Chapter 67 – Ichijouji Reina’s Daily Life – Part 3


Translator’s Note: Hannes and his party appear in this chapter. To avoid confusion, I’m listing their IRL names here:

Hannes – Sugo Masaki

Ryne – Kokonoe Kurumi

Cherry – Shinonome Sakura

Eleanor – Kanno Nozomi

Kellin – Odawara Kenji

Myra – Kamiya Miki


(Hannes’ Point of View)


“Look, Hannes, that Ichijouji is eating lunch with someone.” Kenji commented.

“… Why are you calling me by my username at school?” I asked him.

“Oops, my bad. Sorry, Masaki.” He answered… Just what’s wrong with him? It shouldn’t be that hard to remember to use our proper names… “That aside, it’s amazing that Ichijouji’s mere presence made everyone stop looking at their food and instead at her, isn’t it?”

“I guess?” I answered half-heartedly.

“Good grief, how can’t you pay attention to such a beauty?” He said.

“I guess it is a pretty rare situation.” Nozomi chimed in.

“Well, that young lady doesn’t really get involved with anyone usually.” Kurumi complemented.

“Ah, yeah, sure…” I vaguely replied. It’s unusual to see anyone agreeing with Kenji… I mean, it’s strange for Ichijouji to behave like that, but it isn’t really uncommon for someone to talk to others…. Wait a minute, “Haven’t I seen her somewhere before?”

“Seriously, Masaki? That’s your best attempt at a pick-up line? Should I teach you how to do it?” That stupid Kenji commented.

“No…” I replied with a sigh… I have no idea why this guy is popular.

“Well, she is pretty popular in our school, so it’s not strange for you to have seen her.” Kurumi commented.

“Yeah, but like… I was not talking about school, but at some other place…” I replied while trying to remember.

“You really like your clichés, don’t you?” Kenji commented while obviously holding back his laugh.

“Just shut up already…” I already felt like hitting him by now… I might have done it if Nozomi didn’t signal for me to calm down, actually.

“I also feel like I have seen her before too.” Miki said.

“Huh? You think so too?” Kenji asked him.

“Why else would I have said it?” Miki answered. I have to wonder why Kenji even thought I was using that line as a pick up.

“I see… Then what about you, Sakura?” Kenji asked the only person that hadn’t said her thoughts yet.

“I’m not sure, but I think I saw her before as well.” She answered.

“Really now…” Kenji seemed to be in disbelief.

“Why don’t you ask her already?” Nozomi suggested.

“It’s the easiest way to clear our doubts.” Kurumi complemented.

“… Guess I should do it now then?” I asked to nobody in particular.

“Well, we’re in different classes, so you won’t have many opportunities aside from lunch break.” Sakura complemented.

“Yeah… I guess so.” I said, though it was embarrassing to suddenly ask someone I never talked to before about thinking that I maybe saw her somewhere.

“Well…?” Sakura said.

“I get it…” I replied.

“So, are you going?” Sakura asked again.

“Don’t bully him, Sakura.” Kurumi told her… Calling it bullying was kinda rude, but I’ll accept his help.

Taking a deep breath, I started moving near Ichijouji and that dull guy near her, he seemed to be troubled by their conversation.

“Is that guy going to ask her out?” Miki wondered.

“Could they already be dating?” Nozomi wondered as well.

“Come on, it’s Ichijouji we’re talking about here, there’s no way.” Kenji shrugged her comment off.

“Well… Maybe?” Nozomi replied.

The guy near Ichijouji seemed to be more troubled by the second. Moreover, it seems like the people nearby noticed that we were going after Ichijouji, and they were all looking at us… This just makes things more troubling… Good grief.

“… I guess it’s fine for a while?” The guy said.

“… You seem to be able to talk just fine though?” Ichijouji replied.

The guy gave a troubled laugh, “That’s your fault, Reina…”

Reina? He is close enough to call her by her first name?

“Could they be actually dating!?” Kenji wondered, even though he dismissed that just a minute ago… He was a bit too loud though.

“No, Yuuki is a friend.” Ichijouji replied to him.

“I see, it would be surprising otherwise…” Kenji made a rude comment.

“Masaki, weren’t you going to ask her something?” Sakura pushed me… Right right, I get it.

“I… Wanted to ask you something.” I told Ichijouji. This was still embarrassing…

“What is it?” She asked back.

“… Have we met somewhere?” I asked bluntly.

Kenji started laughing, “That’s a total pickup line!”

“Shut up!” Nozomi said while punching his stomach… Ignoring them both, I waited for her reply.

“… Did you forget about the time we played together?” Ichijouji asked.

“What…?” Just where would I have played with her? Isn’t she mistaking me for someone else?

“You even invited me to in front of a big crowd.” She continued.

“What!?” Is she nuts?

“Wow, Masaki, I can’t believe you were this bold…” Kenji said while clutching his stomach.

“Wait, no, I didn’t do it!” I hastily denied, I absolutely didn’t do it!

“You really don’t remember? You ran after me, made a big surprising declaration, and then entertained me until the very end.” Ichijouji said… The cafeteria went silent.

Just what is she talking about!?

“To think you already went that far…” Even Miki seemed to have lost hopes in me.

“I can’t save you from that one.” Nozomi sighed.

“Wait wait wait, aren’t you mistaking me for someone else!?” I asked Ichijouji in a panic. There’s no way I could have done anything with a girl as beautiful as her, alright!?

“You really don’t remember?” She seemed disappointed.

“Look, I’m bad at remembering things, but there’s no way I’d forget if I did something that drastic, okay!?” I told her.

“… Well, that’s a shame, Hannes.” She… Called me what?

“Hannes…?” I asked just to be sure.

“That’s your name, right?” She asked.

“… I can’t take this anymore…” The guy in front of her said it… Nevermind that, why does she know my in-game name? Just what is she talking about? And where do I remember her from?

“Oh, could you be the Genocider?” Kenji asked an absurd question.

“Yes, apparently that’s my nickname.” Ichijouji answered nonchalantly… She really did confirm it…

The cafeteria was silent… I couldn’t keep up with this at all, I was even feeling a bit sick…

“You’re really the Genocider…?” I asked her just to be sure.

“I am indeed. You really hadn’t recognized me, Hannes?” She asked me.

“Reina, you’re too cruel…” The guy in front of her commented.

“… I’m going home for the day.” I decided.

“Wait, Masaki!” Kurumi chased after me, but I didn’t stop… I just don’t think I’ll be able to pay any attention to classes today whatsoever.

“Ichijouji is the Genocider… She’s one of our classmates…” I said to nobody in particular.

“He broke…” Kurumi said.

“Guess it will be pointless talking to him for now.” Nozomi commented.

I couldn’t really take their words in properly, whatever came from one ear existed from the other right away… I couldn’t even remember how I got home afterwards.

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