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00134 Part 1 Final Review =============================================================


Greenskin Part 1 Final Review!


First of all, thank you for trusting my webnovel, Green Skin, and accompanying me on this journey. I’m so sorry for blowing up under the excuse that this is the review of part one. Also, I’m so especially sorry for those who had been with me for 3 consecutive years.

I made this review because this is such a good fantasy that, even if by myself, I wanted to celebrate.

In fact, this was the first plot I thought of. I wanted the main character to run and run without any break, put down his own flag three years later and create a place that he could protect.

Though the end is different from the plan, somehow it ended well.

I wanted to make our MC have a neck-and-neck race/close encounter with Park Hye-Ri, who would die before the end of part 1. But if I did that the story would have been too long. So, we have decided to put that in part 2. I have seen various comments saying they were getting bored with the ongoing battles with humans. And as an author, I wanted to say that I felt the same.

I wanted to develop some parts without skipping the three long years, but it’s a pity that I had to rush to make better development.

And now let us go to the next section. We brought some questions that you might be curious about.

[When will Part 2 come out? What is its main content?]

The second part starts right away, just so you can get quality content. It will be released tomorrow. So if you were worried that you’d have to wait, please rest assured. LOL

Once part 2 begins, I’m not jumping into it right away. Bit by bit, the story will come across, but first I’ll write a story about a village being built!

Please keep an eye on the next part of Green Skins.


[Isn’t the motive for revenge a little vague?]

Actually, I think people are mistaken about this. I’m sure everyone would have sympathized if Sung-gum would have killed the main character a bit more brutally. So, I put myself in the MC’s shoe, sorry for being such a cheesy person. Anyways, then I thought if that happened to me I would have gotten revenge too.

I may not be the right example, but if someone I admired for a long time betrayed me, that situation would be scarier than my fans becoming my detractors.

The only mistake was that Choi Seul-gi directly expressed hatred more than Shin Deok-ho. But I think we can correct this later.


[Choi Seul-gi suddenly disappeared in the middle.]

Actually, the scene where I had to say goodbye to Choi Seul-gi, whom many people have cursed at, is my favourite scene. Another one is the scene where Choi Seul-gi went to the North with the Queen of the North.

Even though… a lot of people threatened to drop the series as soon as this scene was uploaded, and some already have, even now, I don’t regret writing it. ㅜㅜ
Editor’s Note: Who are you people?
People: We’re Starfox.
Editor’s Note: You’ll never defeat Andross!!!

I’ve read a lot of novels, so I can roughly tell what scenes the reader would enjoy. And it is the growth and cool developments. It’s really fun to see the main character get everything. A lot of readers were saying that their breaking up was like a morning romance drama, but personally, I don’t think this is a romance.

And if there is still criticism about it, then it must have been due to my lack of writing skills. They did not part ways with a lot of crying, punching or crying again.

Both the MC and Choi Seul-Gi had a clear purpose and had parted ways for a brief moment. That’s why even though the MC likes her, he didn’t follow her to the north.

Anyway, please keep an eye out for Choi Seul-gi! And stay tuned to know the story with Han So-Hye, the queen of the North!


[ In addition, Ivar’s “Heroine” was not planned. I’m sorry. Instead, I will make sure Su-in appears! ]


If you have any more questions, I would appreciate them. As I told you in advance, Green Skin will evolve again with infinite development from tomorrow onwards.

For now, till next month, I think it’s going to be about the characters building a village.

The reason I was able to bring this novel to this point was all thanks to the readers who enjoyed reading it. It may not be enough in the future, but I will try my best to avoid the development of cancer, so don’t be too angry and I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much!

Lastly, Sun Chuko gives great strength to the writer!

Once again, the regular series will be starting tomorrow!


Thank you so much for always loving me.

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