Chapter 65 – Ichijouji Reina’s Daily Life


“I’m really sorry, please forgive me…” One of the bad guys in front of me begged for forgiveness… But why did they get in the way of my commute to school then? “I-I’ll give you all my money!”

“I have a credit card though? I don’t need money.” I answered him.

“I-is that so…!?” He replied.

I mean, I am a duke’s daughter, that man who’s my blood relative has multiple companies under his name and is also the minister of finance, there is no way my family will ever have problems with money.

“Y-you’re just a rich girl relying on her parents!” He shouted.

“Are you sure you’re in any position to talk to me that way?” To think they tried to mug me on the way to school, such troublesome people.

“Well, then…” I started moving.

“P-please don’t break my teeth!” One begged.

“A-at least do it somewhere that can’t easily seen!” Another said.

“Please have mercy!” The third one exclaimed.

They seem to be really frightened, and I’ll be late to school if I don’t hurry, so I guess their punishment will have to be light… How annoying.

“Then please turn to the back.” I told them.

They hurriedly did as I told them while thanking me for my mercy… Then, once they all had their backs turned to me, I grabbed each of their arms and dislocated their shoulders.

They all started screaming in pain from this. Such an exaggerated reaction, did they take lessons from Yuu or something?

Well, I have to go to school now though, so I left the back alley and headed through the usual road while they moaned in pain.


When I arrived at school and opened the classroom’s door, all the voices that had been echoing outside suddenly went silent. As usual though, I just moved to my seat without worrying about it.

“Good morning, miss Ichijouji.” One of the classmates said.

“Good morning.” I replied with a smile… Such a bother, I shouldn’t have to force myself to greet you now, should I?

Wait, isn’t that…? “Good morning, Yuuki.” I said while moving near his seat.

“G-g-good morning!?” He said with a strained laughter.

Oda Yuuki, that’s Yuu’s real name.  I decided to talk to him since we’re friends. “I had a lot of fun the other day, let’s play again.”

“Eh? No, I mean, to say this here…” He seemed to be troubled about something…

“You can’t play?” Was there something wrong? Could he be busy? I started frowning while thinking of it.

“N-no! I’ll play!” He hurriedly replied.

I smiled at that, “That’s great! I was worried that there might have been an issue.”

“Th-there are no issues, miss Ichijouji…” He replied, though it was a bit bothersome like this.

“Can’t you just call me Reina like usual?” I realized that Yuuki was actually Yuu a small while back, but this is the first time we’re talking outside of the game. He always calls me Rena in the game though, so using Reina shouldn’t really be a problem… Besides, I don’t like being called by my family’s name.

“Then… Reina…” He slowly said.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“Can’t you be a bit more aware of your surroundings?” He asked back.

My surroundings? Ah, I can hear footsteps, so the homeroom teacher should be arriving soon.

“Seems like we’re out of time, I’ll see you later then.” I said while going back to my seat.

“Well… I guess that’s alright for now.” He answered. He also grumbled something about his peaceful school life, but I couldn’t hear it properly.

“Hey, miss Ichijouji…” One of the girls near me called my attention. Unusual, my classmates don’t talk to me much.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Well… Just what is your relationship with Oda?” She asked.

“With Yuuki? That is…” I was about to reply, but was stopped…

“Everyone, take your seats.” Because the homeroom teacher had arrived.

“I’m sorry, seems like this will have to be left for later.” I told her.

“O-of course! Pardon me for asking this so rudely!” She hurriedly said before going back to her seat.

“Some people just can’t help prying into others’ lives, seriously…” A bystander said.

“Is that so…?” I wondered what caused the ruckus. Am I having trouble mimicking what’s “normal”? I need to be careful, mom won’t rest easily otherwise.

As the teacher started saying the usual things for the day, I started wondering what I’ll do to spend my time on this boring day.

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