It was a master piece no matter who looked at it. It could certainly be called a master piece by anyone. The price of 5,000,000 points, even with the features, and unbreakable nature, along with the magic power +10, could only be viewed as a highway robbery. If only the attributes could change, it would be a perfect, high companion weapon to the ancient fire which that I have. I began to take another look at it.

Only then, I realized why it looked so familiar to me.

This was the same weapon. That was, it was the spear that the queen of the north always carried with her. Cold blue energy continued to flow out of its edge, and at the end of the spear, a goddess like woman shape was embedded. It was exactly the same as that which I have heard and seen in pictures.

I always thought that the stores used by the green skins and humans did not overlap, but in this situation, it did not seem that way. It wasn’t certain as to when the queen of the north obtained this weapon, but it was simply surprising. Going beyond opening the secret store, 5,000,000 points were spent just to obtain it.

I unconsciously extended my hand out towards it. However, for some reason, I couldn’t grab it. The repelling force wasn’t like it could shatter my body. However, with the cold energy, my body was continually being kept at bay.


Along with the difference in talents, and as even the item seemed to be discriminating, I couldn’t help but swear at the inexplicable situation. Even if I wasn’t interested in it as my weapon of choice was a sword, for some reason, it still made me feel bitter.

I’ve lost the chance of taking away the weapon from the queen of the north when I was to fight her. It was the same with the holy sword that Ha Yuri, the sword saint, had. Initially, I thought that weapon replacement would not be possible for a holy sword for which summoning and re-summoning was possible at will.

With bitter feeling, I looked around again when a hammer made an impression on me. The grip felt very good.

[God of Hammer]


[Hammer used by a Continent’s Hero who has been endowed by the powers of Five Giant Gods.  It wasn’t certain as to how the hammer got here, but having kept the hero’s powers while traveling to many places for the longest time, the hammer’s capabilities have also been deified.  Along with forest, volcano, wind and wave, it also contains additional attributes under seal.]


[10,000,000 Points]

I began to feel good about having first visited here. Although I coveted it, 10,000,000 points seemed ridiculous. As I needed to continue to improve, locking up 10,000,000 points was out of the question. After I purchased items that I needed immediately, I thought that I would keep those weapons as future objectives in my head.

I felt anxious, but it would be alright to collect them after I make satisfactory improvements. Perhaps, until that was to happen, another quest would become available which would allow me to open the secret store again.

Along with them, I also saw many weapons that were worth keeping in my mind. As I turned my head to where I was attracted to, a big sword certainly remained as the one that made the greatest impression on me. It was a slightly bigger than the big sword, which was too big to be called a sword, I had.  It wasn’t just because of its size that pulled my attention. There was some strange sense I felt from it. It was as if it was pulling me to it.

[Sealing Big Sword]

[It is a Big Sword made to Seal someone. The big sword was hardened by the hammer endowed by hell’s fire and blessings. It can summon gigantic metal chains. Responding to the user’s magic power, the metal chain can either tie up or shred the enemy. Others, who are not its owners, cannot hold it. Resistance to the attributes of the dark increases.]

[Magic Power+6, Stamina+6, Power+6]

[5,000,000 Points]

Pitch black big sword. The price wasn’t too bad, either. It was same as the spear which was held by the queen of the north. I stopped just short of extending my hand out towards it. It was because I felt myself to be insufficient for the weapon.


As if to respond to my commitment, the sword made a sound as it trembled. I would definitely have it someday, in the future, for sure. Having made that commitment, I moved to a different area.

It was because even though there were many expensive items, there were also right items that I could purchase. Rather than the weapons, other items which could fit my needs were there for sure. As I was not sure when I would be able to come back in here, I took a rather long time to examine items one after another in detail, and finally, I was able to locate a couple of items that I liked.

The first one was this one.

[Ring of Orc Swordsman]

[The ring with the original spirit of the legendary Orc swordsman.  Most likely to cause mortal wound.]

[Agility +2]

[500,000 Points]


Although it didn’t look like anything special, it was something which I could immediately use and it had great effectiveness. Actually, I even thought that it went way beyond just having great effectiveness. My own capability of ‘weapon replacement’ allows me to replace weapons, and while wielding the replaced weapon, the possibility of causing mortal wounds gets increased.

I thought that if the possibility of my own capability, along with this ring’s possibility could be well harmonized, most of the attacks could result in mortal wounds, although it might not always be at 100 percent. The capability of Agility +2 wasn’t, certainly, not bad, and at the price of 500,000 points, I could only welcome it with certainty. In fact, I wanted to decide on this one, but the remaining second dagger was also very attractive.

[The Great Sorcerer Isac’s Throwing Dagger & Summoning Necklace]

[A Dagger made by the great sorcerer, Isac, to kill time. It was made as a set with the necklace, and after throwing the dagger, it has the feature of possibly recalling it back into your own hands.]

[Magic Power + 1]

[600,000 Points]

I was pulled to this weapon as well because I’ve utilized throwing daggers then switching to big swords in many battles. If there were other weapons nearby, it was possible to continue to launch attacks, but if the conditions were limited, such fighting strategy could not indefinitely be utilized. If this weapon could be used, the future battles would become much more manageable, and it could be applied in many situations.

All I had was only 700,000 points… Being short of 400,000 points, I had no choice, but to choose one or the other.

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