Yan Wu said, “what an opportunity to get into the secret door…who got you in?”


Lei Xingfeng said, “well, I do have my Master…”


Yan Wu was utterly shocked, and he said, “your Master is a Monarch?”


Lei Xingfeng said, “So you know about Monarchs? Many practitioners wouldn’t know the existence of Monarchs if they didn’t get into the secret door.”


Yan Wu said, “Ah Feng, my uncle got into the secret door. How would I not know?”


Lei Xingfeng, “ah, I see.”


Both of them went silent for now. After all, Lei Xingfeng and Yan Wu weren’t so familiar with each other, and they didn’t have much to talk about. Although Tian Xiaonan was only a fisherman, he was a good observer. He suggested, “my Seniors, why don’t we have supper now?”


Yan Wu said, “you have to call him Master Uncle.”


Tian Xiaonian immediately answered, “Master Uncle!”


Lei Xingfeng nodded and took out a Zeshe and Frost Pearl, “I don’t have anything more precious with me now. It can cool down your room if you put one in.” He had two of those, that’s why he gave one away.


Tian Xiaonian dared not take it, and he looked at Yan Wu.


Yan Wu nodded, “take it. And thank Master Uncle.” He knew that one could only get it from the outside world.


Tian Xiaonian took it hurriedly and thanked Lei Xingfeng, “thank you, Master Uncle. Hehe…Master Uncle, please go outside and have supper.”


Yan Wu also stood up and showed his way, “please.”


Lei Xingfeng got up and approached to the wooden table with Yan Wu. The tables and chairs were ready. Dishes had been served.


There was a large plate of fried shrimps, a large bowl of boiled fish and braised pork. The braised pork was something that was rarely prepared. It’s because no meat or pork is being produced in Tianjia Town, one had to go far to purchase one. They also saw a plate of peanuts, fried fish belly, and cold houttuyinie en Coeur.


Tian Shuiyu carried a large wooden bucket, opened the lid and served the guests with rice.


Lei Xingfeng took a mouthful of beef and said, “let Ah Yu cut it. This is the beef from our hometown.”


Yan Wu said, “Ah Yu, go and take some wine also. I am going to drink a little with my friends.”


Tian Shuiyu agreed and took the beef in.


The three people sat down, and Tian Xiaonian said, “Master Uncle, why don’t you eat something first?”


Lei Xingfeng laughed, “I am indeed quite hungry now. Let’s eat.”


When the three started eating, Lei Xingfeng discovered that Yan Wu had been eating much less than before. After two bowls of rice, he had to stop. The rest of it had to be finished by Lei Xingfeng and Tian Xiaonian who ate so much more.


At this time, Tian Shuyu brought in the wine and the beef.


Tian Xiaonian served his guests wine, and Tian Shuiyu went to fry another plate of shrimps. He found out that Lei Xingfeng loved eating. In Wansee Continent, it was effortless to find all kinds of shrimps. They could find all the shrimps that they needed.

After taking a bowl of wine, Yan Wu finished it quickly. He breathed out a long sigh of relief and said, “Ah Feng, if you can find A Silan, and let her come…” Indeed, he had not forgotten her entirely. A Silan was a great healer.


Lei Xingfeng nodded lightly and said, “brother Wu, I am also looking for A Silan. You know that she had taken away my little sister…if I ever find her, I will not forgive her. Of course, if my little sister is fine, I will let her go.”


Yan Wu nodded, “yes, she did take away your little sister. Did she leave what she originally lived?”


Lei Xingfeng nodded, “I am not sure what happened. He quarreled with a family member, the place where he originally lived was burned, and many people died. However, there would be no little sister if A Silan wasn’t there.”


Yan Wu asked, “who had such guts to do so?”


Lei Xingfeng, “well, I fixed it. I am guessing that person came from Ancient Lunchang, yet I have no idea who that was. However, a certain Eighth Ring Monarch came, his name was Sun Buru, and he was beaten away by my two guards.”


Yan Wu doubted heavily, “Your guards won? Sun Buru was the Eighth Ring, and your guards could beat him away?”


Lei Xingfeng confirmed, “yes, that’s because my two guards were also Eighth Ring Sage back then. Now, they’re both Ninth Ring Sage…”


Yan Wu understood. Lei Xingfeng wasn’t just an ordinary person working at the secret door. He tried to test Lei Xingfeng, “Ah Feng, do you have Yin Ring?”


Lei Xingfeng said, “Yes, I do. Do you want the Yin Ring to recover from your injury?”

Yan Wu suddenly became excited, he grabbed the shoulder of Lei Xingfeng and anxiously asked, “do…do you have the Yin Ring?” He didn’t expect Lei Xingfeng to have it at all. However, it was not so weird after all. It was Lei Xingfeng, how could he not have the Yin Ring?


Without speaking, Lei Xingfeng took out a Yin Ring and asked, “do you mean this?”

Being both surprised and excited, Yan Wu answered, “yes…yes! That’s it…that’s it!” He was almost crying as this was his last hope. He had thought of every possible way to leave Wansee Continent for his hometown. However, after losing all his practices, he couldn’t get through the Ancient Lun Passage. Most critically, he had lost the ability to tell different directions to get home.


He was just like someone who’s about to die from drowning. When he could find anything that can keep him alive, he’d never let go.

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