Chapter 53 – The Third Day Of The Event


(Rena’s Point of View)


I woke up at the top of a tree in the middle of the event’s field. The speed at which we feel the passage of time has been increased during the event, so by the end of the event not even a day would have passed in the real world… Nonetheless, by the time night falls I still end up getting sleepy, so I had to sleep in order to be fully rested. It was a bit annoying, but there was no way around it.

On the plus side though, it seems like I’ll finally be able to meet the top players from the Chaos and Order factions today. We have gradually approached one another, but they don’t seem to want to meet each other, so we have more or less ran around in circles so far. Best I can do is chase after their general direction once they appear in the map.

It almost feels like a game of tag… Well, in any case we’ll probably end up meeting by noon at this rhythm.


(Pervert Gentleman’s Point of View)



Blossom is getting in the way… She is somewhat selfish and definitely wants to stand out. No doubt she is after the Genocider who is more well-known than her. Because of her the three of us have yet to meet directly and are instead trying to find each other from far away…

“Mmm!” I shouted as I crushed an iron ball that came from afar. It was probably sent by the Genocider as she estimated my position from the minimap display. They’re not a danger to me, but this is still troublesome.

Where could she be though? There is still some time before she shows up again in the minimap… Wait a minute, is that…?

The heavens must be on my side. My <Far Sight> skill allowed me to see the Genocider’s position at last… We can finally meet!

I ran with overflowing vigor and passion, approaching her with unstoppable momentum and trampling the ground… “Muscle power!” I screamed.

“What!?” She said.

My attack was powered by the <Martial Art – Master> skill. I used the <Explosive Crush> skill by merging the <Heavy Blow> and <Vibration> skills. She tried putting a <Holy Barrier> in front of me, but even that was immediately crushed like a piece of paper, blowing her away!

However, while she flew with a sonic boom, she was also able to throw a needle towards me, which I avoided by making a mid-air turn to the side.

“Agh!” I shouted as I was blown away by her kick that hit my face directly. She probably predicted that I would dodge the needle and moved accordingly to hit me while I had lost sight of her. To think she was able to cover all that distance she had flown in this short time, she is certainly an enemy worth facing…

“So you’re my new enemy… However, what kind of pervert are you? You’re missing a few too many clothes.” She commented after positioning herself at a comfortable distance.

She probably only had an opportunity to take a proper look at my beautiful body now. This perfect muscled body covered by black boomerang pants held together by suspenders, paired together with white knee socks!

“Do you like it? I personally think I’m a work of art.” I told her.

“… Is that so?” She answered… It seems like I’m too stimulating for her, could she perhaps be a maiden? She doesn’t seem to be aware of it, but she cannot fool the game’s system. Her whole face is red right now… She must definitely be fascinated by my figure though.

“I’m overflowing!” I shouted.

“… I see. Could you be the Pervert Gentleman?” She asked with an exhausted voice. Perhaps a disappointed one.

I was a bit surprised that she found my identity this quickly, but I suppose it’s because there aren’t that many players that appear in the minimap at an interval close to hers, so there probably weren’t many people to choose from.

“That’s right, and I was looking forward to meeting you!” I told her.

“… Well… I was looking forward to killing you… Was.” She said without a tinge of enthusiasm on her voice. Just what could have made her lose the hype for a battle!? That’s no good!

“What’s wrong with us having our little fun honeymoon?” I asked her… She stayed silent. “It’s lonely to talk to myself, you know?” … She remained silent. “I guess it can’t be helped. It’s the duty of the expert to make the inexperienced people scream in joy with my special techniques!” It’s a bit lonely like this, but I am used to this kind of handicap. I’ll show her how nice of a gentleman I can be with all my strength! “Now, let’s go!”

“… Die.” While I lifted my fists, she pulled out her shortsword with one hand while preparing throwing weapons with her other. She is giving off a murderous aura, but… I’m excited!


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