Green Skin Prologue + Chapter 1

It has already been 10 years since I had landed into this world. Magic and other different races, so far as monsters exist in this world.

I had quietly sat on the street alone as I tapped my shoulder with a steel sword that’s not even worth being called a sword. If it was truly a sharp sword, the moment it contacts with my shoulder, I should suffer a wound, but I couldn’t even touch such a high-end item.

Useless swordsman. Although I thought I had roamed over this ground for quite some time now, I still failed to escape the third class. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this world as attaining a house here was like trying to pick a star in the sky.

Third-rate swordsmen like myself slept in the open together with the homeless as a daily routine. Frankly, you couldn’t even call us homeless. So we would stare at the parties seeking members. I started to hear the noise and commotion here and there.

” It’s the Sword Saint. . . ”

” Sword Saint. . . ”

Walking over was a woman with black hair fluttering behind. Not yet 25 in age, praised by the summoners as one of the continent’s top 10, was also known as Sword Saint Ha Yuri.

The sword swaying by her waist was extremely splendid. ‘Dungeon,’ it was apparently obtained at a holy order. To even consider comparing that with my steel sword was like I was sinning.

The ‘Saint Knights Order’ she was in had guards that encircled her as they walked down, which was very awesome to see.

‘ It seems only those that are destined become like that. ‘

It’s highly probable that I’m not the only one thinking like that. As well, all of those envious looks were staring at Sword Saint Ha Yuri. As if she was an idol satisfying the chants of her fans. She slowly bowed to the people around her as she headed towards her guild house. Just then, Sword Saint Ha Yuri was slowly turning  towards me.

‘ Why. . . over here. . .? ‘

It was truly surreal to see her pass through the guards and walk here. Slowly approaching, Saint Sword Ha Yuri handed out a gold coin from her pocket and began to give it to me.

” One day, all of you will be able to make a nice place to live in. Work hard. ”

Although it was a cliché, the voice was that of a beautiful songbird. Those big eyes that were as if they were larger than the pupils of a deer, and that pure white skin as if she had lived inside the whole time that didn’t match her military position. But what stood out above all was that divine atmosphere around her.

” Tha. . . Thank you. ”

” No problem. If you need help, please visit the guild house whenever. ”

” Ah. . . Yes. . ”

It wasn’t like I haven’t seen Sword Saint Ha Yuri giving out grace to other summoners occasionally when she came out of the guild house. But still, it was a first to be the benefactor of that. Looking around, everyone was staring at me with envy.

” Ms. Ha Yuri, it is time to go. ”

” Ah. . . Yes. . . Then . . .I will . . . ”

Seeing the back of Ha Yuri shrinking, I couldn’t help but think that all of this was a scheme today as I watched dumbfounded. In my ears, I started to hear the voice ‘Please work hard’ ring repeatedly.

” Ha. . . Ha . . ”

As such, I was able to leave the city after a long time. Concerned that others may see, I quickly stuffed the gold coin into my backpack full of food, water, and other useless scraps, and decided to call my friends and comrades to go for a hunt. Of course, the change from the money I had left, I quickly stuffed it into my backpack as well.

Despite my ten years here, I only knew a few people. The problem was that nearly all of these relationships were useless, but it was still better than not having any. . . my first comrade was a thief named Choi Seulgi living in the alleys. Frankly, stealing was a secondary job and selling her body was her primary income, but she was one that preferred to call herself more of a thief.

” Hey! It’s been a long time! What’s the matter? Did you get some money? I heard that you received a gold coin from a Sword Saint. How was it? ”

” Ugh. . . I didn’t come for that reason. ”

” Then what is it? To have a meal with me? By any chance. . . are you asking me on a date? ”

” No it’s not that. . . ”

I never imagined that it would be this difficult to ask her to join  a hunting campaign together. Scratching the back of her head, it seemed that she finally realized what I wanted. Smiling, thief Choi Seulgi opened her mouth.

” Aha. . . . by any chance, you’re thinking of going on a hunt? ”

” Right. . I bought enough food . . . if there was a good bunch of monsters, I thought I should stop by. ”

” Hmm. . . well those Green Goblin clan guys. . . they are a bit quiet lately. It is an auspicious timing. ”

The Green Goblin clans were a colony that were consisted of goblins. Among the formed monster colonies, it was still one of the weaker guys, however, these goblins were quite troublesome because of their quick speed that could threaten beginner adventurers.

