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” Ggireuk . . . . . . hey . . . . open your eyes . . . ”

” Hey? I’m fine? Ggireuk. . . ”

Listening to this voice, I quickly opened my eyes and stared above.

” Water. . . . ”

The voice that spoke out of my mouth was normal than I had thought. No, before that. . .

‘ I haven’t died. Did I dream. . . Choi Seulgi . . . . Where did Choi Seulgi go? ‘

Slightly raising my head, the various types of my surroundings came into my sight all at once. As if someone had heard my voice, I could feel the cold water splashed into my face.

As soon as the water hit my face, I could feel that cold liquid trickle through my throat. From my mouth, the water spread across my body as I could feel that clear and cold liquid awaken my pores one by one.

Not surprisingly, my body reacted by instantaneously rising up.

” Ggireuk! ”

Being suddenly lifted up, as if it was very surprised, a scream came out of a green-faced goblin that was with me as it flipped over backwards. The monster was holding a bag filled with water. Not caring about anything, I ran blindly towards the bag and grabbing it away, I began to earnestly drink the water. Although I wasn’t sure as to the reason why the goblin woke me up, there was no strange sense of incongruity. It was probably because I read the sense of worry in the goblin’s eye.

If it was like the old times, I would probably be shocked out of my wits, swing my sword, and be busy running away. Maybe because I had fallen down while running around, it plainly ordered me to drink the water.

Raising the water bag with a grip that I shouldn’t be able to have just yet, I started to pour the water down my throat.

‘ It’s water. Water. . . ‘

It was clean water, which I had not drank in such a long time. The guzzling sound wasn’t something that was great to hear. Although it was quite funny to express it like this, but it felt like a drain that had just been unclogged. Maybe it’s because I was too excited, I didn’t bother with some of the water running down the sides my mouth at all.

With the lights suddenly turning off, I momentarily lowered the bag. The small puddle of water started to faintly reflect my face. A green faced goblin, it was definitely a goblin’s face.

” Ah. . . Ahk! ”

It was then I had confirmed that strange figure from earlier. Shocked, I urgently looked around and inspected my surroundings.

The surrounding scenery was a very dense forest, definitely when I had spent time in that ‘forest’ from the ‘Tutorial.’ With a surprised look, I searched around me and saw an old-looking goblin beginning to talk to me. Despite being a language I definitely didn’t understand, I listened as it began to translate.

” This. . . . place is. . . ”

” Ggireuk . . . . . It seems that you now recollected yourself . . . Tch . . . Lately, these young fellas have no manners. ”

” Can you remember how you fell into this place? ”

” Though I don’t know the reason, it seems that all of us had ended up in an awkward place. . . Ggireuk . . . the voice that was spoken by my ear . . . you really can’t  remember? It definitely said. . . that this was a tutorial. Or so I thought I heard. . . ”

What was certain was that when I opened my eyes before, I was a ‘ human ‘. Gradually holding up my hands, I was greeted with a pair of green hands. They were very small. It seems I’ve really returned as a goblin is what I thought. The ‘language’ of goblins that I shouldn’t be able to understand was naturally being heard.

” Ggireuk . . . can’t you hear my voice? ”

” I. . . I think I heard that as well. But, how I came to this place. . . I’m. . .  not quite sure. ”

Looking around, other than the elder goblins, I could feel that the rest too were looking towards this side. Despite having experience in my previous life, it was quite impossible to kill a horde of goblins of this magnitude. Like, before, as a 5th Class Summoner, three goblins were my limit.

For now, I need to grasp the situation at hand and first analyze it. I had once again gradually became lost in my thoughts.

As if realizing that I don’t know anything, the elder goblin slowly moved towards another place. As for me, I slowly observed my hands and feet. Although I’m feeling this now, I could sense that the height of my sight was a lot lower than from my previous body.

On my hands were sharp fingernails and my feet, similarly, had sharp toenails. Opening my mouth and touching my teeth, I could tell they were quite sharp as well.

