Chapter 59 – The Sixth Day Of The Event (Part two)


This has been a surprisingly fun battle to ‘play’ in so far. I keep seeing skills that I had never heard of before and it’s getting me more and more excited.

The axeman swung his weapon down with a roar, it was loud enough to the point I momentaneously couldn’t hear anything else.

However, I dodged it anyways and used my shortsword to parry the incoming longsword blow, then stepped backwards to leave the attacking spear right between me and the swordsman. Immediately after, I held the longsword and used its pommel to hit the right eye of the spearman.

As he grumbled in pain, I kicked his knee and made him fall down the mountain’s slope. Afterwards, I parried another blow from the swordsman with my shortsword, held his arm, twisted it, and then kicked his elbow in the opposite direction the joint moves.

While he screamed in pain, their mages started casting, “<High Enchantment: Intelligence>” and the other used “<Quintuple Explosion>!”

I dodged the incoming axe blow while throwing a poison needle at its wielder. Then, I rushed towards the mages while dodging their spell.

Next, I dodged the spear blow that came from the guy that had fallen down, jumped on top of his head and used him as a foothold to jump further ahead. There were arrows coming my way, but by combining the <Downburst> spell of Azabu’s <Gale Magic> and the <Grand Fire> spell of Yamada’s <Flame Magic>, I was able to blow away all the arrows while blocking their view.

Then, by targeting their healer and mage with the <Marking> skill, I threw iron balls at them with the speed of a bullet!

“Ho-<Holy Wall>!

“Ky-kyaa!” It seems like the healer tried to put up a barrier, but she was unable to block my projectiles, so I successfully got rid of two of their supporters.

“Damn it! <Great War Cascade>!” The archer shouted her skill.

“Oh my…” I expressed as I saw it coming.

“Wa-wait!” Hannes (?) said, but it was too late.

I grabbed the neck of the nearby spearman that was rushing my way and threw him in front of the incoming skill. Then I threw an iron ball filled with gunpowder at him to make sure he would not fly towards me after being hit by his own ally.

“… Idiot!” Hannes shouted as the spearman disappeared in the explosion.

I then dodged another arrow that was already coming at me, ducked below a sword attack, sneaked behind the swordsman and pierced his heart with my shortsword.

“Guh!” He groaned.

“Ryne!” Hannes shouted.

Before the swordsman could respawn and have his body disappear, I grabbed his ankle and quickly ran through the mountain while throwing a bunch of explosives at his mouth. Then, I used the <Boulder Throw> and the <Shooting Star> skills to throw his body as far as possible.

“Just where on Earth is she throwing…!?” Hannes asked, before seeing the body explode in the upper part of the mountain that is. The avalanche caused by the explosion made him return to his senses and shout, “Myra!”

“Futile!” I shouted as I threw explosives around the archer who was trying to escape.

“Myra!” He shouted again.

“Hannes-“ She started shouting, but was buried under the snow.

“Damn it all!” He shouted.

Now it was only me and him. This was pretty fun so far, they showed a lot of skills I hadn’t seen before, and their party cooperation was pretty great… This doesn’t feel like a fulfilling end to this battle.

“Well, it’s only you left…” I said without hiding my disappointment.

“… <Oath, I will overcome all tough enemies without yielding>!” He said… I started giggling. “<Oath, I’m the one who will stand firm even after all my comrades have fallen!” I could not control myself and started laughing out loud…

I can’t believe it… He was still hiding an ‘Oath’! “You really want to entertain me to the end by ‘playing’ with all you have, don’t you!?”


Race: Human

Name: Hannes Lv.55 <+10>

Karma value: 91 <Good>

Class: Battle Axe Master; Second Class: Rigid Knight; Third Class: Earth Wizard


Challenge: <Attack power increases when challenging an opponent that you recognize as superior: Large>

Mother’s Devotion: <All stats increased: Low; Strengthening enhancement efficiency increased: Large; Continuous HP recovery: Medium>

Attribute Granted to attacks: <Earth: Max>

Enhancements: <STR increase: Extra Large; VIT increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large>

Blazing Charge: <Fire attribute to attacks: Medium; Attack power increase: Medium>

Flame Ward: <Increased Fire Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Holy Protection: <Increased Light Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Oath: Indomitable <STR increase: Max; VIT increase: Max; Constant HP decrease: 3%/1s>


“From here onwards, it’s an all-out short-term battle!” Hannes shouted.

He is right, the avalanche will be here in no time. And his ‘Oath’ won’t let him stay alive for long anyways… In that case, I should also go all out. “Very well, <Self-Alteration: Evil Medicine>!”


Race: Human

Name: Rena Lv.44 <+20>

Karma value: -211 <Evil>

Class: Assassin; Second Class: Demons’ Master; Third Class: Evil Doctor

Condition: Possessed <Kageyama>

Slaughterer’s Organ: <STR increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large>

Devilish Telepathy: <INT increase: Large; LUK increase: Large; Strengthening enhancement efficiency increased for servants: Large; Strengthening enhancement efficiency increase from servants: Large>

Evil Medicine: <STR increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large; INT increase: Extra Large; VIT decrease: Extra large; Very poisonous state: Constant HP decrease: 2%/5s>

Attributes Granted to attacks: <Fire: Max; Wind: Max; Light: Max; Dark: Max>

Enhancements: <STR increase: Extra Large; VIT increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large>


“You still had more!?” Hannes asked in disbelief.

“Well, this is the grand finale, isn’t it?” I said while giggling. I don’t care if there are other players watching, I wanna enjoy this ‘supreme play’ to the utmost.

“Here I come!” He shouted.

“Here I come as well!” I shouted back without controlling my elation. We both had through smiles as we faced our ultimate enemies!


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