Chapter 66 – Ichijouji Reina’s Daily Life – Part 2


Class was boring as usual, I don’t get why I have to learn history at school when what I learn at home is more detailed…

The teacher who was explaining some things about the end of the second world war stopped his explanation and decided to ask Yuuki to complement it. For some reason Yuuki seems to have been extremely nervous since early morning, he has even been laughing during class at some points.

Then Yuuki gave some half-baked explanation about the topic in question that was missing quite a few details, but the teacher praised him anyways because that’s apparently a good answer. Though the teacher followed up with a longer explanation afterwards to fill in the gaps anyways.

At some point near the end of his explanation, he decided to ask me to conclude his line of thought, it was a bother, but mom said I should try to “behave normally”, so I answered him appropriately.

Once I was done he praised me for the answer and actually asked the class to applaud it, school was such a bother.

The bell finally rang though, so that was the end of it. And since this was the 4th period, it should be lunch break now.


(Yuuki’s Point of View)

“Hey Oda, can I have a moment?” They came after all… A person from the popular clique approached me with a smile while I desperately tried to escape from class as soon as the lunch break started. The only reason someone like him will try talking to someone like me, who is basically air, is for bullying…

“What is it?” I asked him, though I already knew the answer.

“Are you still sane? Just what is your relationship with Ichijouji?” Of course that’s it. Anyone would get curious if that girl who never speaks to anyone suddenly talked to me of all people, especially in the way she did. The way our classmates looked at me during class was giving me stomachache…

“I’m not particularly remarkable to her… Alright?” I told him.

“You’re not gonna deceive me that easily, so how about we move to another place for now?” He answered while keeping his grin.

“Eh?” Of course, there is no way a lowly nerd invading the inviolable sanctuary would be forgivable, I am destroying the school’s caste and am now going to be punished for it…

“Is something the matter with Yuuki?” Reina suddenly said while moving closer… I can’t believe she came now of all times! The goddess of salvation smiled upon me!

“Re… Miss Ichijouji!” I exclaimed.

“Ichijouji again? I’d prefer if you just called me Reina.” She replied…

“Ah, no, that is…” I hastily tried to come up with a refusal.

“Is it no good?” Please don’t look at me with those pure upturned eyes, you’ll just make the whole class hate me more!

“… Miss Ichijouji, can I ask what’s your relationship with Oda?” The popular guy asked.

She wasn’t responding…

Wait… Could it be that…? “Reina, this person is our classmate, Yazawa.” I whispered to her…

“… Ah.” She really didn’t know? I thought her bad memory was only related to Hannes, but she doesn’t even know her classmates!? “We’re friends.” Please be more concerned about your surroundings!

“I see, then can I be your friend too? Could I call you Reina?” Yazawa asked.

“I wouldn’t like that.” She answered, a dreadful silence filled the classroom… My friends from the Verification Team looked at me with pity, but didn’t move an inch to save me… Shouldn’t we have a bit more camaraderie!?

“May I ask why?” He is looking openly disappointed… He really shouldn’t test the Genocider too much, alright!?

“Because I’d hate it.” She said, making the class silent again… Please Reina, say something, give a reason, any reason, even if it’s a lie, don’t make things even worse for me!

Yazawa started laughing, “Miss Ichijouji is surprisingly funny.”

Some of his friends chimed in agreeing with him… Good, things are good like this, if this heavy mood is lifted and class returns to normal, then…

“I didn’t try to be funny though?” Reina commented… Please shut up, you’re not Goddess of Salvation, you’re just worsening my stomachache… “It is a bit strange that you’re laughing at this… Well, that’s fine either way. Yuuki, I need to talk to you, so let’s eat lunch together.”

“Eh?” I didn’t have time to say anything else before she dragged me out of class. The indescribable faces of our classmates as we left was painful… I think I should start bringing stomach medicine to school starting tomorrow.


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