“I…I’m ruined…Uuung…”

She whispered quietly, but I could hear her clearly. The little ones continued to yell, whether they knew the current state of Mev’s thoughts or not.

“Me…Mev is crying!”

“Crying will never lead you to become a strong green skin!”

“Do not cry, Mev!”

Even if the situation does not lend itself one to cry, when that type of sounds are heard, it autonomously leads one to cry for sure. Although her big eyes were filled with tears, unbelievably, not a drop fell down her cheek. She was forcing herself to maintain her composure.


She was desperately standing on her toes in order to look taller by any means.

Perhaps, thinking that it was not sufficient, her moving her wings to subtly levitate in the air made me laugh for some reason. It was because her image made me think of an animal that attempts to appear threatening to its enemies, by enlarging its physical size.

“Ugh…Argh…Aak…. This… This is…My new appearance.”

She tried to take control of the situation since she confidently took the mound, but the green skins of the tribe looked at Mev with doubts in their eyes. It was the three goblin sisters who helped Mev from the situation.

“As the wings have become bigger! Surely, Blood Dagger will like it!”

“Finally, our tribe will have an after-party event!”

It was a timely intervention as tears were about to fall down on Mev’s cheek. Fortunately, as the green skins were somewhat uncomplicated, they responded enthusiastically to the three goblin sisters.

“As expected, Mev is special!”

“Those tears are certainly the tears of joy!”

That was enough to successfully change the minds of the tribe members. However, Mev was not paying any attention to the tribe members. She was looking in this direction with extreme anxiety. The past statements that you are too small, so you cannot be the one, seemed to have been very traumatic for her. I didn’t think much of it whenever I saw her drinking milk, but looking at her anxious disposition, I couldn’t help, but feel a little pang.

However, Mev’s current physique was a bit smaller than Paek Ahyeon’s. Her looks certainly differed from the past, at which time it felt like as if I was committing a crime. I subtly nodded my head, and the tribe members shouted in response.

“Blood Dagger has nodded!”

Mev’s face instantly brightened. As if the tears of joy were pouring down, as mentioned by the goblins, Mev was crying out loud. The runny nose and flowing tears made a quite an impression on me.


As I always thought that it was the right gesture to make my approach first in situations like this, I subtly moved closer to Mev and stroked her head.

Although it might have been obvious, Mev was the most dedicated one of the clan, come to think of it. From when she met me first, and even now, Mev always thought of herself as the lady of the house, and she had even left her position in order to save me. Although Ragia is the tribal chief at the moment, as it was Mev who helped me establish myself while she was the first tribal chief, I couldn’t help, but feel thankful to Mev.

It must have been a very difficult journey for her as she was pouring out tears on to my coat.


Jumping to the conclusion, I had no other option, but to share the same room with Mev. This was not the appropriate moment to say that I was not looking for an after-party event, and also, in order to calm the moment’s excitement of the tribe members, I felt that certain level of acting was called for. Although embarrassed, it was the moment that I came to the understanding as to why politicians would make the time to go around and visit common people.

Of course, Jung Hayeon and Paek Ahyeon, who thought that they would be next, were looking sharply at Mev, but they appeared to have accepted the situation.

I grabbed a dagger, which was inside the tent, and without specific reason, I spun it once in the air. It was because after the party has died down somewhat, and while waiting for Mev, there wasn’t much I could do.

Since the women of the tribe insisted on some special ceremony be held, I have been waiting for Mev without any other option. I was concerned as to whether she would be charmed with unknown spell of Hakajin, but it appeared that the ceremony was only based on the green skin’s folk religion of some kind.

The meaning behind sharing the same room with Mev, of course, did not mean that I intended to sleep with her. Mev has most likely sensed that, as she has been pretending to be sharing a room, all this time. However, as the mother goblins and other women understood that the prior events meant having made the decision to have a conjugal relationship, it was impossible to sway them otherwise.

So, I couldn’t help, but slowly think about the children as a result. The green skins thought greatly about children as well, but as I have the human ways of thinking, I couldn’t help, but think more deeply about it than them.

Although I have not seen a fairy’s child grow up, unlike the human child, green skin’s child will develop into a battle age in 3 years, and they will be accepted as adults by the age of 7. That is, in 7 years, my child would stand with me in battle fields. Certainly, I could not paint a pretty picture. Although different reasons applied, Choi Seulgi was a problem as well. Our relationship did not begin normally. Even though we weren’t tied down to each other, if I was to show up with a child, she would surely be angry.

From Blood Dagger’s perspective, I wanted to make babies and grow the tribe, but from non Blood Dagger, Kim Taesung’s perspective, I was a bit reluctant. It was when I, alone, was thinking things over like this.


Mev’s voice was heard from outside the tent. The mother goblins have finished prepping her.

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