“It isn’t a great importance, Goff, but I came to discuss something with you. Well, more accurately, need your approval is more appropriate.”

He had a curious look on his face, and I spoke as I watched his expression.

‘I’m thinking about creating a wolf cavalry.”

I figured that he would understand what I meant from just by saying this. His giant wolf was certainly a male. And the giant wolf, Ivar, which I have, was a female. I thought that on top of the Green Skin children, having giant wolf children, and nurturing and training them to be wolf riders from their infancy, would certainly be of great help to the clan.

“Ah, that sounds interesting.”

His response was immediate. Having evolved into an Ogre and unable to ride a wolf, he may not exactly know, but having fought a battle in the tunnel with Ivar, I understood the unlimited potential that a military unit of wolf riders could bring.

That was, it would be a much more powerful cavalry. As opposed to his military unit that could only move horizontally, it would be more strategically deployable.

“Hm. However, I’m not sure if he would like the idea…”


“Actually, I had a similar thought at one time. As the giant wolf in the Big Ogre Clan was a female, I had once put it in a room with Gurver one time. The bastard must have had a very high standard since it gave no attention at all to the giant female wolf, no matter how much charm has been turned on.

“I see…”

Although it was possible to guess based on the small population of the giant wolves, the remaining ones must all have very high standards.

They even select their own masters. Likewise, well maybe even worse, the qualification standards for a mate must be much more stringent. Of course, it would be possible to force them to mate by using drugs or magic spells, such a method wasn’t recommended that much in the Green Skin society. Being natural was the most important aspect.

“The only thing to hope for is that Ibar is a beautiful female wolf.”

Raising his great stature, Goff got up slowly and began to walk out of the tent. Maybe, he was on his way to see Gurver. Perhaps, a designated tent was being used as Goff went into another big tent, and I, too, followed Goff into the tent.


As soon as Gurver saw Goff, he came slowly toward Goff and began to rub his head on Goff’s leg. He was a slight bigger than Ivar, and appeared to be rather dignified. The big stature made him look more like Goff, even. Furthermore, by looking at him only rubbing his head without wagging his tail, it was immediately apparent, as Goff said that he was a proud one.

I was worried a bit, but since Ibar was also a pretty one, I thought that Gurver would respond. When Goff gestured to Gurver, he began to walk out, and finally, with Gurver, we headed toward Ivar’s cage.

“I hope it happens as you wished.”

“I, too, hope so.”

Thinking about it again, wolf rider was something to be coveted. Even if there were only 15 or even 10 Ogres riding wolves, that would certainly be a great help to the clan.

At last, Goff and I stood inside Ivar’s cage. As if she has already sensed my approach, Ibar was already making ‘karrrrng’ sound.


Sounded like she was in a good mood.


As I called out her name, Ibar darted towards my direction.


Wagging her tail nonstop was a contrasting behavior from that of Goff’s Gurver. I wasn’t sure if it was because she really liked me, but she was licking my face with her tongue. All the while I was stroking Ibar with my hands, my concern was whether Gurver, who was watching Ivar, was going to respond or not.

As I turned my head out of concern, I saw Goff, looking at his wolf, like it was unbelievable.

The reason was that Gurver was shaking his tail relentlessly while his tongue was hanging down. It was the same appearance of Ibar when she was looking at me.

“Hmm… I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“Heek… Heek… Heek…”

Those eloquent and conceited behaviors were nowhere to be found. I was looking at Ibar with the most obviously happy manner. It was when I was to congratulate the birth of a couple. The response that came out of Ibar was also a very surprising one. She was showing a behavior that was quite different than she was showing towards me.


That sound was not made as a result of being pleased. In fact, she was very defensive. Although I did not understand wolf language, that particular behavior seemed to be the result of rejecting Gurver with all her might. Whether Gurver knew how Ibar was responding or not, he slowly approached Ibar to show his interest in her, when Ivar’s front paw struck Gurver’s face.


The unexpected ambush was made by Ivar, not Goff’s wolf, Gurver. As if she was not interested in Gurver, Ibar was relentless in swinging her front paw.

I thought that Gurver was a fairly good wolf when I saw him continue to wag his tail even when Ibar kept striking him. At this rate, the meeting of the two wolves could end in a disaster, so I hugged Ibar by the neck and kept rubbing her slowly.

“Come on, be friendly…..”

It was a smart wolf, which listened to me. Even though she did not like to have anyone ride on her back, she would always offer it whenever I asked her. So, I thought that it would be the same way even in this time, too.


Although she did not seem impressed, Ibar slowly nodded her head. Having sensed a change in the ambience, Gurver subtly approached, but rather than showing her teeth or swinging her front paw, she either pushed him away with her head or ignored him. Watching this unfold, Goff spoke to me.

“So, is anything working?”

In fact, even I could not tell what would happen next.

“I think it will be up to Gurver. Goff.”

I’ve provided a chance for them to meet. Although it would take some time to grow interest, I personally hoped that Gurver would win Ibar over.

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