Chapter 68 – Ichijouji Reina’s Daily Life – Part 4


(Hagiwara Mai’s Point of View (New character))


“… Yuuki, was Hannes… Was Masaki (?) alright? He seemed to be a bit strange.” Miss Ichijouji said.


Oda laughed a bit, “He’ll probably be fine…”

I, Hagiwara Mai, am currently in the middle of a stalking mission. The target is Ichijouji Reina, the school’s celebrity whose rumors transcend the boundaries of our own school and go much farther beyond… And Oda as a bonus.

Her behavior took a sudden turn that surprised all of her classmates, as she suddenly went from a quiet person that doesn’t interact with anyone, to actively seeking out others… But why does it have to be Oda of all people? He is a total otaku who is always talking with his otaku friends in the corner of the classroom, why would he be together with miss Ichijouji? There’s no way a weirdo like him could be with her that can behave like a normal person!

What on heaven’s name might have caused this? I want to get along with her, she is someone that is fitting to be the heroine of a novel or something. I can even imagine it… A duke’s daughter with a troubled childhood that made her lose the contact with her surroundings, a hidden dark past, an unhealthy relationship with her father that can hardly be called family, she went through so much that she ended up shutting herself entirely in her own dark shell… I want to get along with her so much! But I don’t have the courage to get closer… But now, now that disgusting Oda is ruining the setting of my doujinshi! I even started drawing it already, you can’t ruin it like that!

“I guess I’ll be going now then.” Miss Ichijouji said, interrupting my line of thought.

“Isn’t it still early?” The worm called Oda replied.

“You forgot? Next class is PE.” Miss Ichouji stated the obvious.

“Oh, of course… Well, I’ll go once I finish eating then.” The stupid Oda replied.

… Ah, I have to move too, I got too engrossed in the usual stalking routine that I forgot about the schedule. Better get going.


Precious… All girls of the class were changing their clothes to go to PE… Me and miss Ichijouji too, of course. I wonder what she does to take care of her body though…

She’s so beautiful, her skin shines with perfection, her hair is long and glossy, her body’s shape is nothing short of incredible… I might even get a nosebleed if I stare for too long, this sight isn’t meant for human beings….

“Miss Ichijouji? You talked a lot with Oda today, are you really just friends?” One of the girls asked. That was an important question. The time I have available to stare at miss Ichijouji’s perfect body is short, but I can’t get so drawn into it to the point I miss this kind of information.

“Yes?” She simply replied. She seemed tired of dealing with people’s questions, there was even a hint of a murderous aura around her… Is she just bad at getting along with classmates? Or is she tired of having others prying into her life?

The other girl didn’t seem to understand anything though, as she continued, “Really? Couldn’t you be dating-“

“I’m not.” Miss Ichijouji replied bluntly. Those are wonderful news, now I can be sure that the stupid Oda won’t ever reach the pages of my doujinshi!

The girl seemed to start remembering her place, so she changed her behavior a bit, “Then, would you mind telling me how you got to know each other?” I’m curious too! Please do tell!

“From a game called KSO.” Miss Ichijouji replied.

“Miss Ichijouji you play games? That’s surprising.” The girl commented… And KSO of all things? I play it too! How didn’t I meet you there!? How did Oda skip ahead of me!? “I wonder if I should try playing it too?” This girl… She sure has guts, doesn’t she? How dare she try to-

“Do what you want. I’ve finished changing, so I’m going.” Miss Ichijouji got up and left, she was clearly annoyed… Today we’ll play dodgeball, I hope she isn’t on the enemy team… Though I’d love to be able to directly stare at her in PE uniform…


I was unlucky and was not in miss Ichijouji’s team. She seemed to be fighting in a war, she threw the ball so hard, she could catch the balls thrown at her without even looking in their direction, and almost all of her throws were aimed at either the head, neck or chest. It really felt like she wanted to murder everyone… Her hits really hurt.

She felt just like the Genocider, didn’t she…? No, no, absurd! What am I even thinking!?

But they are a bit similar… If her hair was a bit shorter and got a white mesh, and if her eyes were red… That’s just the Genocider, isn’t it? But there’s no way… It’s impossible!

… Oda met miss Ichijouji at KSO… The Genocider and Yuu met in the event and talked like friends… I’ll have to interrogate Oda at the game today.

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