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Even after Rachel’s tasting event ended, the head chefs did not leave right away. It shouldn’t be because they’re not busy. Since a head chef is like the most beautiful interior of a restaurant. Some would have flown here without hesitation as they’re on their holidays, but most of them weren’t. Some also has to take the flight for more than 10 hours, so logically they should have been gone about now to be on time with their busy schedule.


But only a few have left. Since they’re also human. Rose Island Venice branch was their home, and Rachel Rose was their mother. There’s a reason why they just couldn’t head out. Especially when they came back to their home and mother in 10 years.


“You’ll contact us now teacher, right?”

“Yes. I’m done with living like a dead person. So don’t worry.”

“How can I not worry. You’ve lived like that for 10 years. You’ll get 10 more years of us worrying.”

“Looks like I’m going to die before getting all that attention. ……gosh, okay. Don’t look at me so fiercely like that. I can joke and have fun like this as I’m old now. Bastard.”


With embarrassment Rachel looked away from her students who were looking at her fiercely. She would have cursed them for looking at her like that when she was young, but now it was just awkward to see her silent as a sheep.


‘……It really shows that you’re getting old. Upsetting.’


They just couldn’t help to think like that. Chef Rachel was still strong. No, she might have gotten better than before. But the human Rachel…… had that weakness and loneliness that was never there before. It’s a natural thing as people age, but still to see it was a pity.


“Raphael. I’m asking you. Please take good care of our chef.”

“I’m doing the best I can. But don’t worry. Isaac is with her. He’s the best manager in the world.”


As Raphael said that Jo Minjoon nodded agreeingly. It was just as Raphael has said. Jo Minjoon hasn’t been with the Manager a lot, but Isaac was so perfect that no one could hope for more.


Isaac did a lot of things. Management of the main branch of Rose Island, the general management of all branches and also networking with the merchants who supply the ingredients. With that he’s also the secretary of Rachel, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that Rachel can’t do anything without Issac.


‘……He’s a bit hard to be with though.’


Even Janet and Anderson can’t be as blunt as Isaac. It was just when he was thinking about this. Deborah came up to him with a piece of steak with Avocado pure, Citrus japonica cream and Half Glaze Sauce.


“Hey. Minjoon. Could you taste this?”

“Ah, yes. Over here.”


Jo Minjoon got the plate. He was actually really full. Not only Deborah, but a lot of head chefs wanted Jo Minjoon to eat their dish. Especially chefs who has low stars or their restaurant’s stars fell brought a lot of dishes to Jo Minjoon.


Maybe they wanted to know what the problem was so badly by the help of a super taster. For that Jo Minjoon couldn’t ignore them even though he was full.


“As I always say, my gourmet level isn’t…….”

“isn’t high as you think. I’m just good at detecting the ingredients. I heard that a lot. I’m not that gullible to be influenced by your words, so don’t worry.”

“……Okay. Sure. Well to start it’s delicious. It has every element a food should have but…… If I had to comment about this I would say there’s no fun in this.”



Deborah replied as though she didn’t expect it. Jo Minjoon nodded.


“I’m saying this as a customer number 1 who has some modern taste, not as a super taster Jo Minjoon. When people find a fine dining restaurant they expect the food to be delicious. And with that they want to eat something that they’ve never tasted before, something they couldn’t dare guess how it was made.”

“Hmm…… so you’re saying this steak is typical?”

“It’s such a wonderful steak to say it’s typical, but to say it in a crooked way yes it is.”

“……ha, unfortunately epicureans are always crooked in some way. They didn’t give me a star again because was too typical.”


Jo Minjoon couldn’t say anything to Deborah’s pity exclamation. The worry of a head chef was something too big for him to think of.


After Deborah’s food taste was done, other chefs came up to Jo Minjoon wanting him to taste their food too. Eventually, Rachel opened up her mouth.


“Guys. No need to mess around with Minjoon. As our main branch settles, I’ll visit each of your restaruant.”

“What? Really?”


Everyone brightened by Rachel’s announcement. Usually a head chef wouldn’t like to be managed by someone else even if it was another manager, but Rachel was an exception. They didn’t see Rachel as their competitor. Rachel smiled softly.


“No need to like it so much. I’m planning to be as sassy as I can. So don’t be greedy and do something right now, just do your best and serve the best dish to the guests today. It’s the thought that counts not the techniques, right?”



