Chapter 54 – The Third Day Of The Event (Part 2)


While unsheathing my shortsword, I threw a poison needle and approached my opponent. I thought he would swing his fist at the needle, which would momentaneously stun him, but he instead dodged the needle by changing his posture slightly.

I didn’t stop my approach nonetheless. As soon as he was in range I tried stabbing his neck with my shortsword. He dodged it by bending his neck and making a nasal roar. After that he tried hitting me with a jump kick from below, but I dodged by spinning backwards.

Then, I pierced his knee with a few poison needles, and as soon as he landed, I hit one of the needles with my shortsword and made it go deep into his body. Following that, I hit his Adam’s apple, pierced his nose and shot a roundhouse kick at his crotch.

He seemed to be quite frightened by my attacks, and once the last kick landed his face was distorted in pain… That happened because he exposed his weaknesses in such an easy to target manner… And I don’t like seeing this on top of that.

Putting up with the annoying sight, I swung my shortsword at his neck, but my wrist was grabbed and then he threw me at the ground. I tried cutting his wrist out, but he released me to dodge, then tried grabbing my wrist with his other hand. Before he could, I jumped away and we went back to a neutral position.

“To think you’d aim at a gentleman’s crotch…” He said.

“I’ll grind it and feed it to pigs.” I answered.

In the first place, I think it’s a bad idea to expose your weaknesses like this. Where is the defensive power in this getup? Is there a skill that gives him a bonus if he doesn’t equip any armor? Just like how the power of <Martial Arts> increases if he doesn’t use any weapon? Well, in any case, it’s about time to finish the pervert for good.

“I found you, Genocider!” I heard a girl shout… Is there a new opponent? I do remember there being two big markers on the map so this must be the other one. Though she was supposedly to be on my camp…

In any case, I stopped my attack on the pervert and dodged her scythe blow with a backstep. Her attack created a shockwave that blew up the nearby trees and also wounded the pervert who had just recovered from my last attacks.

“I finally found you! Now I’ll beat you and… Wha-what!? What is that thing!?” She screamed.

“Mmm? Do you perhaps mean me?” The pervert asked.

“Who else other than a pervert like you!?” She answered.

“That is a bit too much, please refer to me as the Pervert Gentleman.” He replied.

“Just what’s the difference anyways!?” She exclaimed.

I guess there is a difference in his eyes… Maybe. I decided to stop paying attention to him and focused on her instead. She uses a scythe that seems pretty hard to handle, but considering how powerful that blow I just dodged was, it seems to be quite dangerous. Her gothic outfit looks good on her in any case.

“There’s a big difference! I’m the Pervert Gentleman! I make sure to retain my gentleman ways so that I don’t become just a pervert!” He answered her.

“Is that so…” She seemed to not care for his explanation at all. I didn’t either, so I figured we should go back to the combat. I threw poison needles at them both, and also attached the ones thrown at the girl with explosives so that I can block her eyesight with the smoke.

“Ah! Annoying!” She screamed.

While she was distracted, I ran towards the pervert and tried to stab his heart with my shortsword.

“Five rules of the gentleman’s path! Number one!” He screamed while activating some sort of skill. Immediately after, I felt some pressure from above, so I stepped backwards… In the place I was in just a second ago, a big hole appeared. “Always distrust your own correctness!”

“What is this pervert talking about…?” Was he dissatisfied from being treated as just a pervert? It doesn’t matter, let’s just keep attacking.

Before that though, I jumped away from the swing that came from the girl’s scythe, then held its handle and pulled the girl near me. I tried thrusting my dagger into her neck, but the pervert used the opportunity to try punching me, so I had to dodge instead.

“Rule number two! Believing is a virtue, but one shouldn’t get negligent!” He shouted while trying to hit me with some jabs. I dodged them and occasionally cut his arm with my shortsword, but he is probably using the <Hardening> skill, as the wounds were always shallow.

“You’re not really going to say all of them, are you?” I asked.

“I don’t know! That depends on how fast you die!” He answered.

“That’s quite unpleasant.” I replied.

A scythe came from the side and hit the place I was just at. Immediately after, the girl hit the pervert’s chin with a thrown stone and then started attacking him with a series of swings. He hesitated a bit to move closer when faced with such a large weapon, but eventually he jumped in and punched her nose.

“You might think that this is not appropriate treatment for a lady, but rule three of the gentleman’s path says that there is no universal justice in this world!” He exclaimed.

In the meanwhile I tried to behead her, but the pervert jumped in with a kick and forced me to dodge. This three-way fight is surprisingly tough. Mainly because there are probably other players watching the fight though, so I don’t want to end it by showcasing too many of my tools…

“This pervert is disgusting! Absolutely the worst! And you’re even stealing my spotlight! Die!” The girl screamed while swinging her scythe.

“Whoa! That was dangerous… Gentleman’s path rule four, ignorance is arrogance, erudition is humbleness… Right?” He stated while dodging.

“You aren’t sure yourself?” I asked him… They’re sure quite the characters. The pervert who continues to blurb out his rules, and the scythe girl who wants to stand out even in the middle of a battle. They make for an interesting sight, but they’re not the kind of people I want to get involved with.

“And gentleman’s path rule five! Don’t suppress yourself! Expose yourself!” He shouted.

“… You really did go all the way to the end.” I commented.

“But of course, and now the conditions are met!” He exclaimed… I wonder what he meant by this. I suppose I should be a bit cautious just in case.

“Oath, I am the one who crushes those who deny my path.” He started… That… That’s an oath skill? I still don’t know how to acquire one of those myself, yet he already got it? “Oath, I’m the one who never betrays those that reaffirm their own paths.”

I knew that players could acquire oaths as well, but I never thought someone else would have already gotten it. I assumed he was just a pervert, but isn’t this actually getting interesting?

“Hmph! Oath, I’m the one who stands above all who glitter.” The girl started saying as well… Is she also…? “Oath, I’m always shining.”


Race: Half-Demon

Name: Pervert Gentleman Lv.48 << +10 >>

Karma value: 112 <<Good>>

Class: Boxer; Second Class: Martial Artist; Third Class: Exhibitionist

Condition: Exposure << The larger the exposed area, the higher the defensive power: Large >>

Oath: Gentleman’s path << STR increase: max; VIT increase: max; constant HP decrease: 3%/1s >>


Race: Mermaid

Name: Blossom Lv.51 << +10 >>

Karma value: -111 << Evil >>

Class: Scythe Master; Second Class: Dancer; Third Class: Idol

Condition: Short temper << Attack power increases as you curse things you dislike: Large >>

Oath: I’m the best <<STR increase: max; DEX increase: max; constant HP decrease: 3%/1s>>


Now that they finished buffing, they seem ready to fight. It seems like there are pre-requisites for activating the oaths… Although, isn’t the pervert just preaching about his ways? And I wonder what allowed Blossom to activate hers. Also, how do I learn those…? Well, they certainly won’t tell me, but that’s fine. Now how I defeat them without showing too many of my tricks? Isn’t this similar to fighting with my hands tied behind my back… Wait, that would be no good near the pervert!

“Let me show you the splendor of my body!” The pervert exclaimed.

“I’m the only one that can stand out!” The girl shouted.

“This is fun, isn’t it?” I said while giggling.

We glared at each other for a second before all three of us rushed to the center of the battlefield.

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