“Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! For Blood Dagger!”

The Orc swordsmen begun to run with the flag held up high along with Hayeon. The situation was so far positive, as we had infiltrated the city without almost any casualties, due to the those intermittent bombs that were screeching inside the city. Speed was exceptionally important in this operation since we had to quickly slaughter, and force our way inside.

The place we were heading to was Ahyeon’s room, and it was to meet Orbo who was waiting there with her.

I saw the enemies on the city streets.

Then, suddenly roots began to spring out from the ground.

Gark and the Orc swordsmen made quick work by cutting them in half, and although they were running from the rear, they were quicker than anyone else.


Blood and intestines filled the place.

“For Blood Dagger!”

Of course, there was no need to discriminate who to kill as everyone here were simply prey for our blades and arrows. For those that have elite strength, we decided to avoid them. Mev and the archer squad will be dealing with the small fry behind me, and with how the main army is advancing, there shouldn’t be too many obstacles to overcome. We continued to kill the Humans and proceed, soon seeing the inn where Ahyeon was staying in within our sight.

I quickly entered the inn and saw that there were no Humans. No, to be honest, there were workers here, but they were all dead.

“I was waiting, Savior-nim…”

Ahyeon’s followers were kneeling as they bowed to me. I heard that they had arrived here before I had come. Not even giving them a glance, I immediately headed up. Along the way, I heard screams, blood gurgles of someone being stabbed with a dagger, and a woman who was writhing in pain. It was as if it was an orchestra prepared for me.

“For Savior-nim!”

“This is a cleansing. All of you are receiving grace.”

“Sp…spa…spare me…”

“Cr….crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s…ah…Ahhhhhhhhk!”

In each room, similar types of voices were heard, but they weren’t surprised when they saw me. Although others might think of me as a large Demon with large horns protruding out of his forehead, they probably thought that I was the Savior who had come to right the wrongs of this world. Whenever I passed by, the followers would kneel down just like Ahyeon, and soon I was guided to a large room.

“All of you have received grace.”

It was a simple statement, but their eyes lit up from it. It wasn’t a lie, as they did receive grace in some form.

I opened the door and went in, only to see a Troll who was bigger in size than Black Spear. Though he was shorter than Black Spear, I felt that he was a bit broader in frame.


He immediately kneeled down, including all of the followers behind me.

“Thank you, Blood Dagger.”

“Rise Orbo, you’re a Green Skin.”

“I know, Blood Dagger. However, as a slave of the Humans, it is an expression of respect to you.”

Though it didn’t need to be demonstrated, but I very much welcomed his expression. He did not directly ask to be admitted to my clan, but he looked up to me and screamed loudly.

“For my life and honor!”

A cry full of rage, which had made me smile.

“I will accept this with thanks, Orbo.”

He wasn’t the Shaman that I wanted, however, I could sense just from his eyes what he meant when he knelt down in front of me. He was like one of those guys in the Three Kingdoms. To put it plainly, he was prepared to throw his life for me, so how could I not accept such a guy into the clan. Besides him was a large axe and a shield.

It was certain that Ahyeon had prepared this for him in advance. From my words, Orbo’s eyes reddened as he rose, and soon we headed outside.

“We are going to the basement of the castle.”

“Orbo will lead the charge.”

“For Blood Dagger…”

Then pounding his axe onto his shield, he screamed.


It was his natural instincts that had been asleep for years, but now he could finally scream out the accumulated stress and frustrations he had. He glanced back, which I nodded to.

Then he put his shield close to his body and ran out, cutting off heads of Humans with a large swing. There were some that tried to resist, but they couldn’t stop him.


So much so, that I had thought that it was an impossible movement from someone, who had been isolated from battle for many years. His movements made me think of Goff. If there was one difference, it was that his attacks were honest. In other words, there was no superfluous actions, as he would become the spearhead that our clan never had. That would be precisely Orbo.

“Victory! For Victory Only!”

Thanks to that, Gark also became energized, seeing that a new competitor had risen up and was garnering great results in the frantic battle.

Thus, with Orbo in front, we continued to penetrate our way through, and easily deflect the magic and arrows that came from the front thanks towards him.

However, the further we went inside, the more we felt that the opposition were slowly responding back. There were some eye-catching Humans that could fend off Orbo’s axe, Gark’s sword, and Hayeon’s magic.

