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God of Thunder – v11c5 – An Old Acquaintance (I)


The flesh and blood of the practitioners were like gems for the  Stone Star Beast. The Stone Eggs had smashed them, and they were absorbed by the Stone Star Beast. Therefore, when the Monarch started to attack, Stone Star Beast wasn’t scared at all. On the contrary, it was pretty excited. It let out a loud roar and rushed furiously to the Monarchs. Along with the flying Stone Eggs, they dashed against the Monarchs.


Wuyang smiled and said, “in fact, there are not many tricks with Stone Star Beast’s attack. The only thing I need to do is to control the Stone Eggs and not let them fly. And Stone Star Beast would be under my control. Hehe.”


Guqi said, “I know, but it is challenging to stop the Stone Eggs from flying. Also, if it’s an adult Stone Star Beast, there is absolutely no way to stop it.”


Wuyang nodded, he seemed to know very well about the Stone Star Beast. He said, “such a way of attack is too weak for the Monarchs.”


A few more Monarchs were rushing forward. By this time, there were already seven, eight Monarchs which started attacking.


Wuyang said, “well, the Stone Star Beast will not make it. See! It’s got injured!”


The young Stone Star Beast was under the attack of the Monarchs. Its defense system apparently broke, and it was beaten furiously. At this moment, the Stone Star Beast was filled with rage, and it let out again a deafening roar. The Stone Eggs on the ground started jumping up and down back. They were led by a mysterious force and started rolling.


Phew! Phew……


A loud noise of the Stone Eggs broke into the air. The Monarchs immediately stepped back and initiated repression. This time, their target was not the Stone Star Beast, but the flying Stone Eggs. Under the alliance of the Monarchs, the Stone Eggs that had been flying were now suppressed. There were only a few still turning around in the air, but they stopped being a threat to the Monarchs.


The Stone Star Beast revealed its true face without the protection of the Stone Eggs.


Its body was more than 30 meters long, and it had a massive tail of more than 20 meters long. Its skin of the whole body was made of stone. It had a peculiar shape. Still, it was with four short legs, a big mouth like a crocodile’s and two big eyeballs.  They released a beam of greenish, greyish light, and were staring at the tiny people coldly.


Wuyang said, “it will take at most a moment. Then, the Stone Star Beast will be done. Hehe.”


Guqi nodded, “well, without the protection, Even I start attacking, I will be able to kill quickly…”


The eight Monarchs smiled at each other. They were very sure to be able to kill the Stone Star Beast.


At this time, the facial expression of Wuyang changed slightly. He said, “this is not going well, there is still another Stone Star Beast!” He grabbed Wuyang to evade backward and instantly escaped a few kilometers away.


Boom, bang, bang!


Countless stone eggs suddenly rose from the ground. They were very magical hanging in the air. In an instant, the land was all sagged up to a dozen meters, and the countless stone eggs were suspended in the air.


Wuyang sighed and said, “let’s go back before it’s too late. I never expected to have two more adult Stone Star Beast. I might as well deal with one adult Stone Star Beast, but two…forget it! Let’s open the secret door!”


Although Guqi still can’t figure out the situation, for Wuyang, he didn’t doubt a bit. He opened the secret door immediately, and the two left through the secret door. As for other Monarchs, Wuyang won’t remind them. If they couldn’t figure out the situation themselves, then they might as well die. If there are fewer Monarchs, they will even be less competition.


The two just left, the Stone Eggs floating in the air were shot out like bullets. And they were shot out everywhere. Such power was not the same as the young Stone Star Beasts.


Even if the Monarchs wanted to defend, they were facing a tough job. The most important part is, even if you’re able to protect yourself against the several thousand Stone Eggs, but what if there’re tens of thousands of them?


Everyone Monarch was fleeing. Fortunately, Monarchs were different from Ninth Ring Sage. Their power level was different. It might be possible to hurt them, but it’s not so easy to kill them. On top of that, with the secret door, they might as well flee if they needed. However, it would cause a significant loss to them if the secret door was forcibly opened.


Wuyang and Guqi walked out from the secret door, and instantly saw Lei Xingfeng, Xin Zhaolun and Feng Chenzong. They walked out from the secret door and dared not leave. They let the nine others, and the remaining three kept waiting.


Lei Xingfeng was the youngest. Typically, the Master always favors the youngest disciple. Therefore, when Lei Xingfeng saw his master and his senior master, he immediately asked, “did you kill the Stone Star Beast? Wait…there was too little time. Were there any changes?”


Wuyang smiled and said, “that’s right. There were changes. We were too scared, so we fled. And we ran fast enough, haha.”


Guqi tried to explain, “we went too far. There is no way I will go back to the place. There were three Stone Star Beasts, two of them were adults, and the other one was still young. What you’ve seen is the young one, and a horrible one. Whoever decided to stay there is an idiot.”

Lei Xingfeng was also dumbfounded. Three Stone Star Beasts! Although he did not understand about the Stone Star Beast, he knew very well that only a young one could kill nine Monarchs in seconds. It might be better to stay away from the adult ones. He felt that it’s a pity. In that place, he could find the Sky Crystal, and he had to abandon it.


