Chapter 58 – The Sixth Day Of The Event


Seems like I’ve lost him… I chased Yuu the whole day, but he was so fast that I just couldn’t find him at all. He should still be in this area according to the minimap though…

“There!” Someone exclaimed while shooting an arrow at me, which I narrowly dodged.

“I’ve finally found you!” That Han… Hannes guy said.

“Ah, so it’s you guys…” It seems like it’s finally time for us to ‘play’.



(Hannes’ Point of View)



“You didn’t forget it…?” I asked just to be sure.


“I remember it, Han… Hannes.” She said.

“Focus! We’re in a dangerous situation right now!” Eleanor shouted.

We were finally here. We had to fight so many mobs to reach this place, all for the goal of defeating her… And yet she still has a hard time remembering my name. Though it’s still progress from before I guess… That’s still not okay!

“Come on, you didn’t perchance get so entranced by meeting her that you forgot that we’re here to fight, did you, Hannes?” Eleanor asked mockingly.

“Yep, that must definitely be it.” Myra complemented.

“Sh-shut up!” I shouted at them. That’s not what I was thinking about at all! I just wanted her to properly remember my name! “I-in any case, everything will be alright, we’ll definitely win this time!”

“Mmm, yeah, definitely.” Ryne agreed.

“Yes! I’ll win and tell her what I want to tell her!” Cherry cheered.

“And I guess I’ll ask for her contact information?” Kellin mused.

“Oh? So this is why you wanted to win this badly? Now what should I do about this…?” The Genocider commented in the middle of our conversation.

… Damn it! I can’t believe we gave that’s impression!

No, wait, ignore all that, ignore it. Let’s just focus on the battle at hand… We raised our weapons and said in unison, “Let’s go!”

I led the assault by rushing forward and making an horizontal swing with my axe… However, before I could get to her, she threw something my way. I tried ducking to dodge, but the poor foothold made me slip and roll on the snow instead.

“Be careful, everyone. Think of everything she throws as poisonous!” I reminded them while I got up and back at the fray.

“Roger that!” Myra said while she shot an arrow at the Genocider to stop her from moving closer to me while I was off-balance.

“Ooh, incredible!” The Genocider seemed to be praising us.

“Don’t look away from your enemies!” I told her while running in her direction.

“I also like girls with gaps!” Kellin said while trying to stab her.

She however, just giggled as she kicked his spear up and used her shortsword to parry my axe. Then she kicked us both in the stomach, sending us flying.

“<Mid-Tier Healing>!” Cherry supported us.

“<Crimson Blade>!” Ryne also attacked to buy us time.

Regaining my posture, I also went back to the fray right away… However, the Genocider dodged my axe, parried Ryne’s longsword with her shortsword’s handle, grabbed Kellin’s spear and pulled him in before kicking him away again… This is still pretty one-sided, isn’t it?

We tried attacking again, but she dodged Ryne’s swing, got to his back, held his wrist and hit his forehead with his own sword’s pommel.

Trying to help him, I tried swinging my axe at her to force her to move away.

“Perfect timing! <Blazing Explosion – Huge>!” Eleanor shouted her spell.

“<Lightning Storm>!” Myra also shot her skill with her bow.

There’s no way the Genocider would be able to handle all those attacks after she just retreated, right? She shouldn’t even have a proper footing right now.

She dodged it all… How is she even human? I can’t believe this… But at least, we bought enough time.

“Sorry for making you all wait! <Full Resonance – Mother’s Devotion>!” Cherry chanted.

“Alright! It’s coming!” I cheered.

Cherry will be buffing all of our stats and skills with the special buff she obtained in a unique quest. We’ll even get an HP regeneration effect.

“<High Enchantment: Earth’s Emblem>; <High Enchantment: Storm of Ruin>; <High Enchantment: Glorious Prominence>; <High Enchantment: Sharp Lightning>!” She blessed us with all those without taking a break.

And then, Eleanor helped out as well, “<Widespread Blessing: Flame Ward>!” Reducing the damage from fire while also increasing our defense… There’s no way we’ll lose with all of this!

“You really did it all in one breath, huh?” The Genocider seemed amused. “<Body Enhancement: Slaughterer’s Organs>!” What!? Did she really acquire this type of skills as well? Those that are on par with the ones used by the knight Alexei!? “<Devilish Telepathy>; <High Enchantment: Glorious Prominence>; <High Enchantment: Storm of Ruin>; <High Enchantment: Darkness Abyss>; <High Enchantment: Light’s Devotion>…”

“We-we need more buffs!” I asked Eleanor and Cherry.

“R-roger!” Eleanor said. “<Widespread Blessing: Holy Protection>!”

Meanwhile, the Genocider continued, <High Enchantment: Physical Might>; <High Enchantment: Physical Barrier>…” Just how many buffs does she have!?

“<Widespread Blessing: Blazing Charge>!” Eleanor casted as well.

“<High Enchantment: Accelerate>.” The Genocider said… Did she finally stop? Just how much did she strengthen herself? How did she learn all this magic by herself? And even when we consider that we’re a party and she is solo, fighting against this many buffs doesn’t look good…

“… This might be kinda troublesome.” Kellin commented.

“This is really no good…” Ryne complemented.

“Just how much is she still hiding…?” Cherry said in disbelief.

It really couldn’t helped. Considering that not even Alexei with all his buffs could beat her, there’s no way we’ll all survive this battle, even if we somehow win.

Still… “I’ll definitely win.” I told everyone.

“Well, shall we start round two?” The genocider said while giggling.

This time I’ll definitely do it. I’ll put my life on the line, and defeat this smiling devil together with my friends!

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