Volume 11 Chapter 11 : Golden Ebony Stone (1)


Whether it was Lei Xingfeng or Gu Qi, that kind of transaction was considered a profit, especially Lei Xingfeng who was even more profitable. Even if it was in The Records of Starry Python, there was no record of it. The skin alone was very valuable. Nonetheless, it also recorded various materials, as well as the collection location. That kind of thing was not real, and it was really impossible to get it.

Xin Zhaolun said, “Xingfeng, you are too lavish. I’m at the Ninth-ring level and I did not have reluctance to change.”

Lei Xingfeng did not dare to show it to him because it would make his master unable to make money, so he smiled awkwardly and put The Records of Starry Python into the Lunchang space. Up till now, he had collected various Records of Starry Python. They were all the goods he treasured.

Feng Chenzong stood up and urged, “Master, we can go now.”

Gu Qi sighed, “I’m just living my life as workaholic. I’m busy opening the secret door for your disciples and picking you up. Oh, this Master is not easy to do, come on!”

Everyone did not speak, and smiles appeared on their faces. They were immune to Gu Qi’s complaint a long time ago. Only Lei Xingfeng felt new to that whole speech. He whispered, “Third Brother, has the Master always make complains like that?”

Xin Zhaolun smiled and answered, “Not really, this old man just likes to…”

Gu Qi turned around and said, “What did you say?”

At that moment, Lei Xingfeng and Xin Zhaolun dared not speak a word anymore.

Gu Qi’s complexion suddenly looked better, and he led everyone in with a smile.

The secret door was opened, and the seven quickly entered.

Lei Xingfeng entered the outer world for the third time. Every time, it was different. The first time at Cold Cliff Castle, it was a sheet of white. The second time was to enter the Great Stone Yard, the colorful egg-like stones, and now it was the third time. It was a black-out. The land was black, the trees were black, but the sky was gray, a very strange outer world.

Feng Chenzong laughed, “The trees here are very famous. They are lacquered ebony, used to create boxes to placed stuffs in them. They won’t rot. Fresh fruits can stay in it for half a year. It’s really amazing. If you have time, you can harvest some because it’s hard to get into this place. Lacquered ebony is also a good treasure in the market.”

Lei Xingfeng was immediately tempted. That kind of wood could really be regarded as a treasure. Its ability to keep fruits fresh was certainly a great function.

Feng Chenzong spoke again, “There is no night time here. It has always been this dark and gray, so we can’t watch the sky while taking a rest or eating. Just take good care of yourselves.”

Lei Xingfeng said: “Big brother, what materials are you going to collect? Minerals?”

Feng Chenzong nodded, “Yes, there are unique golden ebony stones here. There’s also a kind of liquid as well. I am certain to obtain the smoky liquid water, but I am not sure if it’s possible to get the golden ebony stones.”

When Lei Xingfeng heard about mining, his heart had stabilized. He excelled at it, and reassured, “Big brother, it’s alright. With me here, you can definitely collect enough golden ebony stones.”

Feng Chenzong smiled and said, “Well, then I will borrow your good words.”

Lei Xingfeng spoke, “Big brother, how about… we go find the golden ebony stones first?”

Feng Chenzong explained, “I only know the general location of the place of production, I still have to look for the specific address though.” He added, “Well, besides the golden ebony stone, there are other materials produced here. Please pay attention to it. Let me say that it’s not easy to come here. I don’t know when we will return in the future, so gain as much as you can to make it worthwhile.”

Xin Zhaolun said, “Yes, golden ebony stones are of no use to me, but it is good to exchange it for other materials. If I can find other materials, I will earn a lot this time.”

Yin Yao stared into the distance and said, “Big brother, you said there are powerful beasts here, why didn’t I see them?”

Feng Chen said, “You will see it soon, hehe, let’s go!”

A group of people flew into the air, flying towards the North.

After flying not far away, they saw a cloud of smoke suddenly rising in the Black Forest in a distance. It gathered and dispersed in the air. Lei Xingfeng had an experience of the previous life. He had seen that kind of sight on TV before, and that was when countless birds gathered together. It was like that, but due to the distance, it looked like rising smoke, the only difference was that the smoke they saw was alive.

Feng Chenzong turned and said, “That was the famous murderous smoke. We’ll be fine as long as we stay far away from it.”

Lei Xingfeng immediately knew that those flying things were not easy. If they were birds, they would attack humans.

No one else had seen that stuff before, Xin Zhaolun asked, “What murderous smoke? Is it poisonous?”

Feng Chenzong said: “That thing is not exactly smoke, but it looks like smoke from a distance. Look carefully, you can see those small black spots, it is a kind of flying… well, it is considered as a kind of bird… Thousands of thousands were gathered together to form that smoke you see.”

Xin Zhaolun said disapprovingly, “No matter how many birds like that are, they won’t threaten us.” He clearly did not believe that tens of thousands of birds could threaten a group of Masters with Ninth-ring levels. Was that a joke?

Feng Chenzong was concerned, “I don’t know what kind of bird that is, but as far as I know, there is a kind of murderous smoke formed by birds in this place. That bird…can draw your blood out through the air.”

