God of Thunder – v11c8 – What Happened To Yan Wu (II)


Without drinking any more wine, Yan Wu immediately grabbed the Yin Ring and rushed toward his room. He had to try whether he could resume his power with the Yin Ring. He still had some hopes, all in all; he was the Fourth Ring Sage himself.


Tian Xiaonian immediately followed. He said, “Master, master, what happened to you?”


Lei Xingfeng was still sitting down, he said, “Xiaonian, let your Master be. Leave him alone.”


Tian Xiaonian ran a few steps and stopped after hearing Lei Xingfeng. He wondered, “what happened to Master?”


Lei Xingfeng said, “if everything goes well, your Master might be able to resume his Fourth Ring Sage self. , your master is likely to return to the four-ring real body. Hey, the big wheel is a real person. At that time, haha…Lun Yin Master, you’ll be proud.”


Tian Xiaonian asked, “Master Uncle, are you saying that Master might be able to recover?”


Lei Xingfeng nodded, “I’m guessing 50%. For the rest, we have to see if we’re lucky.”


As the Yin Ring was made by a Monarch, it didn’t have any attributes. Any practitioners could use it. However, anyone whose level is lower than the Sixth Ring could not use it. Otherwise, they might lose their lives if they didn’t control it well. It’s fantastic for someone to recover from an injury. Of course, you’d have to possess special skills for this. And Yan Wu was someone with specialized skills.


Tian Xiaonian continued to drink with Lei Xingfeng.


Lei Xingfeng asked, “the taste of this wine is excellent.” He said so, as this wine’s taste was similar to the Yellow Wine he’d tasted in his former life. He felt nostalgic.


Tian Xiaonian grinned honestly, “this is an old wine that I brewed, I have left it there for six years. If Master Uncle wants some, I have a few jars, and they’re all for you.”


Lei Xingfeng didn’t reject, “good.” Lei Xingfeng also knew how to brew wines. Not only Yellow Wine, but he even knew how to brew fruit wines. He just didn’t have the time to.


The fried shrimps were delicious. Lei Xingfeng were eating and talking at the same time, “Xiaonian, how come you didn’t get yourself a servant?”


Tian Xiaonian uttered a bitter smile, “it’s not very populated here. Everyone knows each other, and we’re like a big family. It wouldn’t be nice to ask them to be my servant. I am fully capable of taking care of my Master. Also, when the merchants come, they will give me some money, and I can support my living. Before I met Master, I could only earn my living with difficulty. And I am delighted now as I don’t have to worry about not having enough food.”


Lei Xingfeng thought, such is a fisherman’s way of thinking. He wouldn’t think of becoming a practitioner, the only thing he worried about was getting enough to eat, instead of practicing. He was a bit surprised, as Tian Xiaonian didn’t seem to have any unique qualities, how could he become a Wanlun Master after only about ten years?


Lei Xingfeng said, “Xiaonian, you’re a practitioner. You should be pursuing different things than an ordinary person.”


Tian Xiaonian smiled and said, “I am very diligent in practicing. Really, whenever I have time, I would practice. Even Master said that I’d made a great improvement, and I have even improved much more quickly than those whose qualities are better than mine.”


Lei Xingfeng glanced at him and asked, “I guess you have water attributes?”


Tian Xiaonian nodded, “yes, that’s right.”


Lei Xingfeng smiled, “I see. Anyone with water attributes in Wansee Continent has more advantages when they practice.” It’s like an aqua world, anyone with water attributes undoubtedly much faster progress.


Lei Xingfeng asked again, “and I’m guessing you’ve had good water attributes since you were young?”


Tian Xiaonian smiled, “right, correct. My water attributes are the first or second among all the others here.”


He did have anything that’s needed to practice in this place. Although his qualities were not top notch, it only took him about ten years to become a Wanlun master. According to Lei Xingfeng’s analysis, if he had enough Lun Ring, Lun Yin Ring, and Yin Ring, he might even become a Sixth Ring Monarch. The only thing lacking might be the resources of Yan Wu, and his willingness to cultivate Tian Xiaonian.


After drinking a sip of wine and eating a shrimp, Lei Xingfeng smiled to himself. Why should he even worry about that? As long as Yan Wu could recover, Tian Xiaonian would surely have a bright future.


Lei Xingfeng asked, “are you single?”


Tian Xiaonian said, “yes, when I was young, I was poor. And nobody wanted me as a husband. That’s why I started practicing. Well, let’s see for the future.”


Lei Xingfeng smiled. He understood very well that anyone who starts practicing wouldn’t choose to get married. Given their improved visions and capacities, it would be difficult for them to get along with an ordinary person. Of course, when they reach a certain level, they might start considering having offspring as well. And they might get themselves several wives for the purpose.


