Chapter 84 – The Person That I Didn’t Want To Meet


(Eren’s PoV (The man that Rena put in control of the Beginner’s City))


“Boss… I mean, milord, this is the tax revenue for this term.” One of my subordinates, who was previously part of the Moonlight gang, handed me some documents.

“It’s about time you get used to it, isn’t it?” I told him.

“… I’m sorry.” He apologized. Though it’s not like I can’t understand how he feels, even I wasn’t used to it at first.

Just remembering that abominable woman makes my stomach hurt, “I really shouldn’t have to feel like this after getting this kind of dream job…”

“Oh, I see?” That dread voice resounded throughout this room, an unnatural outworldly scream came out of my mouth when hearing it. This can’t be real, it has to be a lie…

“Hey, you can’t simply approach the lord like that!” My subordinate said. I appreciate his dedication, but everything might come to ruin if he makes this kind of careless statement!

“… You still remember who made you lord, right?” The abomination said.

“… I do.” I replied… I really did not ever wish to see this monster again… “Please sit down.” I asked her.

She did not hesitate and sat in front of me… And together with her, was a tied up girl that clearly looked like a noble… My stomach hurts.

“May I ask you a question before you tell me why you’re here?” I asked her.

“What is it?” She replied.

“Who is this girl…?” I was afraid of hearing the answer, but it was better to hear it early.

“She’s the first princess of this country.” She told me bluntly.

The first princess… Is… Tied up, “Wait, I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” I told her.

“Well, being the first princess means-“ She started saying, but I cut her.

“Not that! I don’t understand why the first princess is here!” I had a horrible feeling about this.

“Because I tied her up and brought her here?” She said.

“… Please bring me my stomach medicine.” I told my subordinate.

“Yes, sir!” He replied and immediately left the room.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to try relaxing while I waited for my subordinate to come back. I really can’t deal with this woman who absolutely lacks any semblance of common sense…

“So you have stomach problems, Eren? Will you be alright?” She asked me.

“… I thank you for your concern.” I replied. Was she being sarcastic or is she just unaware that she is the cause of my stomach problems?

“I brought it, boss!” My subordinate said as he came back.

“Thanks, I’m saved…” I commented.

“That looks like some medicine that will put you in danger, you know?” That woman said while giggling.

“The only thing in danger is my sanity…” I answered as I swallowed three pills of the medicine all at once. “So, what’s next?” I asked her.

“I will hand the princess over to the empire. Please help with the negotiations and prepare yourselves in case they try attacking.” She said some unbelievable words there.

“… I’m sorry?” I think I should have cleaned my ears before coming to work today, I’m sure I misheard something absolutely outrageous.

She giggled, “I don’t like repeating myself.”

“Oh, of course! There’s no need to!” Just what am I even supposed to do now…? “Can you at least explain the circumstances to me?”

“Well, I happened to find the crown prince perchance, so I tried killing him.” She did what? “But he escaped, and I thought it wouldn’t be fun to simply kill him after that.” Of course, fun… “So in order to make things more interesting, I killed the king in a way that would increase the tensions between both prices, and then I also kidnapped the princess.”

I see… “Bring my some headache medicine, please.” I told my subordinate.

“Yes sir!” He replied an instantly left.

… Just what am I even supposed to do here? I was just a local gangster until a small while ago, and now I’m not only a city lord, but one that needs to deal with this kind of madness!? My head is about to explode…

As I thought that, my subordinate came back with the medicine and I gulped three pills of it too. “Alright, so… Anything else?” I asked the woman.

“Be quick about it, for the princess will stay here until negotiations are finished.” She demanded.

“… Understood.” I replied.

“Also, don’t give her directly to the emperor. Give her to an extremist general instead.” She continued.

“… It’s useless to try convincing you otherwise, isn’t it?” I asked just in case.

“It is useless.” She replied.

“I see…” This will almost guaranteedly start a war! The city will be thrown in chaos!

“Oh, and while I’m here, I’ll pick a room for myself, alright?” She concluded.

“… By all means go ahead.” I weakly replied.

She giggled, “Oh my, aren’t you so magnanimous?”

“… Could you at least let the room’s furniture stay there?” I asked her.

“What are you talking about? There’s no way I’d ever do anything to it.” She said innocently.

“Of course…” The monster left with this unbelievable sentence… I really didn’t want to ever see her again…

“Boss…” My subordinate tried to console me.

“I really didn’t want to meet her…” I said out loud.

“It was a rough day.” He commented.

I just want to throw away all work and go sleep now…

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