God Of Thunder – Chapter v11c6 – An Old Acquaintance (II)

Since he had to give up on his hopes, Jin Daya was very disappointed.


It’s not just him, Feng Ying and Shi Hu were also let down. Feng Ying said jokingly, “I always want something that I can’t have. If only I can have a Sky Crystal, I will choose to upgrade. Even if I die, it’d be worth it.”


Shi Hu said, “if you die, then you end up wasting the Sky Crystal.”


Feng Ying was angry, “I was saying “if”! Couldn’t you hear me? If I get upgraded, I will make a fortune!”


Shi Hu smiled, “well…okay then…if…”


Lei Xingfeng also laughed. He said, “yes, if. Haha…in fact, I can understand the idea of Uncle Ying. If he gets upgraded, everything will be different.”


Feng Ying said, “Ah Feng, rest assured. If I get upgraded…if I reach the level of a Monarch, I won’t leave. Instead, I will choose to be your guard.”


Jin Daya laughed, “is it for real? It’s a bit exaggerated, isn’t it? If you get upgraded, who would want a Monarch as his guard?”


Feng Ying raised his hand and punched him. He scolded, “big teeth! Wait, that’s not what you have. You have a big mouth!”


Suddenly, Lei Xingfeng and Shi Hu laughed, but Jin Daya did not get angry. He rubbed his shoulder and smiled, “that’s exactly what I have – a big mouth. In my hometown, having a big mouth means you’re blessed. So I am actually blessed!”


Feng Ying laughed as well, “forget it. I don’t want to discuss further with you.”


Jin Daya said, “to be honest, if Ah Feng can help me find the Sky Crystal – I am saying “if”, if I get upgraded, I will continue to be a guard.”


Feng Ying rolled his eye and said, “go on dreaming. Give you a Sky Crystal? Do you think that it’s so easy to find a Sky Crystal? It took the senior brother of Ah Feng seventeen years to find one. He didn’t even find one in the Great Stone Fields. This time, he just got one out of luck. So quit dreaming.”


Jinda Yadao: “Others will forget, but… I don’t know why, I am confident in Ah Feng!”


Jin Daya said, “I couldn’t care less if it’s for the others. But I don’t know why…I am confident for Ah Feng!”


Shi Hu suddenly said, “it’s weird, but I am confident as well.”


Lei Xingfeng thought, the two people were actually right. He did find the Sky Crystal, and he also saw the Saint Crystal, and it’s not just one. It’s only that he dared not take them out.


Feng Ying was shocked and said, “I am confident too!”


Jin Daya said, “you didn’t sound determined enough. We both believe firmly, but you just said you’re confident too.”


Feng Ying got pissed off, “hey! Big teeth, what’s the problem with you today?”


Jin Daya raised his hand, “no, I don’t dare to have problems.”


Shi Hu laughed, “Ying, you don’t need to talk according to his rhythm. You’ll lose for sure!”


Feng Ying just reacted and said, “it turned out that Shi Hu treats me the best!”


Jin Daya snorted, “you both are disgusting!”


Lei Xingfeng raised his hand, “well, it’s time to rest. We’ve been tired enough.”


The three of them went back to rest. They were indeed exhausted.


When Lei Xingfeng returned to his bedroom, he could not sleep at all, when he was sitting on a pad made of animal skin and playing with his Stone Egg, he knew that there was something inside the Egg. However, he dared not open it. Otherwise, he might awaken all the masters in the Secret Space.


After a long time of mumbling, Lei Xingfeng was going to leave temporarily in order to find a hidden place and to open the Egg. No matter what, this thing is too precious, especially for Ninth Ring Sage, it’s a fatal seduction. He didn’t doubt for a second that if Xin Zhaolun knew he had the Sky Crystal, and if he didn’t want to give it away, Xin Zhaolun would try all means to get hold of this Sky Crystal. He didn’t want to take the risk, nor quarrel with his senior brother.


The best way would be to leave the Secret Space, and he couldn’t bring anyone along, not even Jin Daya, Feng Ying and Shi Hu.


After much hesitation, Lei Xingfeng decided to leave. He even wanted to leave for Wansee Continent and to open the Sky Crystal there. Perhaps the waves could then be released.


The Wansee Continent is very close to the Secret Space, so it didn’t take Lei Xingfeng long to get there. This time, he didn’t bring the three guards along. He just told them that he’s going for a walk and that he’d return soon.


Lei Xingfeng, who has reached the level of Seventh Ring Sage, he had enough power to go everywhere. In this world, there were not many Ninth Ring Sage. Most of them had gone outside. Lei Xingfeng was safe there.


Lei Xingfeng flew all the way, and he was feeling emotional. In just ten years, he had already become a high-ranking Monarch.