After Yan Wu entered his room, there was no more news. He only stepped out the second day.


Lei Xingfeng asked, “brother Wu, how is it going?”


Yan Wu said, “there’s hope. I think I have recovered my ability as a Milun Master. Haha…I think I can resume being a First Ring Monarch after a while. And most importantly, I could open Lunchang Space. Sigh, if only I could do so back then…”


Yan Wu’s waist was straightened again. And there was again flash in his eyes. Lei Xingfeng knew very well that his Yin Ring had done a perfect job.


Tian Xiaonian said with excitement, “Master, have you recovered?”


He said, “I am in the process of it. And I’m confident that I will recover soon. Haha…Xiaonian, once I do, follow me to where we belong.”


Tian Xiaonan nodded, “great, Master, I will follow you.”


Lei Xingfeng said, “okay, since there are no longer any big issues, brother Wu, I am going to leave. Oh, by the way, can you get me a small boat?” He took a few golden rings to Tian Xiaonian.


Yan Wu bowed and thanked him, “Ah Feng, I am very grateful to what you’ve done to me. Just tell me whenever you need my help in the future.”


Lei Xingfeng smiled and said, “alright. If I need your help, I will surely come to you.”


Tian Xiaonian rejected his gifts, “I don’t need any golden rings. I have a small boat here, and it’s for Master uncle.”


Lei Xingfeng said, “just take it!”


Yan Wu said, “Xiaonian, take the golden ring, and give the small boat to Master Uncle.” It’s the best small boat in Tianjia Town.


Tian Xiaonian then agreed. Lei Xingfeng and Yan Wu told each other their addresses before leaving.


When Lei Xingfeng was rowing the boat, he arrived at the middle of the lake pretty soon. Large lakes surrounded the Wansee Continent, and aside from them, there were also countless small islands. It was very easy to be lost.


For three consecutive days, Lei Xingfeng hadn’t seen a person. There was only the sound of the lake and various waterfowls.


When they were hovering, Lei Xingfeng was quite sure that he was in the middle of nowhere. There was no one else. It was the best time to open the Sky Crystal. He had decided to open the Stone Egg in the middle of the lake.


Feeling himself as a thief, Lei Xingfeng took extra attention to avoid being found.


After a sound, he jumped into the water and dived in.


The lake here was not polluted at all. The water quality was so good that various organisms grew under the lake. When looking up from the bottom of the lake, Lei Xingfeng could see that the water was transparent. And he was already more than 10 meters deep.


Lei Xingfeng took out a Stone Egg from the Lunchang Space. Very quickly, the Stone Egg started to melt. After rubbing it for a while, it became much smaller. Lei Xingfeng was beyond excited to find out that the Stone Egg had a different form under water.


After a little while, a wave was quickly absorbed by the lake. After only having spread for a few meters, it had vanished. Lei Xingfeng felt at ease, he saw a hexagonal crystal as thick as a finger, and there was a silver line in the middle of it. He knew that was the Silver Liquid. Although it was only a little bit of it, it was enough to make a Ninth Ring Sage increase 40% of his power.


He swiftly put the Sky Crystal back into the Lunchang Space and took out another Stone Egg. This one was a golden Stone Egg. He wanted to verify whether it contained a crystal too.


This Stone Egg melted even more quickly. He only had to move it a little under the water before it melted.


Then, another wave was released. This time, it was spread a bit further away. Another crystal appeared, it was also a hexagonal one, and there was a golden line in the middle of it.


It was the Golden Liquid!


Lei Xingfeng was so thrilled, and he accidentally swallowed some water. He quickly took away Saint Crystal and swam back to the surface. He gasped and got so excited that he didn’t know what to do.


This is something that can help a Monarch increase 60% of his power. What can be more precious than this?


After calming himself down, he dived in again. This time, he opened both the Sky Crystal and Saint Crystal, and had realized by now that he’d become a Monarch. Once reaching the level of Ninth Ring Sage, he could get himself to the level of Monarch pretty easily.


Lei Xingfeng suddenly came to understand that his success was not due to his potentials or practices, it was because of his visions. He could discover resources when others couldn’t. He also knew that what it took to be a Monarch wasn’t about the kind of qualifications or practices you have, but the resources you possess. And this had become his most significant advantage.


Lei Xingfeng understood very well that he couldn’t take out the Sky Crystal, either Saint Crystal. If he did, he would automatically become the target of everyone. The only way to avoid this is to become a Monarch. After becoming a Monarch, he could also get himself a lot of network and resources. On a certain extent, the Sky Crystal and Saint Crystal were priceless.


It was time to think of ways to upgrade himself.

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