Yoon Jungsoo was extremely flabbergasted as he looked around his surroundings. It was because of the Saint of the West’s expression and of what was occuring outside. He didn’t know what was happening precisely, but something had happened within the city.

“What’s happening?”

“Ah… well… that is… I must go and confirm it first. Let… let us check outside.”

When he was about to hand over the prepared dish, Yoon Jungsoo was internally swearing. After hurriedly leaving the basement and coming upstairs, he saw Min Chulgi. It seems that he was also looking for him in a hurry.

“What’s happening?”

“We are trying to figure out the situation.”

“Figuring out…! What do you mean?”

“People in the city… exploded simultaneously…”

He was whispering over to the Master, but it seemed that Ahyeon had already perceived that something bad had happened.

“d.a.m.n it… figure it out now and fix it! How many are the casualties?”

“Until now, shops and stores in the Black Market… and…”

He did not know what was going on, but it was the first time he encountered such an event as the representative guild of the city. For normal looking people to suddenly explode… It was as if there were terrorist bombings going on. He automatically glanced over to the Saint. Who would try and make a deal in this kind of unstable city. That was probably what the Saint was thinking.

“It would be better to consider this transaction later.”

“Ah.. that.. that is.”

He already foreseen her answer, but it would be increasingly painful for him to have to listen to her reply. It was completely their fault. Thus, he was unable to come up with an excuse. First, he thought that the situation had to be settled down as he dryly swallowed back his saliva.

“I… firstly, I will escort you to a safe place. We will solve the ongoing problem as quickly as possible. It… it is nothing major. If… if you were to wait, we can resume our conversation once more.”

It was a displeased expression, but the Saint slightly nodded. Then, after he guided her safely, he ran towards where his executives were gathered at.

After those explosions, the bustling noises stopped from within the city. However, the city had received considerable damage. He began to identify the smoke rising through the windows.

The sounds of screaming and slander filled the air, as the Black Market and the shopping district were completely destroyed, which made him wonder what caused such an immense damage. If the Auction House were to fall, their situation would seriously become dire.

Entering the room, he saw a few of his officers gathered, but they were all pale. His expression didn’t differ from them as much, but he tried to harden himself as much as possible. Though he was briefly informed by Min Chulgi while he was with the Saint, but since he was with her, he could not receive the full report.

“If… I were to report it again. The current casualty figures have been confirmed in a number of shops, the Black Market… and… and the Auction House and Coliseum… there were simultaneous attacks everywhere… or we are currently experiencing terror attacks.”

“Have you confirmed what objective they have for initiating this attack?”

“We… we are currently confirming. The problem is that there are hardly any survivors, and among the people that exploded… we have deduced that there were even… members of our guild.”

“What the f.u.c.k is going on………. s.h.i.t!”

The Auction House and Coliseum was destroyed, both of which provided high profits, so this situation became even more dire.

“Currently, we are using the city guards, and the other guild members, to bring out our customers safely as much as possible, due to the explosions which occurred throughout the city. Also, there were reports that other factions wanted to leave the city, so we told them to wait a while… but their resentments are getting larger.”


They were handling this matter correctly. However, it was obvious that this event would become a huge obstacle not only in the present, but in running of the city in future. All of the customers that come to sightsee would never come again knowing that such acts of terrorism occurred in this city. Not only that, there are probably other cities that might take this opportunity to conquer them after this as a result, exacerbating the situation to even more dire levels.

“Lock the city down. Make sure that not a single ant can escape.”

“Yes… Yes, Master!”

“I’m going to head out too. Tch! At this state, I need to show my face at least.”

“Yes. But… it might be dangerous…”

“The city is about to become ruins, so I’ll have to endure this much…”

“So… so impressive.”

It was then.

“Bang!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!Bang!!!!!”

“What… what the f.u.c.k…?”

What… what is this?”

It was a tremendous explosion that even shook the castle foundations. The first explosion was nothing in comparison to this one. There was no question that this explosion had occurred inside the castle. Before being able to confirm how severe the damages were, he heard another large explosion again.

Dust was flying in the air outside his window, but he could see through the window. Whether it was because of the impact that the castle sustained, he could see everything in slow motion. The walls of the city exploded simultaneously as a few city guards and soldiers flew into the air.