Though I’m not exactly sure what had happened, what was certain was that I had changed into a ‘Monster’. And among that, one of the continent’s lowest-ranked monsters within the food chain, a goblin.

Exploring my surroundings, I was quite positive that I was at the ‘Tutorial’ zone I had once experienced. I definitely remember being at this exact same place several decades ago, except as a human.

After looking around the scenery standing still for quite some time, the female goblin that had been holding the water bag earlier addressed me.

” Ggireuk . . . compared to that handsome face, you’re quite a shameless fella. ”

Although I had no clue what parts of my face were handsome, but I was sure that she spoke those words to me.

” Even though I had brought water for you, I don’t even get a proper thanks. . . ”

Though I have no clue as to how a goblin makes an expression, but she was definitely talking to me. And come to think of it, I was quite curious as to how I had known the opposite goblin’s gender when there were hardly any difference when it came to appearances.

In spite of being not certain, it seems that I have really changed races. But seeing that I couldn’t leave the girl staring at me waiting, I opened my mouth towards the goblin.

” I’m sorry. . . ”

” As long as you know . . . Ggireuk….So, where did you come from? ”

” I . . . I don’t remember quite well. ”

” Well . . . that doesn’t matter. Anyways seeing that you’re fine, how are you? Don’t you have any plans to mate with me? ”

Of course not. In front of me was a green-looking monster. If not a person with fetish, it’s impossible to have such emotions materialize.

” I’m fine for now. ”

From my words, the female goblin’s face changed threateningly. It seems that I’ve said something greatly disrespectful. But in my view, the fact that the goblin had asked me of this was itself rude.

” Fine . . . . Ggireuk. ”

Just like that, the goblin left, causing me to reflect on my situation once more before having a voice intrude into my thoughts. Thanks to it, I was able to have some clarity as to what kind of circumstances I was in.

[ Starting from now, the Tutorial will progress. There will be humans that will be summoned on any random location. The safety zone will now be deactivated. ]

[ Tutorial Objective: Survive for 100 days. ]

[ Your character will be activated. ]

[ The Quest Window has been activated. ]

[ Quest – The First Battle: You who have been suddenly dragged to an unexpected place without reason. You may be quite perplexed, but surviving is the priority. Kill the summoned humans. ( 0 / 10 ) ]

” Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk . . . ”

” What was that . . . Ggireuk . . . ”

All of a sudden, a boisterous sound filled the place. I don’t think it was just me that had heard this voice.

‘ Could it be that the monsters have the same task as us? ‘

I was pretty sure that this wasn’t the only inference that this situation had brought. Other than the fact that I had switched from a human to a goblin, the quest I got from the Tutorial now compared to the past were exactly the same. Although the sounds that came out of nowhere from this place became noisier, I could sense that the goblin horde were all becoming tense in this forest.

” It’s the humans ! It’s the humans! ! ! ”

” Ggireuk . . . ggireuk . . . ggireuk ! ! ”

It was then that a sound began to appear from somewhere. If you look at this continent as a whole, the goblins were quite a weak race. However, those were the standards of the [ continent ]. The goblins can fundamentally win against these humans that have just entered this tutorial from the summons.

In terms of strength and dexterity, even the physical abilities, in truth, the humans had the upper hand. But, that wasn’t the problem. The summoned humans that had just been summoned will instinctively feel fear. Although they do receive compensation for their physical abilities, it was severely lacking to the fear they still had to overcome.

” Kill ! ! ! Kill ! ! ! ! ”

The elder goblin I had just seen before was raising a crude staff as he began roaring in a loud voice. As if matching the intensity of that voice like tribesmen, the goblins began to run towards the place where they could sense the humans.

I, after seeing that, also began to join the other goblins as well rushing towards the humans after briefly being mesmerized seeing that movement.