Everyone was immediately frightened, Lei Xingfeng said in disbelief, “Big brother, isn’t that a bit exaggerated? Drawing out blood through the air! What kind of weird bird is that?”

Jin Daya urged, “Let’s go around it, I don’t want to fight this kind of bird. We don’t even know what it is. It’s too dangerous to fight.”

As soon as Yin Yao heard the “blood drawing through air”, she immediately weakened and stuttered, “Detour, detour, I feel uncomfortable when I see densely packed things.”

Feng Chenzong said, “Didn’t I mentioned about taking everyone around it. Hehe, follow me.”

About ten kilometers apart, Feng Chenzong greatly believed that he could go around the smoke.

Indeed, the seven people detoured the murderous smoke, but it did not mean that it was safe enough to bypass only that. Just as they flew around to the back of the murderous smoke and were about to leave quickly, countless black dots rose from the Black Forest below, heading straight to them.

Feng Chenzong yelled angrily, “Damn it! There are still a lot below! Quick, fly!”

Leading the crowd to fly out from the craziness, even if they wanted to fight against the creatures, they dared not stay where they were. They knew they had to retreat farther in order to fight again. It would be safer. Feng Chenzong still possessed that common sense.

Everyone rushed forward, Lei Xingfeng was the fastest, and he actually got even faster than Feng Chenzong. If Yin Yao had not been led by Xin Zhaolun, she would have fallen at the end. She was surprised, “How can Ah Feng fly so fast?”

Xin Zhaolun said, “He had lightning attributes, can’t he be any faster?”

Yin Yao realized, “Yes, I almost forgot, the speed of the lightning attribute, can even catch up with the people with the light attribute. No wonder he’s so fast.”

A large group of black creatures chased wildly behind, a strange scene formed in the sky, and the seven people had a long line of smoke behind them passing through in the air.

Lei Xingfeng turned his head by accident, and he clearly saw the little black creatures chasing them.

At first glance, the thing was like a bat in his previous life, but when he looked closely, he knew that it was very different from a bat. Although it also had wings, the wings were more like a feather. They were little monsters and had two pairs of wings on their bodies. Strictly speaking, they had four feathers. The most frightening thing was that their mouths had two sharp white teeth, forming an angled tip. A very thin red dot was at the tip of the teeth.

Little silver light strangely appeared on the black body, reminding Lei Xingfeng of the Aedes mosquitoes of the previous life, which were poisonous mosquitoes with white spots on their bodies. In Lei Xingfeng’s perspective, he knew that those little monsters should have a hard shells rather than soft furs. They were not big, only the size of a mature pineapple. Although they looked fierce in appearance, they were not a big threat. But when thousands of little monsters gathered together, even high-leveled beings would feel chills in their hearts.

Lei Xingfeng flew very relaxingly. In fact, he already had the ability to get rid of everyone behind him and sped away. Of course, he would never do that. He looked back from time to time and said, “Big brother, that thing is definitely not a bird! It should be some kind of insect, well, it can’t be regarded as an insect either… It should be a combination of some kind of insect and bird…”

Feng Chenzong said in a huff, his tone was not pleased, “I don’t care if it’s an insect or a bird. After a while, we will turn around and kill, then escape, and then turn around again to kill. Do you all understand?”

Everyone agreed, and Xin Zhaolun reminded, “Put up all your defenses. If you are not careful, that thing is not a threat in hundreds, but if it was in groups of thousands, watch yourselves from getting trapped.”

Feng Chenzong gave an order, and everyone immediately turned around and launched their own attacks frantically.

There was a series of thunderous roars, and everyone attacked once. Without looking at the results, Feng Chenzong immediately ordered to escape.

This time, a combined blow had its amazing effect, killing at least a thousand little monsters in one glimpse. However, the number of little monsters was too large, so a single blow is of no avail.

In the Black Forest, there were many strange and weird species. Lei Xingfeng had basically never seen them, and he could not even compare them with those in his previous life. Lei Xingfeng named the little monsters chasing at their tail as Little Red Dot. It was mainly because there was a little red light on the tips of their two fangs of one-inch-long, snow-white teeth. Lei Xingfeng instinctively felt the power of that little red dot of light. As for the power, he was unsure what it was.

The group of Little Red Dots followed the seven people in the air for a period of time. Soon, their attention was attracted by the various creatures fleeing below, so they attacked in groups from time to time. From Lei Xingfeng’s perspective, one could clearly see that the group of Little Red Dots were densely packed. Staring at a giant black monster which was five or six meters in length, they just pounced on it once, and quickly passed by less than one meter from the monster’s body.

He proceeded to witness countless blood fluid suddenly appearing in front of the teeth of Little Red Dots, and was sucked up in an instant. The monster ran for about ten meters, and sadly hit a big black tree trunk, and died just like that. Lei Xingfeng watched the scene and felt chills running down his spine. At that time, he finally understood what his senior meant by drawing blood from the air. The Little Red Dots did not touch it at all, and extracted the monster’s blood in a way that Lei Xingfeng could not understand.

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