Chapter 57 – The Fifth Day Of The Event


“Watch your step.” I said as I pierced the throat of the last nearby enemy… It’s easy to do surprise attacks in this snowy field due to the constant blizzard that makes it really hard to see, but the unstable foothold is a bit of a problem.

I wonder if that guy will come soon… Considering the last displays of the minimap, that Han… Hannes guy that declared war on me should reach this snowy mountain tomorrow…

“I suppose I should hurry up and meet them…

“Oh, Yuu!” I was about to leave, but who’d have guessed I’d find him here.

“Geh!” He screamed. I wonder why he came out of the ground, right below my feet to boot…

“… Just what’s up with this noise you just made?” I asked him. ‘Geh’ was a really weird reaction.

“Ah, that? You know…” He seemed to be trying to formulate an excuse while he got up.

“… Hey, were you perhaps abandoned here by your friends?” I mean, it really was weird that he came out of the ground like this…

“Eh? N-no! I mean, we’re friends from real life, alright? We’re all on the verification team! You don’t need to feel sorry for me!” He hurriedly explained, but his exaggerated motions just made him look more pitiful, though also a bit funny.

“Were you hurt?” I asked him.

“Eh? Only by you…” He replied.

“You got my point!” I said while throwing a snowball with iron scraps inside it. He shouted in pain once it hit him, but he deserved it for his attitude.

“Wait wait, I’m sorry! So please calm down!” He desperately begged.

“No quarters!” I happily shouted while throwing more iron-filled snowballs. His karma is surely high and probably over one hundred already, I can’t simply let him go.

“Damn it! <Otaku Magic>: <Blending With The Background>!” He… Disappeared? No, not quite, he is still there, but he is so hard to see now, almost as if he was air. It also looks as if my attacks would slipping right through him right now… Though it probably won’t happen.

On that note, his skills are all really weird and mysterious. It’s a bit troublesome that they’re so unpredictable, but he was supposed to be weak, wasn’t he? Though that was my first impression, he might actually be somewhat strong.

“Please don’t find me…” He muttered.

“I refuse!” I told him.

“Why!? In that case… <Dumbass Magic>: <Convenience Store>!” He used what…?

Is he summoning a convenience store? I was wary, but nothing seemed to be happening… Wait, something did happen. I got a status aliment with an icon that looks just like a convenience store… “Just what does this do…!?” I was asking, until a car suddenly passed near me at a really high speed.

“Yes! A rare pull!” He exclaimed. So this is a spell with multiple effects and he happened to get a good one? With the car running this quickly and supporting Yuu. This could be a bit of a problem… Well, let’s just cut it too pieces while getting closer to him. “Hey! Isn’t this way too absurd!? How can you properly deal with a car that moves this fast!?” He screamed

“Are you ready, Yuu?” I asked him while walking near.

“Absolutely not! <Weed>; <Toxic Twitter>!” Just what will this spell do…?

A bunch of grass came from under the snow and tried to entangle me. Also, some people in skin-tight clothes also appeared and surrounded me…

“You seem to somehow be prepared for every situation, and even has magic that can summon other people? How come?” I asked him nonchalantly.

“That’s the only way an otaku like myself can stay safe from harm!” He gave a confusing answer. “There’s no way I’d be able to handle the school bullies otherwise!”

“So… You’re saying that you have to use this kind of method because I lack humanity?” You know, I was starting to get annoyed by those skin-tight people around me and their dirty laughs, I felt like taking it out on someone… “Say, Yuu…?”

“Eek!” He screamed. He seemed a bit terrified of me, but that was the result of his choices. While removing the grass that was holding me with <Ignition> and getting rid of the surrounding group of people with kicks to their necks, I started throwing poison needles at Yuu.

“<Wall Off The World>!” He used another weird skill that somehow saved him… That said, we were still pretty close to one another. So… Let’s take care of this for good.

“<Overwhelmingly Buffed>: <Break The Speed Limit>; <Overwhelmingly Buffed>: <High Enchantment: Accelerate>; <Overwhelmingly Buffed>: <Enchantment: Accelerate>!” He casted one buff after another and then… Ran away?

I guess I got caught up in his pace and ended up missing my chance. We didn’t ‘play’ enough though…

Not to mention he also made sure to drop as many obstacles as possible in the way so that I couldn’t easily pursue him… It’s a bit annoying, but I guess I’ll let him go for now. Though by the last day I’ll definitely find him again and ‘play’ properly… This is fun.

For now, I cut the car in half, beheaded the remaining people with skin-tight clothes, burned the grass and jumped over his wall. Then, I continued moving through the mountains.

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