Lei Xingfeng had learned to position. Therefore, he would never get lost. Along the river surface, he went all the way north. He was so rapid. On top of that, he had an attribute of lightning. One can imagine how fast he went.


Within a half of the day, Lei Xingfeng went a few thousand kilometers away.


From the hot and dry Great Stone Fields to a cool and damp lake, Lei Xingfeng was glad to be here. He seemed to be suffering from a pressure in the Great Stone Fields, and it’s easy to be depressed. Here, he felt very relaxed. And it really adjusted his mood.


Far away, he saw many boats, and they were all sailing toward the same direction. Looking from the top, Lei Xingfeng spotted a small town. He was familiar with this kind of lake – the first time he was in Wansee Continent, he had seen a similar nature. They were all built with wooden sticks, and it’s quite common in Wansee Continent.


Soon enough, Lei Xingfeng arrived at the small town. He landed on one of the streets.


The streets were built with thick wooden planks. You could see the lake through the gaps. The streets were very narrow, and the houses were dense on both sides of the roads. There were all sorts of ways of constructions, as there were no formal architects. Residents found whatever they could to build the houses. The only thing lacking in these houses was beauty.


The streets were filled with a fishy smell, as every household was drying their salted fish and shrimps. The scent was salty and damp,  for Lei Xingfeng, it was a very familiar smell.

Who were living on the small towns were all local fishermen. There were seldom any outsiders. As a result, Lei Xingfeng attracted a lot of attention. On top of that, his clothes also stood out.


Lei Xingfeng knew that this remote town must be occupied by practitioners. However, they were all low-level practitioners. With his current image, there would be people coming in contact. Sure enough, before reaching the dock, a housekeeper came up with a smile.


Lei Xingfeng stood and looked at the man calmly.


The man asked very humbly, “excuse me… are you a practitioner?” As this would be how a practitioner dressed. Also, he appeared all of a sudden, and he didn’t travel by boat. He would, of course, be perceived as a practitioner.


Lei Xingfeng said plainly; “yes, is your host inviting me?”


For someone like Lei Xingfeng, he could just ignore the other part, but he didn’t. He wasn’t interested in this small town at all. There was only one purpose of seeing the local Monarch. Until this moment, he still hadn’t had his lunch. He said, “lead me to a restaurant.”


They arrived in a small yard. It was built behind the small town. It looked quite broken. It had six rooms together, and a wooden platform. On the platform, there were several small boats. There was not even a big one. Lei Xingfeng thought to himself, even if there’s a practitioner here, he must not be a high-level one.


A housekeeper, two servants, this practitioner was really low-level.


This is a Wanlun Master, and Lei Xingfeng could tell in a few seconds.


In the eyes of Lei Xingfeng, this person did not seem to be a practitioner at all. He looked more like a fisherman. He had a big face, rough hands, and it’s apparent that it’s a middle-aged man. His face was full of wrinkles, and he was very tanned. Lei Xingfeng was a bit flustered. However, since Lei Xingfeng had a strong momentum after being a Seventh Ring Sage, it scared people easily even if he tried to suppress it.


The man was a little nervous, “Tian Xiaonan, Wanlun Master, nice to meet the Master.” Although he didn’t know which level Lei Xingfeng was, he was quite sure that he’s at a much higher level.


Lei Xingfeng nodded and said, “Lei Xingfeng, I am glad to meet you.” He did not report his level according to the rules, and there was no way to initiate anything. Even if you want to scare someone away, you should at least tell your ranking.


Tian Xiaonian asked Lei Xingfeng to sit down and said, “Senior came to our Tianjia Town, what can we do to help you?”


Lei Xingfeng smiled and said, “don’t worry. And you don’t have to act cautiously. I just passed by…”


Tian Xiaonian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. They were worried if any external practitioners dropped by, as they might be there to occupy some land.


“Senior, please take a rest here. I’m going to prepare you something to eat. Well, …we don’t have any specialties here, just something we find in the lake. Ah Yu, go and find some big shrimps.”


The housekeeper agreed and hurried out.


Lei Xingfeng was smiling.


Tian Xiaonian said, “he is my housekeeper, Tian Shuiyu. Haha…actually, he’s my uncle who’s been helping me here.”


Lei Xingfeng said, “okay. Don’t worry too much. Just make a meal from whatever you have. I am not demanding at all.”


Tian Xiaonian respectfully said, “it is rare for seniors to come, huh, how can I be so casual?”


When Lei Xingfeng was about to speak, he saw an old man coming out of the bedroom. He said, “Xiaonan, is there a guest?”


Tian Xiaonian hurried forward and said, “Master, how come you’re here? Don’t worry. I can handle our guest well.”


Lei Xingfeng was stunned. He stood up quickly and said, “you, you…you are…”

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