Chapter 121:  The Plan


Having completed our talks, Goff and I went for a walk, which really wasn’t for the sake of walking, bringing both Ibar and Gurver. Goff, who bragged about how conceited his wolf was, even remained calm as Gurver tried all he could to impress and win Ibar over. Furthermore, it was telling much that he brought monster meat even without me telling him.


He was urging her to take a taste. As if to be telling her, he wagged his tail and put forth the meat before Ivar, but after taking a small bite of it, Ibar threw away the meat that he brought, with her front paw. I truly did not expect such reactions to be made by Ivar.

Standing tall, she appeared to be like a queen. Gurver, who was brave and audacious just moments ago, looked to be more like a servant, let alone her boyfriend.

“ ………….. ”

Despite that, Gurver seemed happy about something as he went after the meat that Ibar threw out, and my heart began to ache, seeing that. Goff and I picked a good place to sit and discussed about the future while watching them.

It was most appropriate for Black Spear to join in this meeting as he woke up. He came after receiving a message, requesting his presence, via a goblin nearby.

Of course, as this discussion was too important for just for us to be involved, I was planning a general tribal meeting on this subject, but thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an initial discussion among the tribal chiefs.

Even though Storm Shadow assured that we could stay as long as needed, we couldn’t burden him with our presence in his village for an extended, unknown amount of time. It was because to continue to remain here was no different than not wanting to become independent. Black Spear, who spent 3 years here, probably knew about this place much better than us, so I sort of wanted him to take charge during our discussion. Fortunately, as he also had a desire to do so, he has already looked around for an appropriate place to make home for our united tribe.

“You must be trying to mate the wolves.”

“That’s right. Although not sure how successful it will be…”

He also watched Gurver and Ibar with heightened interest. It was after Black Spear has arrived when we were making small chats.

“Hm. I’m curious as to whether there is a place for us to make home… Black Spear.”

Goff, perhaps wanting to stake a new flag on the ground, immediately opened the subject for discussion, and Black Spear nodded his head as if he understood it.

“In fact, there is a place that I’ve been thinking about. Goff.”


“But, I needed to change the plan a bit.”

“Certainly, I see…”

Goff had a gloomier look than me. If Black Spear Clan and Blood Dagger Clan were seeking to establish a turf, it was possible to do so at the ‘eastern’ swamps. It was also possible and understood to not cause any issues to utilize villages, which other trolls, orcs, or goblins have deserted, with some repair work.


If we’re to live together with Goff Clan, it would certainly change the calculus. Unlike the trolls, who can easily adapt to the swamps, the big ogres could not easily live there. If it was only one ogre, it would not be an issue, but most of Goff Clan’s members were either ogres or half ogres. It wasn’t reasonable for any place to accommodate all of them.

That wasn’t the only issue, either. The bigger issue was the fact that the population of Blood Dagger Clan has increased dramatically. With the exception of the cities, in which the humans lived, or Storm Shadow’s village, there was not a place that was big enough to accommodate the size of our united tribe.

“Krrrrk. It must be that our ogres are the problem…”

“That isn’t the only issue. Goff… The fact that the size of Blood Dagger Clan has grown so much is also an issue.”

That was certainly true.


“To tell you the truth more forwardly, I do not recommend setting up the tribal village in east that much. As there are so many swamps, it isn’t appropriate for such large sized clan. It isn’t that it may not be livable, but no one would like to live at a place where they need to be cautious about where they walked on…”

Although Goff nodded his head, he didn’t particularly say anything.

We have decided to live over here. I expected it to be a difficult situation, but it was much more difficult than thought. If Black Spear was to say something like this, it would be no walk in the park to be living here.

It was when I was considering that it was a right time to think about moving to south, or to the west again.

“If we really wanted to find a turf here, there is a place that may just work.”

Sitting down in his spot, Black Spear slowly began to draw a picture. Rather than a picture, it was a map. Perhaps, he wanted to provide a rough idea about the terrain around here. Perhaps being curious, Goff also bent down his large waist, and after finishing the map, Black Spear spoke to us.

Using his dagger as a pointer, he began to explain.

“We are currently over here. This is the Storm Shadow’s village.”

“And Hadom, the city which the humans call it, is further north, and lastly, this is the place where we liberated the slaves. If we assume that our united tribe can withstand the humans, we would like to grow roots within the human village which we conquered, but…”

“That’s impossible.”

That, I cut it off firmly. Including the city of Hadom, I thought that the cities in the east would be preparing monster suppression forces, even just for the purpose of showing off. Furthermore, countless cities that had connections to the small city of Somora would all be doing the same thing.

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