Chapter 123:  The Secret Store


[Welcome to Item Store. Please Select Your Items to Purchase.]

[Verifying Points for the High Level Devil Tribe’s Gladiator, Blood Dagger.]

[Blood Dagger Has Accumulated 705,000 Points.]


I couldn’t help, but be surprised. I expected that some significant number of points would have been accumulated since I haven’t been to the store for a while, but this was certainly a lot of points. I couldn’t believe that I have earned this many points. It required 400,000 points to transform into a lower level devil, 500,000 points to transform into an Ogre, so I thought the number of points were rather appropriate for being a high level devil.

As I was subtly smiling, feeling good about it, a familiar goblin struck a conversation with me.

“Hurry, hurry and pick. I’m a busy man, my friend.”

The bastard still looked contemptible. Seeing him throw a coin reminded me of the green goblin for some reason.

“You’ve accumulated a lot of points. Take your time, my friend.”

I couldn’t believe it, but he became somewhat courteous after discovering that I’ve collected quite a lot of points. Having only heard the same words out of him in the past, it was an eye opening experience. Even though he wouldn’t answer any of my questions, I couldn’t deny the fact that he has become much more courteous.

I approached the goblin and slowly opened the store to start with. I wanted to look for something that might be needed prior to opening the store. Information about the items immediately came to my head.

[Weapon Store]

[Cheap Big Sword – 10 Points]



[Fire Bat – 3,000 Points]





[Honorary Orc’s Axe with Bearing Blood – 15,000 Points]

The weapons that I used to covet now all appeared to be junks. With over 700,000 points collected, I felt that I could even find weapons that were equivalent to the ancient fire or voices of curse.

I even opened entity transformation and ancient capability categories, but I was satisfied with both replacement weapons and being a high level devil. So, I thought of this and that, in my head, to see if there was something that I have not had the chance to verify when some relatively good parts appeared.

[Strengthening Smelting Equipment]

[Using Materials Found within the Continent, Can Create New Items or Strengthen Items Already in Possession.]

As soon as I thought about that, a small blacksmith, who was sitting next to the goblin, came to my mind. In other words, this was the place where equipment was upgraded. I looked in order to see if I could use bones or hide of beast of the east, after I was to capture it, but it looked better than I thought.

[Ancient Fire – Not Strengthenable]

[Voices of Curse – Not Strengthenable]

[Oversized Big Sword that is hard to be called a Sword – Possible – 10,000 Points]

[Giant’s Powerful Axe – Possible – 20,000 Points]

I currently held four weapons. Often used were ancient fire and an oversized big sword that was rather inappropriate to be called a sword, but I often felt the limitations of the big sword recently. I’ve been using it because of its durability, yet I couldn’t help, but feel the need to strengthen it as I’ve been noticing the differences in classes with other weapons.

I looked around some more, thinking that it could be better just to purchase a new sword, but it was difficult to find a big sword with similar effectiveness. Its effectiveness was good, maybe because it has been purchased from a limited tutorial edition. The fact that its durability was excellent was a great merit as well. Perhaps, the secret store must be opened in order to find a big sword that would surpass this one.

As if he had read my mind, the goblin began to speak.

“Do you wish to open the secret store?”

I thought about it for a while, but since I couldn’t continue to accumulate points without using them, I decided to open the secret store. Perhaps, there might be another similar opportunity or as to what kind of weapons were there weren’t known, I thought it might not be a bad idea to enter the store with the mindset of going on a field trip.


“Don’t regret it, my friend.”

Simultaneous to the goblin’s words, the door of a warehouse at a corner of the store opened, and I was able to see the items in there.

[You Have Discovered Hidden Weapons as a Reward for the Quest – Collect Weapons.]

The information on the weapons came into to my view as I turned my head… The lowest class of the weapon among them appeared to be the ancient fire.

“The weapons that are placed in the secret store are all original items with limited quantities.”

For some reason, the goblin became unusually talkative. Ignoring him, I began to slowly scan the area. There weren’t overwhelmingly many weapons in there. Including the accessories for undetermined weapons, there were about 100 categories of items, in all. There were also the original items like ancient fire. I couldn’t help, but feel the palpitation in my heart. In other words, it was possible to find items that had similar levels as that of the holy sword.

The problem was… there were also items with unreasonably high prices. Immediately, I began to examine the spear that was in front of me. It looked quite persuasive. But the fact that my attention turned to it was because I felt like I have seen the spear before.

[Queen’s Cold Breath]

[The Original Giant, The Spear Cooled with the Queen’s Cold Breath. When and who made it is not known. There are rumors that it came from out of this world as well as it has been in existence since very long, long time ago. Others, who are not accepted as the owner, cannot handle it. Depending on the magic power of the user, extreme cold energy can be released. It will never break.]

[Magic Power + 10,  Agility +7]

[5,000,000 Points]

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