Green Skin – Chapter 109: Start (2)

The words were short, but there was a lingering resonance.

[I am not a slave… Yes. We are not born slaves…]

It was the voice of a guy that had changed a bit. He wasn’t a guy that held a defeated voice to start with, but his tone had certainly changed from that simple sentence.

[Thank you, Blood Dagger. Yes… we are Green Skins…]


[I will return this ring back to your tribal member again, Blood Dagger.]

[You don’t have to do that. Until we come, it would be good for you to hold onto that ring, Orbo.]

[No, it’s fine. It is not courteous to hold the items of others. Actually, this Human has been glaring at me threateningly ever since I have worn this ring, so I am considerably wary. I will be waiting quietly.]

Now he was making a joke. After concluding the conversation that he would wait, he handed the ring over to Ahyeon before hearing her urgent voice once again.

[Sa…Savior-nim. Savior-nim… are you listening?]

[Yes, my apostle.]

As if she was a puppy searching for her lost honor, I had no choice but to hurriedly reply. She had a voice full of tears as if she was extremely anxious without the ring.

[It was a short time, but you’ve suffered a lot.]


[After making contact with Yoon Jungsoo, the operation will begin.]

[Yes. Everything will be according to Your will…]

Thus, that brief conversation came to a close. Ahyeon would be with Orbo for three days, and in those three days, Yoon Jungsoo will most likely contact Ahyeon once more. All the Blood Dagger and Black Spear Clans could do was wait in the meantime.

After inspecting the plan once more, we continued to monitor the situation of the city through Ahyeon and Lee Wanyong.

It was the greatest battle in scale that we would engage in ever since the Blood Dagger was born. Our enemy was a whole city. This was the same for Black Spear, as everyone was waiting with slightly anticipating expressions.

But we had to endure… We had to suppress our instincts, and desires while enduring through this phase. In a little while, the battle will surely start. I subconsciously smiled seeing that things were somewhat progressing nicely, as the guys screamed noticing this. Gark and Hark raised the flag first and screamed. Then, one by one, Mev, Ragia, Hakajin, Hayeon and the Three Goblin Sisters all screamed along.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The voices were extremely excited in anticipation of the oncoming battle.

Yoon Jungsoo was lovingly staring at Min Chulgi once more. The West’s Saint who was locked in her room for two days had finally come out, and had decided to finally meet with him in this room.

“Have we not half-succeeded, Master? It was definitely effective of not injecting medicine before sending it over. It’s tremendous how they were locked in the room together for two days straight?!”

“Tch… Yes. Your words are right. It seems that the nickname of West’s Saint is surely not mistaken. It’s just that she’s not that kind of saint. Hehe.”

“Master, you must surely not make any mistakes like this in front of her.”

“Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d. There’s no way I’ll make such a mistake. Finally… The Black Thorn Guild can properly fly.”

As Min Chulgi said, by not suppressing it’s original nature and sending it out to the West Saint’s room was surely effective. It was because the Saint who had spent a day with the Troll contacted him first later wanting to meet with him. There was no mistake that she had fallen for the Troll.

Yoon Jungsoo couldn’t be happier as a result. Just by having the Saint and her followers will drastically increase the force and power of this guild, all thanks to this nameless Troll slave. He had gained a powerful ally.

“Isn’t it the promised time now? You must prepare. It’s likely that she will come to the guild directly along with a few followers… I have prepared for all of the food and drinks.”

“Good good. Well done, Chulgi. Because of you, I’ve been feeling more lively as of late. Hehe.”

Though he was originally a trustworthy guy, after this event, he thought it wouldn’t be bad to nurture him as the successor of this guild, so Yoon Jungsoo smiled once more.

After wearing a luxurious outfit, he waited patiently for the Saint to arrive, and soon, he smiled and laughed after hearing the arrival of the Saint. They had never imagined that they would be in this position for this deal, but the opposition was still the Saint. Thinking it wasn’t bad to head out and meet her, Yoon Jungsoo hastened his footsteps.

Min Chulgi was escorting the West’s Saint, and Yoon Jungsoo’s thoughts of her being plain was quite far off. With makeup and a dress, he couldn’t help but feel that she wanted to look good in front of him.

“You’ve worked hard in coming all the way here.”

“No. Rather, I am thankful of your invitation.”