” So how about it? Are you going? ”

” Pay? ”

” Of course 50:50. ”

” I’m heading out with that grandpa magician and a swordsman that was willing to join us. ”

” A priest? ”

” Do you really expect one? ”

She nodded her head after hearing my words, and began to open her mouth.

” Alright. Business wasn’t doing too well anyways nowadays. . . It wouldn’t hurt to earn a tidy sum of money. Who knows? Maybe we might hit the lottery .”

” Those odds are quite thin. . . but it would be nice to have such an opportunity. ”

Staring at some random far place, she opened her mouth while chuckling. It seems something was very amusing to her.

” Fell in love? ”

” Wh.. . .What. ”

” The Sword Saint. . . you’ve fallen for her? ”

” That’s not possible. ”

” Of course you can’t. It’s often said to not even look at the tree that you can’t climb. The statuses of the two of you are completely different. ”

I didn’t really fall for her, but I thought that it was unnecessary for her to keep stabbing at me with those truths. It was a truth I already knew. She turned back towards me quietly before starting again.

” Well. . . some that could mingle with you would be at best someone like me, right? ”

” That’s most likely. ”

I roughly answered as I smiled. That blushing face.

As such, we clumsily left the city.

There were a total of 4 people in the party. That grandpa magician that lived nearby. He was a dumba.s.s that couldn’t escape the title of beginner magician for several decades. But, in our third-rate party, the power of a magician was quite valuable.

The clumsy tanker Shin Duk-ho was a trustworthy guy as he could at least produce flames, and the convenient thing about him was that he could certainly deflect arrows aside with his magic shield.

After walking for the whole day while sharing conversations, as if we had travelled quite far away from the city, a few monster zones started to appear.

” Wow. . . it seems that lately, you hunt with those types of equipment. . . ”

” Well. . . I’m curious as to what’s in that bag. ”

Voices could be heard from here and there.

” f.u.c.k . . . . ”

The anxious, tense states of party members began to emerge. To suddenly show such a personality, it’s quite possible that those men are murderers. Outside the city, those wicked men that live on backstabbing their fellow summoners.

” It is said that the day you depart is a fair day. . . ”

Choi Seulgi likewise began to be nervous as she held her dagger up with an anxious expression. Usually, if they were highly skilled guys, then there was no reason to try and back-stab us. It’s certain that these guys too are also third rate. No matter how high you reckon them to be, they probably were promoted only a few times.

‘ They wouldn’t have such an ability like a unique skill as well. . . ‘

Their numbers rounded to about 5. Although they had one more person, it was a fight that was worth risking.

Was what I thought before an unexpected arrow pierced through the old magician’s forehead in a moment’s glance.

” f.u.c.k. . at least memorize a scroll old man. . . ”

I raised my sword and started to charge out. Although we were called third-rate, we definitely had experience. As if not expecting our side to be this aggressive, they were somewhat flabbergasted as I could start hearing voices.

” Grab that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! ! ”

Since the archer had fired that arrow, his location was now in an exposed state. Thankfully, since these stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were attempting to use a surrounding tactic, the warrior that was tasked with protecting the archer didn’t see me. Jumping out as fast as I can, I thrust my sword into the bowman’s heart.

” Puk ”

Was heard as blood sprayed over my face as I pulled my sword out. One for one. At least on our side, there was a useful warrior. I’m sure that Choi Seulgi too won’t lose her life absurdly considering the long time she has spent here.

The moment I turned around, I could hear a scream “AHHHHHHHK! !” It was definitely Choi Seulgi’s voice. In that spot was the warrior that I brought Shin Duk Ho stabbing his sword into Choi Seulgi.

‘ Betrayal ‘

” f.u.c.k. . . f.u.c.k . . . You f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d! ! ! ! ”

” Hm, this is regrettable. . . friend. ”

” You trash-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d. . . ”

No matter how I see it, it seems that guy was related to those murderers. Although it wasn’t like the word escape appeared in my head, I couldn’t after seeing Choi Seulgi’s body spilling blood on the ground.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ‘

I quickly began to rush out. Instantaneously, four people came to surround me, but my objective wasn’t to kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. My objective was certainly to rescue Choi Seulgi. Advancing while roughly swinging my sword, the threatening Shin Duk-ho began to retreat.

