Chapter 56 – The Fourth Day Of The Event


“Stop…! Let go of me!” Said the girl.


“We’re almost there, please wait a little more.” I said as I grabbed the hair of the only survivor of a party I annihilated a small while back, and dragged her. She seemed to be a popular streamer of sorts, and even now she was still streaming her playthrough, which was quite useful as there were undoubtedly a fair number of sources of points watching even now.

“Help me, everyone!” She exclaimed. It was fairly impressive that she kept using her fairy-like camera to stream even in this situation. “You really don’t need to do this, alright? We’re both girls, so let’s get along!” I’m sure plenty of fresh and lively fishes will bite this bait… “You really don’t want to get along…?”

“Seems like we have arrived.” I said joyfully. She seemed to be a bit scared when she saw our destination, but I didn’t really mind it. “Let’s go inside.”

She started screaming a bit as I dragged her inside the dark cave, so I tried calming her down a bit, “It’s alright, I won’t do anything particularly horrible to you.”

“I can’t believe you! Please, viewers, help me soon!” She shouted.

“Yes, please do come soon, otherwise I might do something if I end up getting bored.” I said while smiling at the camera and giving them a small wink.

After that, it was waiting time. It took a bit longer than expected, since they should have been coming after me since the time I started dragging this girl around, but eventually I started hearing their voices from within the cave’s entrance.

“Over here!” “We have found it!” The players said. It seemed to be quite the large group, so they probably took a while to get here because they were grouping up first… Well, it doesn’t matter much in the end.

“Please hurry up and save me!” The girl screamed.

“Just you wait, Meiru! We’ll rescue you right now!” One of them screamed.

“Prepare yourself, Genoci-“ Another started saying while approaching us… Enough of them seemed to be inside the cave already though, so I decided it was about time for me to start acting, which obviously removing the need of hearing him until the end.

“<Darkness Domain>” I said while activating a spell with the aid of Kageyama’s <Black Magic>. It made the entire cave much darker than it already was, making it basically impossible for them to see anything.

“Be careful!” One shouted.

“Someone use light magic already!” Another said while panicking.

Before they could react to it, I cut off the hair of this Meiru girl. She seemed to take a while to understand what just happened.

While she recovered, I approached the group and used her hair as a rope to choke the person that looked like the party’s leader. This triggered the <Surprise Attack> and <Assassination Art> skills, quickly killing him before he had a chance to scream and warn the others that I was already this close.

Meanwhile, the girl finally let out a panicked scream as she seemed to realize what I did to her hair.

“Wh-what happened, Meiru?” One person said.

“Did the Genocider do something horrible after all?” Another asked… That’s a bit rude. I didn’t do anything horrible.

In any case, she ran to the center of the disorganized bunch. Maybe if the leader was still around, he’d help them remember the situation and stay alert, but right now they were all frolicking towards her while trying to understand what just happened.

“Where are you!?” One asked.

“M-my hair!” She seemed to still be in disbelief.

“Meiru, I’m coming!” Another said.

This is way too easy… Well, just in case, let’s use some poisonous gas on top of everything else.

“Gah! What’s this!?” One of them exclaimed as he saw the poisonous cloud surrounding them. It’s a colored gas to boot, so even if they were able to cleanse my <Darkness Domain>, they’d still have their vision impaired by the poison. Not to mention the cave itself already makes it hard to see.

“Well, time to say goodbye.” I told no one in particular.

At that point, I activated all the explosives I had scattered around while dragging the girl around the cave. The explosion was big enough to collapse the cave and bury almost all of them below a pile rubble.

“And to be sure there are no survivors… <Growing Flames> and <Breeze>.” As soon as I finished casting those spells, I quickly left the cave in case the rest of it collapsed and buried me together with the group.

Surprisingly, the explosion also caused a landslide that ended up killing most of their secondary group that was waiting on the foot of the mountain that the cave was in. It really worked out much better than expected.

Once the landslide finished doing its job, I quickly approached the few survivors of the second group, killed a man with a kick to the neck, beheaded a warrior, and threw a scrap of iron through the head of a fleeing player… That should wrap it up.

Now let’s see… Wow, I really got a lot of points this time around. There surely were a lot of people, but they also seem to be high-leveled… I suppose that’s understandable though, over half of the players that were in the event must be gone already, so whoever is still around must be quite tough.

I wonder if that Han… Hannes guy and Yuu are still alive… It should be about time for us to meet now, shouldn’t it?


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