It was an undeniable fact. If something goes awry, Goff, of course, would be the one to buy time in order to minimize damages, and it was also Goff, who would stand at the front of the line directly defending against any attacks. As I nodded, he too nodded also with an expression of being happy.

“Thank you for passing the honorable position to me, Blood Dagger.”

Well, it wasn’t really passing the opportunity to him, as that was the only way. I just nodded for now.

“Then it will be I and the Black Spear Clan who would attack nonstop from the back.”

“That’s right. Black Spear.”

The guys clearly understood. I nodded as I fell in to a deliberating thought. Although it was important to explain the concept, in fact, training and practice in coordinating were also important. Even though it would be rare, if it doesn’t go as planned, it was possible that Black Spear’s spear could find Goff, as well. I had no choice, but to decide to hold training right away, starting tomorrow.

“The training must begin immediately, starting tomorrow. It would be helpful if we all returned and relayed the message to the respective clans. As the battle could last for a long time, I suggest you Black Spear to collect arrows, spears and similar items, and you, Goff, to gather red healing medicines and large shields.”

“Got it. Black Spear. Even though it is not going to be a battle with humans, I still feel exhilarated.”

I, too, felt the exhilaration. In fact, I felt much more passionate about this than him. Perhaps, as soon as they were to get back, I thought that they would immediately hit the stores. As a matter of fact, it has been a while even for me to have visited a store. Furthermore, I did not even have a chance to use up the rewards that I had collected from the previous quest. I didn’t think it would be a bad idea to enter the store given the opportunity since there should be huge no. of points accumulated from the war.

As I got off my butt, Ivar, who has been waiting for us to finish the conversation, got up immediately. Wagging her tail, she approached me and as I rubbed her neck, she responded with “Krrrng” like sounds, and Gurver was staring in this direction.


Goff responded with a bit of ridiculousness. However, not showing it on his face, he spoke towards me.

“Then see you again tomorrow morning.”

“Rest up. My brothers.”

Then we began to return back to our respective villages. I slowly got on top of Ivar’s back, and she walked slowly. I hoped desperately for Gurver to have won Ibar over, but it appeared that that wasn’t possible at this time. I, again, felt the reason behind as to why there were so few giant wolves out there.

As I stroked her head one more time, she shook her head as if it felt good. She seemed to be walking a litter faster, yet it felt like a fully grown man was running. Once again, dreaming of the wolf cavalry, I prayed that Gurver would expeditiously steal Ivar’s heart.

When I returned to the village, I, once again, first found the little children playing and running about. I also saw orc swordsmen and Hark, in training, but upon seeing me return from my short meeting, they stopped their workouts and began to salute me.

“For Blood Dagger.”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Since the entire clan was in, somewhat of a down time, their expressions seemed to be somewhat liberated and it automatically put smiles on my face. After handing Ibar over to Kim Yoora, I returned to my tent, and found Mev waiting for me, still with her legs raised up.

It was a situation that I couldn’t help, but think of it as incredible in nature. Thinking that she has maintained that position during all the while since I woke up and returned from my meeting, I just thought that it was incredible. Having been waiting for me, Mev put on a big smile as she spoke.

“Leader, you’re late! Heeheehee”


Furthermore, where she has been laying down was the same spot that it seemed she hasn’t even moved for a long time.

“You’ve been like that all this time?”

“Yup! I’m almost done. The mother goblin said that this will help…”

Even though there wasn’t any proof, she seemed to be trusting that a lot. Finally, after some time has passed, Mev began to get up slowly. Standing up firmly on the ground after a while, Mev looked imposing. Then for some reason, her wings appeared to be different. It began to tremble a lot. A voice was heard as I was worried that something might have happened.

“Aaak… The wing… feel spasm in the wings… Lead… Leader…”

There was no doubt the wings would have spasms as she has been laying down the whole day. I laughed and slowly massaged Mev’s wings, and Mev looked happy as she began to approve of the massaging that I was giving.

“That feels good…”

After some time has passed, as if the spasm has dissipated, she put on her clothes and her crown. The fact that she remembered to put on the crown, she must have really liked the item even though she has not explicitly expressed it. It looks like she might be spending some time in her tent. In fact, I was worried that she might insist on spending more time in this tent, and the fact that she did not ask to do so, surprised me. I sort of mentioned it just to see, but the responding voice was also very firm.

“Are you returning to your tent?”

“Yeah. The mother goblin said that she will check to see if everything went well. I do want to stay longer, but monopoly is not a good thing. I feel that both plants and humans will be waiting with similarity, for sure. And the more after-events, the better it is! Of course, I was the first one though, hehe.”

The sight of her raising the tip of her nose high as she spoke in a manner that she was very proud of herself for what she was saying looked quite cute. Unconsciously, I slowly smiled as I looked at Mev.

“You haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll arrange the plant to bring it, leader.”


The sight of her trying to leave the tent with her wings flapping looked quite adorable. Watching her, I began to think about the store, and finally felt myself moving towards the store.

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