I threw the bag I was carrying over to Shin Duk-ho.

While the attention of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were distracted by the flying bag, I held Choi Seulgi in my arms and began to run. Although there was loud shouting behind me, there was no way I could stop. Even throwing away that shabby steel sword that was with me for how many years, I abandoned it on the floor and ran with all my might.

” f.u.c.k . . . .f.u.c.k . . . . . . f.u.c.k . . . . . f.u.c.k . . . I’m sorry . . . sorry. ”

” Stupid. . . b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . different than usual . . . Ha. . . .Ah. . . . this doesn’t feel good. . . . Leave me you stupid fool . . . . or else you’re going to get caught. ”

” Shut up. . . Shut up. Ugh! ! ! ”

I could feel a severe pain from behind. I could see a short spear piercing through my chest. But, there was no way I could stop. Although I wanted to faint this instant, if I were to fall, we would both die. Stubbornly, I barely held onto my consciousness as I broke the short spear stuck in front of my chest. If I were to pull this out, there was no mistake that I would collapse from the intense bleeding.

Thankfully, I still had the energy to move. This reason was due my unique skill ‘HP Increase.’ I never imagined that this skill would help in this kind of situation. Thanks to it, I could continue to run.

” Catch that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! ! ! ”

” Stupid pigs . . . those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. . . are so slow . . . ”

” Pu . . . . ha . . ha. . . ”

Both Choi Seulgi and I didn’t have the strength to laugh as we just smiled. Although I was wholly exhausted, I ran in order for us to live. Those murdering b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, as long as they retrieve that backpack, it seems it doesn’t matter what happens afterwards. No, as if they were prepared to leave for another city after this one, I couldn’t see their figures as I continued to run farther away.

” f.u.c.k . . . .Seulgi. . . Seulgi are you listening? ”

Despite that, the reason why I didn’t stop running was because of Choi Seulgi that was in my arms. Likewise, both Choi Seulgi and I were in critical states. Choi Seulgi who didn’t have a special characteristic like I did was in a much more dangerous situation.

” I’m. . . I’m listening. . . . . . . . . ”

“Just a bit more . . . . until the castle . . . ”

Although I endured quite a bit, it seemed that I couldn’t handle this mortal wound. I roughly wiped away the flowing blood that was coming out of my lips as I sprinted even faster. I started shouting in a state where I could be misunderstood as an undead with a spear pierced through my chest.

” Door! Open the door! ! ! ”

” State your identities. ”

” A person is dying! Quickly. . . QUICKLY! ! ! 5th grade summoner Kim Taesung, and 5th grade summoner Choi Seulgi. ”

” f.u.c.k . . . What the h.e.l.l are you doing in the middle of the night. . . Uhh. .  .Kim Taesung, Choi Seulgi. Have you checked that they left today? ”

” Yes. Four of them. ”

” f.u.c.k. . . Hurry up and open the door. ”

Although it was a cold voice full of complaints, it seemed that they were opening the gate after checking our identities. After the castle gate opened, I started to quickly head in.

” Temple. . . . Temple. . . . Just wait a bit more and you’ll live. . . Just a bit more. ”

But, it was already too late. Even if I did run to the temple. It would probably be closed and the main problem was that we didn’t have any money. In that moment, I suddenly remembered a voice. I could hear the voice of Sword Saint Ha Yuri I met today ringing in my ear.

‘ No problem. If you need help, please visit the guild house whenever. ‘

Without any more time to waste, I started to run towards the Holy Knights’ guild house. As expected, the lights were still on as it seems they were working even at this time. Running in, I started to recklessly pound at the door. The Holy Knights’ guards ran to stop me. I really don’t have much time left.

Some time ago, I could feel Choi Seulgi’s body gradually getting colder in my hands.

” You crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d! ! Where do you think this is? ”

” Please. . . Please help! My . . . my comrade was attacked by a murderer. . . Please help. ”

” Out of my sight you crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d. If the upper-class wake up, are you taking responsibility? ”

” Please, just a priest. . . if you call a priest. . . Saint . . . Sword Saint had definitely told me to come here if I needed help. Ouwek . . . . ”

Although there was a few nagging, after bringing out Sword Saint Ha Yuri’s words, it seemed that there was some effect fortunately. I continued to hold onto the pain in my chest as I monitored the situation.

