Chapter 55 – The Third Day Of The Event (Part 3)


“<Masochist tendency>” The pervert said.

“<Sadist tendency>” Blossom said.

I wondered what those two meant. They’re probably healing skills, otherwise they probably wouldn’t use the Oaths due to their HP consumption.

Well, in that case… How about I do this, “<Devilish Telepathy>; <High Enchantment: Darkness Abyss>; <Enchantment: Physical Might>; <Enchantment: Physical Barrier>; <Enchantment: Accelerate>” It’s probably okay to show this much. Most people will probably think I’m just using a bunch of buff spells anyways.

“You’re doing weird things again!” Blossom exclaimed while trying to attack me with her scythe.

“Are you always this angry?” I asked her while parrying her swing with my shortsword, then I held the scythe’s handle and pulled her closer with my superhuman strength and Inoue’s assistance. Afterwards, as the pervert tried punching me, I threw her in his way as a human shield.

“Kya!” She exclaimed as she was hit.

“Mmm?” The pervert seemed surprised by this outcome.

Not waiting for any of them to recover, I quickly approached Blossom, who had lost her balance, and hit her hard enough to throw her high in the sky. Afterwards, I threw a poison needle at her defenseless flying body, then turned towards the pervert.

I first avoided his incoming punch, then held his elbow and threw him over my shoulder. I threw a poison needle at him as well, but couldn’t give chase since Blossom had already recovered while still mid-air and shouted, “Don’t get cocky!”

She swung her scythe from up high. I tried dodging it by jumping backwards, but the shockwave of the attack hit me anyways… It seems to be a long range attack that goes in a long straight-line. I should dodge to the sides next time. For now, let’s drink a potion to cure its cut.

“The top players are fighting!” A bystander exclaimed.

“I’m betting on the mermaid!” A second one said.

“I would be happy if one of them could stab me…” A weirdo commented.

As expected, other players came to see the battle. I suppose it can’t be helped when three high-rank players gather together, especially when considering how often we are shown in the minimap.

“Seems like we have an audience now.” The pervert commented.

“And they’re acting just like your typical small fries…” Blossom said angrily, as usual.

There seem to be over a dozen players watching already. It’s a pretty small amount when compared to the total number of players in the event, but when we consider the size of this map, it ends up being likely that they have been chasing us since day one… It doesn’t really matter though.

“We should aim for the Genocider first!” One of the bystanders said.

“Well, isn’t that obvious?” Another commented.

“Rather, if we don’t kill her, we’ll definitely be killed instead.” A third one said.

Why are they all going for me…? Well, having a large number of enemies only makes things better!

“What!? Genocider is mine!” Blossom shouted.

“Mmm, is this girls’ love?” The pervert commented.

“Shut up!” Blossom exclaimed while swinging her scythe at him.

You can duke it out if you want, but I’m not gonna miss this opportunity, alright?

First, I grabbed the kusarigama that was going my way and pulled it together with its owner by using Inoue’s help. Then I kicked its wielder, forcing him to let go of the weapon and fall to the ground. Afterwards, I stomped his neck, killing him.

Next, I jumped on top of a spearman that was trying to pierce me. I used the recently stolen kusarigama to behead him, and then used his falling body as a stepping stone to jump towards an approaching swordsman. I strangled him to death with the kusarigama’s chain, and then threw his body towards the nearest person. Inoue is surely helping me a lot today, I’m pleased.

Inoue seemed to be happy with the praise. Meanwhile, I threw an iron ball at some of the players in the back to stop them from running, then rushed to the middle of them. One of their swordsman made a desperate swing against me, but I just grabbed his body and used it as a shield against a punch that came from the pervert… The meatshield exploded though, that was surprising.

“Oh my…” I commented.

“Mmm, so you still use other players as shields?” The pervert asked.

“That’s why small fries are just a bother! Hurry up and die!” Blossom shouted while trying to swing her scythe at me.

To block her attack, I threw a bystander with a bomb inside him towards her. Her blow killed him, but also triggered the explosion, which not only blinded both her and the pervert, but also protected me from her attack. Then, I used my shortsword to block an arrow, pierced an axman with the same shortsword before he was able to hit me, then used him as a shield to block an incoming spell. Immediately after, I jumped away from Blossom’s scythe, threw the axman as a living bomb towards her, and then threw his axe towards a healer that was on the back of the bystander group.

Then, I threw a piece of iron at a guy with a dagger, and used his head as a foothold to jump high. Following that I threw a bunch of explosives with poisonous gas everywhere, making it hard to see while also damaging everybody.

“Things surely get lively when we have a lot of enemies, don’t they?” I asked nobody in particular.

“I can’t even see what’s happening anymore…” The pervert replied.

You say that, but both of you are actually killing other players too, aren’t you? Why am I the only one excited about it?

… Oh well, let’s say goodbye here, “<Heavy Blow>; <Acceleration>; <Rotation>; <Enlarge>… <Meteor Shower>!” After strengthening the special iron ball that I had used as fireworks before, I used this skill to throw the iron ball against everyone. And then it split up mid-air into multiple objects!

The result was pretty amazing. The entire field of vision was filled with light, then it felt like all sound had disappeared, and what followed it was a huge explosion that made a big soundwave that spread everywhere. The crater that came out of it was so big that it felt as if the ground was just scooped up with a giant spoon.

“Guh…” The pervert grumbled.

“You must be kidding me…” Blossom complained.

“I’m surprised, you’re still alive?” I told them. Basically all the other nearby players were evaporated by this explosion, and those two survived even though their oaths were surely draining their health? I wonder how can they endure that much…? Well, it doesn’t matter, this is the end, “A fight against other players, that’s the first time I enjoyed one this much.”

“… That’s the most important thing…” The pervert muttered.

“Unforgivable… Absolutely unforgivable…” Blossom said. She was being a bit noisy, so I beheaded her with her own scythe.

“You’re still as merciless as always…” The pervert commented.

“That was a pretty merciful death though?” I told him.

“… Is that so?” He didn’t seem to believe me.

“Well, then.” Let’s have a bit of a revenge on this pervert. Respawn after suffering my secret technique, Nutcracker!

“…!” He seemed to be unable to make a sound as he died… I didn’t like the fact I turned red when I first met him, but I guess things are fine now.

… Oh my, I got a lot of points in one go from this battle. Let’s keep on enjoying the event like this.

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