Rachel’s words seemed to work. There were people who wanted Jo Minjoon to taste their dish, but it wasn’t because they wanted to challenge themselves…… but more because they wanted to make the super taster taste their food.


And now Dave gave Jo Minjoon another plate. It was a snapper dish that was cooked with butter and olive oil by an arroser technique and was caramelized with sugar by a torch. On top of it was lime foam and below it was laid with sauce made of avocado and olive oil.


It was delicious. No, it was more than jus delicious. It was as good as the snapper dish Rachel let them make. Jo Minjoon looked at Dave with a twinkle in his eyes. Cooking level 9. He was in the same level as Rachel. Of course there was other chefs that were level 9, but it wasn’t common. He was that good. Jo Minjoon wispered.


“Honestly, among the food all the chefs gave, I like yours the best.”

“Why are you wispering? Say it out loud so that everyone can hear.”

“Ah, hang in there. I don’t want people to hate me.”



Dave laughed playfully at Jo Minjoon. Dave sat next to Jo Minjoon and started to talk.


“There will be times you’ll have to choose as a chef. Maybe you already have before.”

“What choice?”

“Right now, you taking on the molecule cuisine can be a choice. The person with the best score was to take on the molecule cuisine right? Then you could have just put in little effort. You doing the best, that’s the choice.”

“I guess you can put it like that.”


Jo Minjoon beamed with pride. Dave smiled and went on.


“I think the molecule cuisine is just the right part for you. Like a perfect piece of a gear wheel.   I’m not sure how greater it will end up later on, but I’m looking forward to it.”

“Thank you. As a great chef like Dave say that to me, I feel as I’m on cloud nine. So what do you think I’ll choose next?”


With a curious face, Jo Minjoon asked. Just as they want a super taster’s comment from Jo Minjoon, Jo Minjoon wanted deep advice from their experience. Fortunately Dave was a person who was just right for that. Dave thought for a while and slowly opened his mouth.


“Well it’s to eventually choose where you’ll be a part of. There’s several types of chefs. First an Authentic cuisine chef and a molecule cuisine chef is different, a chef who’s only inside the kitchen and the star chef who stands in front of the camera is different. Some people use expensive ingredients to get fancy praises, while some use cheep ingredients to make common food. There’s a head chef who focus on leading and managing the kitchen, and craftsman who thinks it doesn’t mean anything unless they cook it by themselves..”

“……I really think humans have endless greed. I want to do everything you just told me.”

“Well. I do want to support you…… but at least for now I’ve never saw someone have all of them. You’ll have to choose someday. And when that time comes, think. Think till the last moment. It doesn’t matter if it takes months or even years. Because your after your done thinking about it that choice will change your life from there.”

“This is a secret, but actually I like to think. So what you just said doesn’t seem too hard for me.”

“That’s great.”


Dave smiled. It was a cool and nice smile of a gentleman. A smile that would make people think they would want to be a chef that smiles like that in the future. Jo Minjoon looked away. He saw Rachel stand out among the famous chefs in the whole country.


“I want some place like this.”

“A place?”

“Where teachers and students come together, talk and think about their worries, and be together. It’s such a grand scenery to see.”

“That’s weird. Minjoon. You already have it.”


Dave looked at Jo Minjoon. Jo Minjjoon was puzzled, and Dave smiled at him.


“You’re a part of our family. A part of this scenery. No need to look at it from behind.”

“……You’re right. Yeah. That’s weird. Wonder why it felt so far from me.”

“Do you want to feel it up close?”


Jo Minjoon was puzzled with Dave’s words. Dave looked around and shouted out in a load voice.


“Teacher. Guys. Lets take a picture.”

“Ah, yes. Never thought of that. We also don’t have much opportunity to gather like this.”

“Ella want’s to take the picture!”

“No. Ella. You’re too small.”

“……I can go up the table.”


Ella muttered and pouted. Jo Minjoon smiled and patted Ella.


“How about the two of us take a picture together later on. Ella can take it.”



She wasn’t try to show it, but she seemed quite disappointed. All the chefs, servers, bakers etc. gathered in front of the kitchen. Jo Minjoon held the camera. He set the timer and quickly stood behind Ella. And lifted up Ella’s frown with his fingers.


Click. The flash went off.






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