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Chapter 131:  The Beast of the East



That loud sound reverberated close to my ears. It was the sound of Hydra’s central head, striking the ground, while trying to swallow Goff up in one bite. It was the result of Goff deflecting the bastard’s head by using his shield. He seems to be more skilled at using a shield than I had given him credit for.

What was most important for the main unit was to be patient. The most important thing was for the warrior that had jumped in to protect us to endure. Two more individuals rushed out as soon as the two heads, on either side of Hydra, have once again fixed their focus on Goff.

These were Orbo, the Minotaur warrior, and Gara, the twin-headed Ogre. Gara was the odd one, with his mind divided into two, it was unwise to put him in charge of things, but his field of vision was very broad, having the advantage of two heads. Being able to focus on tanking with one head, while maintaining situational awareness with the other, was the best advantage that he had.

It was an impossible technique for a human being. However, another reason for choosing him to be a tank was because his ‘unique capability’ was quite useful. It was a unique capability which hadn’t been seen in humans before.

The unique capability of the ‘red medicine addict’ was ridiculous, but having two heads, he had an optimized body for drinking potions. While one head was busily engaged in a battle, the other head could drink a potion, and was even able to suck down potions with both mouths should he sustain a powerful injury.

His ability to regenerate, stemming from the ability to maximize the effects of potions through his unique capability, was truly awesome.

“Ah… it hurts! Gara is in pain!”

“Gara eats red medicine! Eats red medicine!”

“Red medicine is tasty!”

Although he was able to protect himself from the attacks of the Beast of the East somehow, he was screaming from the pain of a crushed arm. Watching him drink another potion caused me to think that he would be able to last until the end of the raid, as long as the attack did not cause instant death.

“It… It appears to be a good start.”

“Agreed, sir,”

Lee Wanyong said, nervously.

His knees seemed to be shaking, now that he was actually facing the Beast of the East. It didn’t seem bad. Now, he too had a reason to desperately help with this hunt: survival.

He, too, would die should everyone else die. I thought that he was endlessly spinning his head. Watching him continuously converse with Hakajin through Jung Hayeon, I thought that bringing him along wasn’t a wrong decision.

“The main unit will stand by, ready to attack.”

“The main unit will stand by, ready to attack.”

Perhaps, Black Spear seeing the Orc archer’s red eyes and waning restraint caused him to shout orders at them. It was, in fact, Black Spear himself who had the reddest eyes. His muscles bulged and he looked likely to throw his spear at any moment; I felt that Black Spear has been restraining himself for the longest time.

I began to look ahead. Goff, Orbo, and Gara were standing more firmly than I had imagined. Perfectly positioned in three separate directions, the three Green Skins kept their attention of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s eyes, so that they would not hurt each other.

Certainly, the highlight was Goff who was displaying the experience of a tanker, even wounding the beast’s head by striking it down with his ax, as he dodged the bastard’s head.


Looking irritated, the bastard began to spew out venomous liquid, but it was a pattern that we had previously discussed. Goff instantly advanced to the bastard’s feet. Losing its target, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s venomous liquid was redirected to Orbo and Gara, but they, too, had already taken their positions inside the Beast of the East’s breath attack radius.

Ultimately, it attempted to spew its breath towards us, but there was no way that it would reach this far. However, if by some remote chance it might reach here, the Ogre warriors raised their shields, and the bastard’s venom fell to the ground.


With that sound, the ground melted and smoke rose, and the ‘standard range’ was determined with that. That is, the range of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s breath was determined.

“Here…Here is the maximum range. All you have to do is to maintain this distance even if the Beast of the East attacks while approaching closer.”

“This time…The b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s pace…”

The work of measuring the pace of the bastard’s strides was conducted. Appearing from beneath the Beast of the East, Goff and the warriors caused the b.a.s.t.a.r.d to turn its head to the opposite direction, and began to retreat back. (EN: Corner tanking?) As anticipated, the Beast of the East began to chase after Goff, and Hakajin began to measure the pace of the Beast’s strides with his eyes.

It was probably an easy job for Hakajin who had almost perfectly drawn the forest worm’s lair from above ground. Calculating the margin of error was, once again, left to Lee Wanyong. Hakajin spoke, signaling that he has understood while tapping his head with his fingers, and Lee Wanyong nodded his head again. Of course, the two could not understand each other as Jung Hayeon was interpreting in the middle, but I, too, unconsciously thought that they were working fairly well with each other.

While Goff, Orbo, and Gara were collecting data from the Beast of the East, we were getting ready for a battle with everything we had.

I was somewhat able to, understand why humans would form and operate separate strategic support teams when they hunted large beasts. Lee Wanyong’s saying that raiding is science didn’t come about for nothing.  Native humans, whose cultural level was around the Middle Ages, would not have been able to break it down like this, but certainly the humans that were summoned from Earth were different.

There were people who were easily scared, unable to come together, and easily betrayed others like Lee Wanyong, yet even he was quite smart. Should there be humans who wanted to come together and advance, the thought that they would pose serious threats to us, the Green Skins, came to me.

“The… The luring appears to have worked… And all the needed data seems to have been collected. It would be safe to advance a little bit at a time, using our current position as the basis.”

“Good work.”

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