Lei Xingfeng, “I hope that my Senior Brothers and Sisters can become Monarchs.”


Yin Yao laughed, “that will be quite hard, except if there’re a bunch of Sky Crystals and each of us takes one!”


Everyone knew that it was impossible. Lei Xingfeng knew exactly what’s going on. He’s the one who’s got hold of a bunch of Sky Crystals. Of course, he wouldn’t have the guts to take them out, at least not before he became a Monarch.


Xin Zhaolun, “yes, each of us will have one. Then, will Junior Sister share with us?”


Yin Yao, “what? Of course, only Senior Brother would have this stuff.”


Xin Zhaolun looked bitter, “hey…I’m more anxious than ever. If only I have a Sky Crystal…and it’ll take me another decade to enter Great Stone Fields…”


Yin Yao, “I think you can also find them somewhere else?”


Feng Chenzong shook his head, “no way, even if there is, we wouldn’t know. I even got to know this Great Stone Field’s coordinates out of coincidence.”


Lei Xingfeng did not dare to say more. He just sat there quietly.


Feng Chenzong turned to look at Lei Xingfeng and said, “Ah Feng, this time I’ve got the Sky Crystal, hehe…there’s going to be a compensation. You can decide whether to compensate me now or wait until I become a Monarch. I am sure you know what I mean, my Junior Brother.”


If they chose to compensate now, it might only be some kind of Yin Ring. They’d better wait until Feng Chenzong became a Monarch, since a Monarch and a Ninth Ring Sage had utterly different power, they could also possess very different things. Lei Xingfeng was very clear of the concept, and he’d rather until Feng Chenzong got promoted.


Lei Xingfeng smiled, “of course I’d rather wait.”


Feng Chenzong was happy with the answer. He only had to focus on getting promoted now, and most of the materials that he’d got were useful, his promotion of level would get affected if he chose to give away some of them now. Lei Xingfeng was being considerate of giving him space for that, and Feng Chenzong reassured Lei Xingfeng, “don’t worry, Ah Feng, I won’t forget about you.”


Lei Xingfeng said, “Senior Brother, you’re really generous.” In fact, he felt grateful to his Senior Brother, if he hadn’t bought him to the Great Stone Fields, how could he get so many Sky Crystals and Saint Crystals? He still couldn’t do it himself, and he needed the guidance of his Seniors. Good relationships mattered to him.


Feng Chenzong, “Ah Feng, I might have to go outside lately. If you’re free, why don’t you join me?”


Xin Zhaolun, “Big Brother will need some luck from Ah Feng, hehe…”


Feng Chenzong nodded, “that’s correct. I’ve been occupied for 17 years without getting the Sky Crystal. After Ah Feng went with me once, I got one instantly. I still need some materials. If I bring Ah Feng along, I’m sure I can find them pretty soon.”


Lei Xingfeng laughed, “Oh well, aren’t I the lucky star?”


Yin Yao touched Lei Xingfeng’s head and said, “there you are, lucky star!”


Lei Xingfeng went away and said, “don’t touch my head; it’ll affect my luck!” The group laughed happily.


Yin Yao said, “if this is the case, Ah Feng, you’ve got to bring me next time you go outside!”


Feng Chenzong, “no problem, but you have to give a Yin Ring.”


Yin Yao didn’t hesitate, “fine. I am alone anyway; there’s not that much to pay.”


Lei Xingfeng didn’t know about all these, “do you need a Yin Ring to get to the secret door?”


Yin Yao was surprised, “didn’t you use it before?”


Lei Xingfeng was a bit embarrassed, “no, I’ve always been guided by a Senior Brother.”


Yin Yao said, “Oh? My two Senior Brothers, I’ve got to complain. Why are you so nice to your brother but it’s entirely different when it comes to me? And I even need to give a Yin Ring? Isn’t it bullying?”


Xin Zhaolun explained, “well, if I end up getting more, I don’t mind bringing you…last time when I brought Ah Feng with me, the materials that I earned were enough to open the secret door over a dozen times. I could even bring seven or eight more people.”


Yin Yao was dumbfounded, after a long while, she said, “is it true? Then…I want to join too!”


Feng Chenzong was a bit shocked. He had been hearing Xin Zhaolun describing how much luck Lei Xingfeng had, but he didn’t expect him to find so many materials with Lei Xingfeng. One had to spend quite many Yin Rings if he wanted to open the secret door. Even for someone who didn’t go outside often, if he did and if he brought nothing back, that’d be counted as a loss.


Lei Xingfeng asked, “how many Yin Rings does one need to open the secret door?”

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