?”

“I have no idea! Let’s just get out of here!” Another of my companions said.

We thought it would be a good idea to aim for the Genocider because she was displayed at the minimap often, but after over a hundred players that had moved in her direction disappeared, we quickly gave up and decided to run away instead… But then we were unlucky and were displayed in the map shortly after, and now the Genocider is after us!

“Ugah!” One scream…

“Geh!” Another one…

Two more players were just shot. One through the head and the other through the chest… How can she aim at us when we can’t even see her!? And we shouldn’t even be visible in the minimap anymore, so how!?

As I thought about that, an iron ball exploded right next to me. From inside it, various debris were spread everywhere, as well as a poisonous gas. I felt like a prey running from a merciless predator, desperately going from left to right when in truth there was nowhere to escape to.

“Guh!” Someone screamed…

“Buha!” And one more…

Two more dead… We only have ten people left out of the big group we had before… Ah! Incoming!

“I won’t die like this!” I shouted.

While making full use of my <Sword Art – Master> skill, I activated the <Gale Sword> to cut the iron ball in half. “How about that-” I shouted.

… I was so happy that I had avoided it, that I ended up relaxing for a moment. By the time I realized it, I was already back at the Beginner’s City. I didn’t even see what killed me.

“She’s crazy…” I muttered to no one in particular. Then I just laid down on the spot. Looking around, I could see that there were a fair bit of people in the same situation as me.


(Rena’s Point of View)

And that’s another one down. On the first day I had been able to find ‘playmates’ without even trying, but… Everyone that was coming for me started running for some reason. I have no idea why, but if they won’t come for me, I’ll have to go after them.

To effectively kill multiple fleeing players that were originally coming from different directions, I combined the <Assassination Art> with <Marking> and <Throw> skills, which made the <Snipe> skill. Then I corrected the trajectory with the <Meteor> skill, which allowed me to do super long-range killing. I can’t use that without seeing the targets, but it’s surely convenient anyways.

Their numbers surely fell by a lot by now. Though I suppose it can’t be helped when I have been sniping them all day-long while still moving forward.

What’s left are… One party to the north, two to the East and three people to the southwest. I guess I’ll clean up those in the southwest and then head northeast. It’s convenient for killing the remaining parties and also for clashing with the Rank #1 Order player and the Rank #2 Chaos player.

Finishing up with the last few Iron Balls that I was throwing against the southwestern players, I started running northeast while sniping the players on the north and on the east.

… I hope ‘playing’ against the high rank players will be more fun than this. Being high ranked doesn’t necessarily means they’re strong, but I guess I’ll at the very least earn a lot of points.

Though I wonder what kind of people they are, I’m a bit uneasy about the name of the Rank #1 player of the Order faction for sure…

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