There was no time to think. The place I’m in right now is the Tutorial’s Forest, for now, surviving is my top priority. Even if there’s the possibility that I was accidentally revived as a monster, I can’t live my life like an idiot like before. If the tutorial for the humans and goblins progress like it did before, then I must complete this quest.

There’s no avoiding it. In order to survive in my previous life, I had killed countless humans.

The forest slowly cleared up as the human mass appeared. Although some were given tutorial swords and shields, that rusty steel sword and that wooden shield that was about to break, they were items that you couldn’t call weapons. Some were even empty handed.

” What . . what the hell is happening….d.a.m.n…d.a.m.n . . .d.a.m.n. ! ! ! ”

” Kyaaaaaaaaaaaak ! ! ! Save me. Save me. ”

” It’s a monster. d.a.m.n . . . ”

” The men should go stand a bit farther up ! ”

” You over there! You go and fight. You have a sword and shield. ”

Despite having this body, I could understand the words of the humans. As expected, they were in a panicked state. The humans that were hurriedly raising their daggers were besieged by the goblins. Seeing a chance, I quickly went in. It was true that it was quite an advantageous situation, but the chances of being killed by a blind sword was also low for now.

And not to mention that the quest condition had as many as 10 people. To recklessly jump in, it still wasn’t a number that could be easily attained.

” Kill! Kill the humans! ”

A goblin that had leapt up into the air had thrust a dagger into a human’s throat. Although I thought it was a scene that should’ve been difficult to see, but strangely, I didn’t have any reactions to it.

Although I somewhat expected it, it seems that my way of thinking had also changed. The ones that were holding swords and shields instantly collapsed, causing the somewhat loose formation that was in place to be destroyed as well. This caused those who couldn’t overcome their fear to start running. It was rather better to keep yourself in the mass than separate since it’ll increase your chances of living. Those that separate recklessly into the forest were almost 100% dead.

Seeing a dagger embedded in a dead goblin corpse from afar, I quickly approached it, plucked it out, and began to throw it towards the humans. Even if I were to spend time in the frontline, I could only oppose one human at best.

Although it felt strange within my small hands, the dagger had precisely pierced through a human’s forehead.

With these weak physical abilities, there was no need to fight against them face to face with a dagger. So I simply threw the daggers from the back, which sufficiently shifted the progress of the battle.

” Ahhhhhhk ! ! ! ”

” Be careful of the dagger ! ! ”

” Ahhhhhhk ! ! ! ”

” Run ! ! Run ! ! ! ! ! ”

Once I started throwing these daggers aiming towards the humans that were holding on, one by one, the surrounding humans were influenced by it and began to fall apart. Although it was a short period of time, I had killed over 8 people as I saw the majority of those humans rolling around the ground.

The battle was already over I thought as the goblin mass started chasing after the humans, and so far as seeing some goblins eating the pile of human corpses.

I knew for sure. The battle was over.

” Food. It’s food! Ggireuk. . . Ggireuk! ! ”

As if excited at the sight, the goblins started to eat the slaughtered humans. I turned my head at the sudden bloody smell that came from the humans desecrated by goblins and gazed at them.

‘ I’m hungry. f.u.c.k . . . ‘

The extremely delicious smell of meat continued to swarm my nose. Although I did have the sense that the raw flesh of humans was disgusting, seeing those goblins greedily feast on that human flesh in great delight, I felt vomit surging from within before I knew it.

I looked on at the goblins that were drooling out of their mouths. Just from looking at them, I could sense that they were accustomed to this.

But then, that sudden face. As if he was looking as if he had made a misstep, there was a body that was pierced with a dagger lying straight up, his eyes wide.

Although it was quite blurry, I couldn’t help but remember. The reason why was because the person that was currently lying on the floor was a comrade that I fought with decades ago, who would later go on to be called the ‘ The Twilight Swordsman ‘ .

‘ What the hell is happening exactly . . . ‘

With my eyes wide open, I could clearly tell this was the Twilight Swordsman that I knew of. I couldn’t help but feel that things have become quite twisted, heading towards a strange direction.

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