Chapter 83 – Explosive Escape


Just as I was about to start running away with the princess, I remembered that I needed to tell her something, “Your maid left a last will, ‘please grow up as a cheerful and splendid person’.”

When the princess heard that, she started crying even more than before. I’m not very good with children, so it was a bit bothersome to have her behave like that… “Oh well, let’s go!” I said and started running. The princess was glaring at me with a face that was reddened by tears, but I ignored her.

“Make some chaos, everyone!” I told my familiars, who instantly started throwing high level magic left and right. I also started throwing explosives around the castle, creating loud explosions, breaking multiple walls and causing damage to multiple rooms.

“What’s happening!?” One guard shouted.

“Let’s hurry!” Another said.

“Is his majesty safe!?” A third one exclaimed.

By making this much noise, Yuu and Maria should probably understand that the king is already dead and will probably react appropriately.

… The gagged princess tried to say something, but I couldn’t really understand anything, “This won’t last much longer, so please be a bit more patient, alright?” after telling her that, I kept on moving while ignoring her protests.

“Stop!” A guard yelled!

“Y-your highness!?” Another said as he noticed who I was carrying.

I used my threads to quickly cut off the limbs of the guards that tried getting in my way and continued moving. They shouted in pain as they realized what just happened to them, but I ignored that.

Rather, I was more curious to see if I could still gain experience from this battle even though I gained some levels just a small while back from killing the maid, maybe there is a time lag that stops it from happening… Let’s use this as an experiment and kill as many as possible in the meanwhile.

“How dare you cause all this commotion!?” One guard said.

“Release the princess at once!” Another shouted.

“If you take one more step-“ A third one started saying, but I threw a bunch of explosives at them with <Meteor Shower> and blew them all up.

Moreover, the explosion was big enough to blow up a good portion of the castle’s walls, allowing me to see the clear sky ahead of me… Seems like a good opportunity. “Be careful to not bite your tongue, alright?” I told the princess as I moved towards the hole… She probably wouldn’t be able to bite her tongue with the gag on though. She did try to make some sort of reply anyways, but I couldn’t understand it.

As I jumped outside, I threw more explosives around to create more chaos, and to change my momentum mid-air so as to not free fall all the way to the ground.

Then, some arrows started raining down from above, “Is it really okay to attack me like that while I hold the princess?” I wondered out loud as I blocked them. Perhaps some of the factions within the castle don’t mind hurting her due to the internal conflict for the succession of the throne… Well, for now, “Let me return the favor.”

“Re-retreat!” The commander of the bowmen shouted, but a bit too late. I had already thrown an explosive above them, and its explosion threw multiple iron scraps everywhere, killing many of them. Moreover, the scraps hit the threads I prepared in advance and started throwing bodies of the guards left and right, killing any survivors.

“Now for the finishing touches.” After landing safely, I quickly ran to the second prince’s room that I had identified in my initial infiltration, and left the crown prince’s ring and the king’s head there, hopefully this will make them suspicious of him and increase the internal tensions on the palace.

“Their numbers are surely increasing…” As I ran through the front yard and towards the castle gate, I could see at least a hundred guards coming after me… But where are Yuu and Maria? They didn’t try to stop me at all…

Oh my. The drawbridge that led to the castle was being lifted, they were reacting quickly alright… But not fast enough. I threw explosives at the machinery that lifted the bridge and made it stop functioning.

“She’s too fast!” A guard shouted.

“Goodbye.” I told them while running up the bridge, then I threw two big explosives behind me. Their explosion created a large amount of destruction while also pushing me forward. I used that momentum to jump high enough to pass through the moat even if the bridge was already half-lifted.

“Now, please endure it for just a while longer.” I told the princess after we safely landed… She didn’t reply though… Oh.

Apparently she fainted at some point… I didn’t know exactly when, but it’ll be easier to carry her around if she doesn’t struggle anyways, so I tied her to my back and continued to run away.

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