” You f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d. . . you’re going to die in my hands if this isn’t true. Hey, go check. ”

” Yes. ”

Thankfully, the guard had entered the guild house. But, the response I heard was unexpected.

” She said it’s a person she doesn’t know. ”

” That. . . can’t be. If she saw me, she’ll probably know. Maybe. . . ”

” Get out of my sight. You slacking b.a.s.t.a.r.d. This f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Because of you, I’m going to get a scolding. She said that she didn’t meet a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you before, and only saw you for the first time now. You dog-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d. ”

” That can’t be. . . . ”

Although I was somewhat angry, it wasn’t the time for me to tarry. Shutting up, I ran towards the shrine once again. Although blood continued to flow down my mouth, it wasn’t as serious as Choi Seulgi’s crisis.

” Seul . . . . . . gi ! ! Seulgi. . . . . . . .! ! ! ! ”

” . . . . Hey. . . . Too. . . too noisy. Really. .  . . I’m going to die. . . . ”

” f.u.c.k . . . .f.u.c.k . . . . If you’re alive, tell me so. . . . Or else I’ll be worried. . . . ”

” It’s hard . . . .to . . . . . . speak . . though. . . ”

” Just hold on a bit more . . . ”

Repeating once more, I continued to run. If I knew such a thing would happen, I would’ve ran to the temple first as those thoughts continued to roam in my mind. While running, I could hear Choi Seulgi’s voice.

After struggling to open her mouth, she started to speak what she wanted bit by bit.

” Hey. . . . we . . . . . . .after . . . .this ends . . . . . . . want to live together.  . ? I, too . . . want to sette . . . . this life . . . . and live . . . like a person. ”

With that proposition out of nowhere, seeing her begin to faintly close her eyes, I had no choice but to reply.

” Alright . . .let’s live together. . . . live together . . . . . . so don’t die . . . . hold on . . . we’re almost there. . . ”


I could feel Choi Seulgi’s hand that was holding onto mine droopily fall down.

” f.u.c.k . . . . Hey. . . . HEY ! ”

” Choi Seulgi ! Choi Seulgi ! ! ”

Though I kept screaming, I couldn’t hear a response from Choi Seulgi. As if ‘ HP Increase’ had endured as much as it could, blood rather started to surge out of my mouth. I didn’t have the strength to move my legs any longer. It seems I’ve reached my limit.

” . . . . . . . . .. . . Those . . . . b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. . ”

Tears continued to flow down my face. It wasn’t just the body of Choi Seulgi that had become a corpse. Not knowing English, to be brought over here and live the life of a dog and die like this made me extremely angry.

‘ One day, all of you will be able to make a nice place to live in. Work hard. ‘

‘ No problem. If you need help, please visit the guild house whenever. ‘

‘ That b.i.t.c.h. . . . That b.i.t.c.h . . .  . ‘Due to the shock, I couldn’t speak. But what made me angrier was that I had believed in those words like a foolish b.a.s.t.a.r.d. To roam around the streets in that saintly cosplay, I felt if my life had become completely fooled with.

‘ That dog-like b.i.t.c.h. . . Kim Taesung, you foolish b.a.s.t.a.r.d. . . ‘

I continued to embrace the cold body of Choi Seulgi. Thinking about the Shin Duk-Ho that had purposely betrayed me in order to backstab, rather than hating myself, I was more regrettable towards Choi Seulgi as I could feel a sense of shame overcame me.

” Rise. . . . . . Please. . . . Let’s . . . . stand up . . . Now.  . . f.u.c.k let’s . . . live like a person. . . ”

” Have . . . a baby. . . and live . . . life . . . . . . I’ll . . . raise . . .them up . . . . . . . ”

Slowly, the vision around me blurred. Before dying, the memories of the life I lived brushed past me in rapid succession. Ridiculously, the G.o.ds didn’t even permit me to see that.

I couldn’t see anything.

At the center of a dark, dusky city without anyone. I died in that place with Choi Seulgi in my embrace.

TL Afterword

Starting a new side-project!! Always wanted to do a monster reincarnation novel and will be alternating between this and Stone of Days! Special thanks to Sai101 and uptime that has taken the task of being my PRs for this one. This one’s easier to read with more action. Kingdom building + Monster Reincarnation + Harem + Game Elements?! Sign me up.

As for that holy-saint ‘b.i.t.c.h’ (excuse my language), I hope MC can exact some revenge.

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