Xin Zhaolun looked as if he was in huge difficulty. He knew that the chance to get the Sky Crystal was almost zero. At least, there’s no way for him to get it from the Great Stone Fields.


Feng Chenzong had been acting uneasy. He had wanted to leave since long ago. There should be a Sky Crystal in the Lunchang Space, and he needed somebody to pick it. It would take a long time and a lot of energy to find the Sky Crystal among all the stones. It’s like finding a golden one in a big pot of sand. He could only be as patient as possible, since he was sure that there would be a Sky Crystal.


Lei Xingfeng asked, “can’t we go again in the future?”


Wuyang slapped the head of Lei Xingfeng and laughed, “are you asking for death? There are so many Sky Crystals elsewhere. What’s so good about the Great Stone Fields?”


Lei Xingfeng said, “Oh…it’s a pity.”


Wuyang laughed, “there’s nothing pitiful. Well, it’s actually better this way. If there’re too many people looking for Sky Crystals, there will be more slaughters.”


Xin Zhaolun added, “there won’t be too many. Senior brother spent seventeen years looking and only found one this time. As for me, I didn’t even spot a shadow of it.”


Wuyang laughed suddenly and said, “hey, it seems that Ah Zong is a lucky guy. He had been looking for it in vain for seventeen years, and he found one this time?”


Feng Chenzong said, “and it’s thanks to Ah Feng. If he didn’t tag along, he wouldn’t have found it.”


Lei Xingfeng thought, “what does this have to do with me? Senior brother is a cunning guy.” He didn’t refute, since he had no idea how to intervene.


Guqi said, “that’s interesting. Ah Zong, show me how a Sky Crystal looks like.” Even though he’s a Monarch, he had never seen one.


Feng Chenzong looked bitter, and he said, “Master, I can’t get it…”


Guqi asked, “what’s the matter? Are you afraid that your Master will take it away?”


Feng Chenzong was shocked, and he tried to explain, “no, no…Master, look…” Then, he explained the incident from the beginning, and finally concluded, “…and that’s how I came up with all these stuff. They had all been hidden in the Lunchang Space. It did take me a long time to find them. When I find them, I will show them to Master.”


Wuyang praised, “it’s a smart way to steal. Well, you’re good. No wonder you’re the eldest apprentice.”


Lei Xingfeng turned speechless. Who the hell would give praise like that?


Even Guqi was full of praises, and he also thought Feng Chenzong made a smart move. He thought, at these moments, one’s got to be determined, or he would regret.


At the end of the conversation, Lei Xingfeng realized something. In this world, those who are the most powerful never get to be blamed. This also reminded him not to reveal any traces of Saint Crystal. He had initially wanted to give one Sky Crystal to Xin Zhaolun, and he gave up on the thought. If he gave one to Xin Zhaolun, then what could he do if other senior brothers and sisters also wanted one? He might as well play as fairly as possible.


In this world, every practitioner wanted to be strong. No wonder Feng Chenzong could last for seventeen years and found the Sky Crystal in the Great Stone Fields. Even if he didn’t wait for seventeen years, such a move already impressed Lei Xingfeng. He had only been in Great Stone Fields for a dozen days, and he got so impatient already. In the opposite, Feng Chenzong was still so determined.


Feng Chenzong rushed out and comforted Xin Zhaolun for a bit. Then, he exchanged a few words with Lei Xingfeng before heading out. When he left, he was apparently in a good mood.


Lei Xingfeng said bye to Xin Zhaolun, with Jin Daya, Feng Ying and Shi Hu, they returned home.


When they were in the dining room, Jin Daya sighed, “so, we’ve got nothing! It would be better even if we got some mines. Although the Sky Crystal was found, it was not for us. By the way, Ah Feng, do you think if there’s a chance for us to go there again ourselves?”


Jin Daya, Feng Ying, and Shi Hu were outside and didn’t see Wuyang walking out from the secret door. They also had no idea how the Great Stone Fields had changed.


Feng Ying and Shi Hu also showed that they were looking forward to it.

Lei Xingfeng shook his head, “we cannot. There are great changes in the Great Stone Fields.”


Jin Daya asked, “what changes? Has the Stone Star Beast been killed?”

Lei Xingfeng said, “it’s not about that. Two more adult Stone Star Beasts came. What we saw was a young one. When the Monarchs surrounded it, it attracted two more adult ones. Without seeing what happened next, Master and Senior Master hurried back.” He didn’t say that the two had fled.


Jin Daya was speechless. Unlike Feng Ying and Shi Hu, he joined Lei Xingfeng’s team without any other solutions. Every year, he needed the Yin Ring to extend his life. If he could get hold of Saint Crystal, he might be able to upgrade himself, even if it might only a 50% possibility. If he could get hold of Saint Crystal, he would choose to upgrade without any hesitation. At least, he won’t regret if he dies.

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