Lowering her head and showing that graceful appearance, it was unimaginable that such a woman would be sleeping with a Troll for two days. From that appearance, even Yoon Jungsoo subconsciously swallowed back his saliva.

Though he originally thought she was cute, but there was a strange color this time.

“Hmm… Hmm… Then shall we enter and have dinner?”


Of course in this large exchange, Yoon Jungsoo did not show such harboring thoughts, but even he subconsciously looked around here and there. What they arrived at was a large restaurant. Inside the room was only himself, the Saint and her two followers, and Min Chulgi.

Security was important, but they had to prohibit as many people as possible from entering. Thinking those two were her most trustworthy followers, Yoon Jungsoo smiled as he spoke first.

“So how do you like Somorah?”

“Ah. It is quite nice. It’s not too bad of a feeling… no rather I want to stay here for a bit longer. Anyone needs this kind of place.”

It was an extremely positive answer. Even before they spoke about the conditions, with her coming out like this, it meant that this exchange will proceed much smoother than he thought.

‘Tch…she’s really into that monster alright.’

After hearing that she had not left that room for two days, he had expected it, but it really seemed that she had came to liking this place.

“I am curious if the followers are also enjoying their stay.”

“Yes. They are continuing to pray, and although they are rescuing the poor, but many of them are able to properly rest here.”

“Then the people beside you…”

“Yes. They are the ones that rest together with me. They are probably enjoying their stay around the city as well.”

Yoon Jungsoo had asked just in case if her followers were of the same category as her, but she changed the subject. Noticing her look, Yoon Jungsoo received a reply that she wanted to separate her personal life from the public, showing how much of an intelligent woman she was. However, it was her that was more desperate than this side. After slowing down the pace of the conversation, she began to show a more desperate expression.

“Hmm…  I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. If I do indeed agree to the proposal of the Black Thorn Guild… that Troll…can you give it to me?”

From that straightforward fastball at the start, he couldn’t help but laugh. As expected, she wasn’t accustomed to negotiations so he replied.

“Tch… that would be a bit complicated.”

Suddenly, the face of the Saint hardened. Nevertheless, Yoon Jungsoo went on leisurely.

“That Troll is part of our business, so it’s a bit important. It wouldn’t matter if we were to loan it out for two to three days or even a week… but any more and it’ll be a bit troublesome for us.”


“But it may be possible if some time were to pass. You probably know what kind of business we are roughly.”


“To be honest, we currently possess that Troll’s ‘child’. Pedigree and bloodline are highly important. In a sense, it is ideal to have superior children from their parents. As long as we are able to properly nurture its son normally, then the Troll we have now…”

Looking up at Ahyeon, he saw her nodding. Though the argument seemed plausible, all of this was actually a trap. In other words, until the little guy properly grows, he was going to have the Saint and her followers stay here until that time.

Of course, the additional benefits will all go to the Saint, but despite that, there’s no denying that the city will obtain a large benefit. Though he had a serious expression, it was a situation where he wanted to laugh aloud.

“I am curious if you have any other monsters in possession?”

“Of course. Whether it’s Goblins or Orcs, and even Trolls, we have many dangerous ones.”

“I look forward to it. If you do not mind, may I have a look around?”


“If it’s about secrecy, you do not have to worry. I have already somewhat decided….and you know that you are currently holding my lifeline.”

What Ahyeon was referring to was probably her strange preference. Yoon Jungsoo felt that it was now time to show her around which he had already meticulously prepared for in advance, but he could not display it.

“Haha… we will definitely preserve the customer’s secret. That is a simple credit of business, and a method that allows us to maintain our business for a long time. You do not have to worry if your secret were to be linked. However, since the Saint might become family now, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to show you around once. If you see one you like, you can immediately loan him out.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Thank you.”


Thus, before even having dinner, Yoon Jungsoo and Baek Ahyeon left the table together. The end result was that he would take her to the unknown basement. Even if she did not define the lifeline that she referred to, it was obvious. If he were to take this woman to this dark place, he knew that her weakness would become even more exploitable.

If it were revealed that the basement that they managed was known, than her reputation would be ruined. She was only curious, but her visit will become a valuable ingredient in making her an accomplice.

After walking through a complex path for quite some time inside the Guild, they arrived.

“We are almost there. Now you can expect.”


When he was about to open the door, it was then.



They were thunderous sounds like explosions that were not heard from inside the castle.

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