God of Thunder_Volume 11 Chapter 9_Ban Zhe Yuan (I)


Jin Daya said, “Ying, where has Ah Feng been actually? How come he hasn’t been able to stop smiling since he’s back?”


Feng Ying, “do you prefer him looking bitter?”


Jin Daya, “it’s not that! I mean…there must be something good happened on Ah Feng? Do you think he met a girl somewhere? That’s why he is looking so cheerful?”


Shi Hu, “hey, Daya, what do you mean? What cheerful?”


Jin Daya, “don’t you think that…Ah Feng is being abnormal in a way?”


Feng Ying laughed, “it’s you who are abnormal! Come on. You’re too sensitive!”


Jin Daya mumbled, “I do think he’s not himself these days. Anyway, I’ll stop.”

Jin Daya spent a long time outside, and he’s gained many life experiences. He noticed immediately how different Lei Xingfeng was. It’s only that he couldn’t tell what difference it was. However, he felt quite disappointed since Feng Ying and Shi Hu couldn’t care less.


After Lei Xingfeng finished practicing, he asked, “are there any news?”


Feng Ying said, “what news?”


Lei Xingfeng said, “I’m not sure, that’s why I asked. Is there anything special lately?”

Feng Ying, “not that I know of…well, by the way, your senior brother seems to have found the Sky Crystal. Ah Feng, you may go to have a look, at least you’ll know how the Sky Crystal looks like.”


Lei Xingfeng snickered, not only he had the Sky Crystal, but he also had the Saint Crystal. However, he couldn’t reveal anything yet. He asked, “do you want to have a look?”


Feng Ying smiled; “yes, of course. I will feel more at ease once I do. Haha, even Daya feels the same.”


Jin Daya, “I didn’t say anything…”


Feng Ying stopped him, “fine. Then you don’t have to.”


Jin Daya, “well, we’ll let Ah Feng decide!”


The two continued to argue. Lei Xingfeng smiled, “let’s go together. I am also curious.” He decided to pretend a bit, since no one knew he’d got hold of both Crystals anyway.


He led the three people, got on a carriage and arrived at Feng Chenzong’s. They were invited to the dining room.

Not only Feng Chenzong, but even Xin Zhaolun and Yin Yao were there. Lei Xingfeng went forward and said, “Master, Third Senior Brother, and Sixth Senior Sister, so you’re all here.”


Yin Yao looked at Lei Xingfeng and said, “it’s awesome! You’ve upgraded yourself to Seventh Ring. Have you come here to let us feel inferior?” She had already heard from Xin Zhaolun saying that Lei Xingfeng was upgraded to Seventh Ring, and she felt envious.

Lei Xingfeng giggled, “Master Sister, I did it out of luck…”


Yin Yao, “maybe I should consider making a trip to Hanya Castle, even Miao Ling managed to upgrade herself to Sixth Ring. Sigh…as the Sixth Senior Sister. I should really catch up.”


Xin Zhaolun, “Ah Feng, are you here to have a look at the Sky Crystal?”


Lei Xingfeng, “yes, since I’m really curious. Senior Brother, congratulations! With the Sky Crystal, it’d be safe to say that you’re becoming a Monarch.”


Feng Chenzong said with a smile, ‘there shouldn’t be a huge issue. I even have to thank Ah Feng.” He took out the Sky Crystal and put it on the desk. Lei Xingfeng went closer to have a look, but he was smart enough not to touch it.


Jin Daya, Shi Hu, and Feng Ying just went aside to look without touching, as that would surely be an offense.


Xin Zhaolun said, “I am really jealous of Senior Brother, if you hesitated a little, you wouldn’t have the Sky Crystal.”


Lei Xingfeng, “yes, who would have thought of such a method to get the Sky Crystal? Haha, Senior Brother, I bet you prepared for this a long time ago?”


Feng Chenzong, “I didn’t. I was just inspired at once and became desperate…” while he was talking, he took away the Sky Crystal silently, “I still need to collect some materials that are hard to find. I’ve also let my Master find them, and once I do, I will be able to upgrade.”


Both Xin Zhaolun and Yun Yao were envious. If he got promoted to Monarch, he would become independent. At that time, every Junior Brother or Sister would admire him.

Yin Yao, “it’s so difficult to get promoted to becoming a Monarch. It will only become easier once you get hold of the Sky Crystal. And now, Master Brother doesn’t need to worry at all.”


Xin Zhaolun, “right! I am sure that you’ll succeed.”


Feng Chenzong felt so sure. He became very cheerful with his Juniors’ praises. The only reason why he’d wait to be promoted was the low success rate, as he might lose his life in the process. Finally, he could breathe a sigh of relief. He knew that many practitioners died during the promotion.


Feng Chenzong, “let’s hope that things will be as smooth as you’ve said. There hasn’t been a Monarch from our Master yet, and I hope I’ll be the first one. Then, I’ll become your idol. Haha.” He didn’t exaggerate. Among the nine disciples, he was the most talented. If he got promoted successfully, it would be incredibly motivating to his Juniors.


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