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Chapter 135:  The Village


About 1 month has gone by since we’ve been on this land after subjugating the beast of the east. Nothing much has been changed although time has passed. This was because quite a bit of time was spent bringing the mommy Green Skins and the little Green Skins here.

The corpse of the beast of the east needed to be protected, so with the exception of our Blood Dagger Clan, the Goff Clan and the Black Spear Clan were supposed to travel to the Storm Shadow’s village. However, there was some expected delay since the group grew bigger in size, and the time has passed idly while preparing for the necessary materials.

Yet, it wasn’t that the time was being wasted, not at all. The first thing that was done was investigating the environment. The first task was to figure out what kind of beasts were living in the forest and what kind of resources were available in the river.

Although there lived amphibian types of beasts in the adjacent swamp, perhaps due to the beast of the east, there didn’t seem to be that many. They were large in size, but slow, so they did not pose much danger. However, if one was to encounter them in the swamp, it could lead to some uncomfortable situations. Therefore, the swamps were declared as an absolute no-entry zone for the little children.

The river was deeper than it seemed and it led me to think that it would be good to have a sorcerer who was able to execute magic that was related to water. A lot of fish that could be used as food were located in the river, and it was very surprising to find that there weren’t any beasts in the river.

It was a pleasant surprise to find a mine in the back of the village. Although the Green Skins didn’t need it, there was also a gold mine. The endless stretching mountain range at the back of the village was covered with fog, so it wasn’t possible to travel further for now. However, it seemed to be a good idea to, one day, explore deeper into the mountain range.

An ocean was at the ends of the south and east, a frozen sea was at the end of the north, and an endless forest was at the east. There were many who had ventured out when I was a human, but none of them came back. I have never had that big thought of unraveling the mystery of the continent, so I never thought about exploring, yet having ultimately settled at the end of the forest, a strange feeling came over me.

When I discretely peeked into a tent in the temporary village, I saw little Green Skins playing as they surrounded the corpse of the beast of the east. Kim Yoora and Nicole were also there with them, and seeing the little ones play made me feel good for some reason.

“Only the neck is severed!”

“I heard that our tribal chief flew into the air and sliced it off at once! Blood Dagger is great!”

“Certainly…The tribal chief is great.”

“We must become strong too!”

They seemed to be talking about the battle that had taken place a month ago as usual. Thinking about the faces of the little ones when we first arrived here, I couldn’t help, but put on a smile.


‘Whoaaaaaa! Nicole! Look at this! Come, hurry!’

‘Yoora! Yoora! Look at this! Look at this!’

‘Awe… Awesome! Krick!’

‘A… Adults are great! We must grow up to be like these great Green Skins!’

Besides Nicole or Orbo’s son, even Kim Yoora and the little human children looked at the b.a.s.t.a.r.d with their eyes widely opened, so I thought the shock on the little ones must have been something else. However, I didn’t realize that they were still feeling the side effects from that.

As a result, I decided to keep the corpse as it was, instead of having it cut up immediately. Externally, many might have thought that that was done to use it as a medium for the purpose of raising the tribes’ spirit or declaring the authority of the tribal chief, but the real reason was very different.

Goff, Black Spear, and the countless number of Green Skins who had participated in the hunt for the beast were very hesitant to cut the bastard up in to pieces. Each time Goff and Ogres passed by it, they would stop and stare at it blankly and talk about that day, and it was the same thing for our tribe as well as for the Black Spear Clan. Although it was fortunate that this kind of big beast did not decompose easily, we couldn’t keep it in this shape indefinitely, so I was determined to make a decision in today’s meeting.

As I stepped out of the tent, I saw Gark and Hark, dragging the unique foreigner of this tribe.

“We’ve brought the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“Mirror Blade has brought the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Seeing them puffing heavily as if asking to be praised, I raised my hand to my chest, and Gark and Hark, too, raised their hands to their chests also. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d that they’ve dragged along was none other than Lee Wanyong, the hunting dog. As soon as he saw me, he lowered his head and rubbed his hands together, and he appeared as servile as he could be, but it was something that he has gotten used to already.

I wanted to leave his fate to the tribal members after the hunt, but there was a separate reason for him,
still being alive. Perhaps, he thought that he would immediately be killed that he quickly began to talk to me. It was even before I called on Jung Hayeon, after he appeared in my view.

‘Ah… Perhaps… Perhaps, you are thinking about building a village here…’

‘I… I can help you. When I was on Earth… Earth, I’ve studied…studied architecture…and…and I had also been in charge of a redevelopment project of a city.’

‘I’ll certainly be of good use to you.’

A useful b.a.s.t.a.r.d. That was how he came to remain here for a while. He seemed to be satisfied to be alive even though Gark and Hark were always with him wherever he went, and that he was essentially under confinement, unless he was allowed outside for checking up on the village. He appeared to be looking for an opportunity to join us by appeasing Baek Ahyeon or the little children, but I certainly did not have any intention of accepting him.

The fact that he couldn’t be trusted was the biggest reason. He was just a usable pet as far as I was concerned, not more, not less. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d needed to prove himself in order to survive.

“Here… Here they are.”

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