Then what he saw through that hole in the wall

Was none other than a green wave.


The promised time has arrived. After the second explosion, we had to infiltrate the city of Somorah, so after hearing the first explosion, we immediately ran over here.

I did not give a speech this time as the wait was more than enough to give us the motivation.

“Let’s go.”

After a low mutter, the whole frontier base erupted into an uproar as a shrilling cry filled the air.


After enduring for so long, they were finally able to scream in anticipation for a battle none greater than this. There were full of expectations, even more than their battle in the Earthworm Cave, so it was no wonder that they were screaming so enthusiastically. They wanted to express their hot-blooded natures any way they can.

“Victory! For Victory Only!!”

“For Victory!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

I ran out alongside Black Spear as the two cries of the clan filled the atmosphere with a vigorous spirit for war. My muscles screamed in excitement, and my eyes had become red. The Green wave that was running in the front lines were making my blood boil.

In the meantime, large fireworks continued to spring into the air along with heavy smoke. In this battle, the most important factor was confusion. Despite Black Spear and I combining forces, we were still vastly inferior in numbers, so to make up for the difference, we had to explode the bombs that Ahyeon had prepared, and quickly head to the basement that Ahyeon had located for us and secure new troops. This was a critical point that we had to succeed.

Since the city was in an uproar, it was no wonder that they discovered us so late. I looked over to Black Spear, and understanding my look, he nodded.

A distance that even Mev’s arrows couldn’t reach.

But, if it was Black Spear’s spear, it would definitely reach.

While running, he aimed and with his large biceps and triceps, he soon flung the spear directly at the guards on top of the walls, becoming totally skewered as a result.


From that, the Orcs and Trolls screamed once more in unison from that overwhelming strength.

The sounds and footsteps of the Green Skins that could be heard were extremely loud. That rough breathing, and that vigor that was about to explode along with that piercing cry.

It was then.


One side of the city walls had completely collapsed, which meant that Ahyeon had succeeded in securing us a way. We immediately advanced to the collapsed walls, and naturally, the Humans began to scream.



“Report it immediately to the guild!”

“The monsters are invading the city!!”

Though it would only be a matter of time before the report would reach the higher-ups, but we couldn’t let that messenger go. Despite the dusty cloud, Mev and the archers of the tribe began to shoot arrows.



With the aid of the Wind Spirit, Mev’s arrows emanated a deafening cry as it fell upon the Humans. In other words, she commanded the Spirits to target her arrows aiming at certain people.



“For Blood Dagger!”

The wave of green that charged through the collapsed walls caused the blood of the Green Skins behind to boil even more in excitement. Even Black Spear couldn’t hold himself back any longer as he continued to throw spears, my job here was simple. It was to retrieve the spears so that he wouldn’t run out of spears using Weapon Switch with pegs.

In that confusion, Archers began to point their bows at us, Magicians trying to cast their spells to stop our advance, and Warriors that were making a formation. All of them were penetrated and pierced to their deaths by black spears.

I too continued to kill the warriors that headed my way. I dealt with the ones close by and Black Spear handled the ones at a distance.

“What a convenient ability, Blood Dagger.”

From Black Spear’s words, I smiled. He showed a warm smile after having his spears continue to appear in his hands.

Gark and Hark were also raging through the battlefield, as well as Hakajin and the Three Goblin Sisters, the assassins led by Ragia, and even Hayeon who was binding her opponents with her roots. Blood and flesh filled the ground and air, as the battles became more and more fierce.

“For Savior-nim!!!!”



Once again, an explosion erupted inside the city. This time, it was close. The Martyrs that were hidden among the troops of the Humans were all doing their jobs. While they were hastily trying to take out the fire, another incident had occurred. Who would have thought that the Priests that they assumed would watch their backs detonated themselves.

With my reddened eyes, I looked back and announced loudly.

“Half Blade and Orc Warriors, we will move together along with Hayeon. The rest of the forces will move accordingly to the command of Black Spear and Prime Executive Ragia.

The time has come for us to liberate the Green Skins who were trapped underground.

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