Chapter 118:   Mev!

“Which one, with or without wings, commander! Which one do you prefer?!”

She had an audacious look on her face and there was no hesitation in her body language.

It was as anticipated. She must have gotten the opportunity to evolve. The three goblin sisters and other Orc swordsmen have definitely completed their evolution. There was no way that Mev and Jung Hayeon, who, unlike me, who lacked the experience necessary for evolution, did not receive the message.

Based on giving an option between with or without wings, it seemed that the options must be rather diverse. It appeared to be the same case as when I had first evolved into a demon kind.


Before Mev grows bigger, the time has come to consider which would benefit Mev and our clan. It’s certain that there was no such tribe as the ‘twin head fairy’. Even if there was one, Mev, who knows my taste, would certainly not choose such a race. Perhaps, the one with wings would most likely be an advanced tribe of the fairies, and the one without would most likely be a demon kind, or something entirely different race, altogether.

Mev’s current occupation is spirit archer that definitely fits harmoniously with the fairies. If Mev was to evolve into some random specie for no special reasons other than for the 2nd generation, it could definitely be a big blow to the entire clan.

For now, it is with the wings no matter what. The wings, which Mev currently has, are too small to make it difficult for her to fly freely, so if she was to evolve into one of the advanced fairies, like the high fairy, or fairy queen, then she would certainly be able to manage even the high altitudes.

Having a set of wings on an archer is a great strength to begin with. The choice has been made.

I said, somewhat cautiously, towards Mev.

“It is the one with the wings.”

As soon as I spoke, Mev had a great big smile on her face. She was smiling as if the world was hers. It was the happiest smile that I have ever seen, including those of the humans and green skins. Mev was the only one in the clan with the wings to begin with. She definitely thought that I have chosen her. The other women, who were listening to my words, began to speak noisily.

“As expected, Mev…Is the true lady of the house… Plants do not have wings!”

“Blood Dagger likes wings!”

“Mev has wings on her back!”

“The chief of the tribe, Ragia, has no wings either!”

“Only Mev has wings!”

It seemed that outrageous public opinion and rumors were starting to percolate, but the first thing to do was to observe Mev. As it was possible that some uncomfortable situation could arise should other members were to seek wings, I thought it was necessary to clear up any future misunderstandings.

At last, it seemed Mev has chosen a place to evolve as she nodded her head, and began to crouch down. It was an audacious decision to evolve before everyone. I thought that perhaps it was an act of reclaiming her lost authority, but then I thought otherwise.


Letting out a single scream, Mev clutched her chests. What came out of her back were great big fairy wings.

‘High Fairy.’

It wasn’t just one pair of wings like the old ones. Another new pair was growing out of the spot where the original pair was. Even her child like body began to grow larger. Although the body wasn’t transforming into more voluptuous way, like Jung Hayeon or Ragia, she was certainly growing larger. Her bone structure was changing slowly. Although there was a limit, it seemed that she was most likely on her way to shedding the child like body. Her height was short, yet overall, it wasn’t too bad.

The skin complexion turned a bit fairer and the wings grew much larger. The wings looked much bigger than her body.

The last thing visible was the crown that softly came down on her head.

‘Fairy Queen?’

That’s certainly an item, rather than a part of the body. It was a proof that an item can be obtained through entity transformation. Discharging light out of it, the item did not look too bad even at a glance. It made me think about whether I would obtain an item, when in the case in which I was also to evolve to an advanced form. All the while, I was looking at Mev with amazement. Perhaps, there were many unseen, brilliant contributions during this war, or she was being rewarded through the system for not evolving until now, as it appeared that she has successfully evolved by bypassing an entity level. Firmly standing there with her waving silver hair, Mev appeared to be like the fairy queen that I have read from the storybooks, in the past.

Although she grew only by 10cm in height, she no longer looked like a little kid. Well, to put it in another way, she looked like an adult female who used to look much younger than her age. To be honest, her looks was beautiful enough to make my heart pound, somewhat.

In the end, she became stronger. As far as power was concerned, I’ve been thinking that Gark was number 2 in the tribe even now, but with this recent evolution, my internal assessment has changed a bit. If the inherent capability was harvested, the improvement would be much faster.

It’s not a bad evolution. No, it is a near perfect evolution. My choice was not wrong.

“Uhhh, Whuuuh…”

However, Mev didn’t seem to be thinking that way.

The audacity, with which Mev looked around, was no longer observable. Looking at her arms and legs, Mev’s face began to cringe.


She was desperately holding back her tears.

‘She was disappointed.’

Clearly, she was disappointed with the result of her evolution. Maybe, what Mev wanted was an extreme transformation like that of Jung Hayeon or Ragia. In easier terms, she wanted certain parts of her body to be visibly curved in, curved out, where appropriate.

I certainly saw changes, but she may not have been able to see those changes. The short arms, unlike that of Ragia’s arms, the short legs, unlike that of Jung Hayeon’s legs… The chests and hips couldn’t even be compared.

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