Although the Black Thorn Guild wasn’t recognized as a powerhouse, they still had the foundations of being able to rule a city.

The moment they heard that monsters had invaded, they had all gathered within the castle and fought back.


Though Ahyeon’s followers continued to explode, but seeing that it wasn’t a surprise anymore, they continued to fire their magic. I began to worry whether they had noticed that the bombs were being exploded with Ahyeon as the culprit of all of this, so I hurriedly contacted Ahyeon.

[How’s the castle?]

[They are quickly reorganizing their forces at a extremely fast rate, Savior-nim. Since it is such a chaotic state, I don’t think they realized yet that the explosions had happened due to the Savior’s followers but…]


The longer this situation unfolded, it would only be a matter of time before they realize it. And once the enemies began to clear up this situation, then we would surely be at a disadvantage.

Our quality in troops were higher than theirs, but we lacked the numbers. It was a point where we must reinforce our troops with the ones in the basement.

I bit my lower lip and headed out into the sporadic street battles as well. By injecting mana into Ancient Flame to it’s very limits, a large flame suddenly enveloped me. Then I charged into the ones blocking the path with their shields.

“Don’t let them pass!”

“Endure! The main force will soon arrive!”

Of course Hayeon would come to save the day and disarray erupted in their formation.


Her area of attack was large, as her roots continued to move around enveloped in my flames, soon devouring the Humans within the fire. I had leapt into the middle of the battle, but it was very comfortable since there were weapons all around me. So I continued to switch my dagger with all these weapons.

With ownerless weapons, I continued to switch out, before a huge critical hit slashed through the Magician with heavy armor in one strike.


Then immediately changing the axe that was heading my way with the dagger, I cut off his head with that axe. My sight was covered by his blood, but it did not matter. Suddenly, a spear thrust towards my way. Then immediately switching out his spear for my axe, I heard a scream from a completely different place. Though he was trying to thrust the spear out, but with the sudden change of weapons, it seemed that he had accidentally struck his comrade beside him with that large axe.

“Ahhhhhhhhhk! Ah…f.u.c.k!”

The person that received the axe instead of me collapsed instantly. It was only a matter of time before I cut off his head as I switched out my Ancient Flame with the Cursed Voice before killing him.

Immediately, the debuff began to come into effect over all of them.

Weapons were stabbed my way from all directions, but I did not stop moving. I blocked what I could, and evaded what needed to be avoided, so I can continue to push forward.

I deflected away arrows with my greatsword, and
enemies’ weapon switched out from swords to daggers. While they were looking at their hands with silly expressions, I took advantage of this lapse in concentration and crushed them with my greatsword.



“Stop him!!!”

“Fuuuuuck… what kind of monster is this!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhk! My leg!”

Following behind me were Orbo and the Orc Swordsmen, with Gark hunting the Magicians and Archers that were at the rear. Thinking that there was no need for further use of magic, I began to save up Ahyeon’s mana.

Then I saw the Black Thorn Guild’s castle in front of me.

[We’re entering.]

[Yes…Sa..Savior-nim. I…I’m prepared to meet you.]

“He is coming! For Savior-nim!”


There were two followers that were on the level of ‘Martyrs’ within the group. The last one just recently exploded, making a huge hole of the castle. The troops of the guild protecting the castle entrance who were wondering what had just happened soon were swept away from the explosion. Then I contacted Ahyeon once more.

[Where are you now?. . . Do you see me?]

[Yes! Savior-nim…I’m..I’m watching. The Savior’s dignified appearance, I see it!]

It wasn’t the time to be boasting about myself, but there was the possibility that they would begin to doubt Ahyeon, so thinking that this would be the safer option, I spoke to Ahyeon again.

[Jump down, my apostle.]


Despite having no explanation, an immediate response was heard as she soon jumped out of the window. Unlike last time where she was in a starved, messy state, she was wearing a dress with makeup, making her look beautiful.


The way she called out and looked at me with complete trust, which I likened as much, as if she was a princess who had been locked up in a Demon King’s castle for a long time before finally escaping. It was hard to believe that she was the main culprit of all of these Human bombings. I jumped into the air and smiled, I extended out my hand.

She grabbed my hand, and despite falling from the sky, she was crying. Ahyeon tightly grabbed my hand as I took her into my embrace.

“I… I was waiting! Savior-nim…”

“You’ve worked hard.”

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