Chapter 135 Part-2

Shaking his hand, he began to hand over the leather. As there wasn’t any paper available, the plan was written on the back of the beast’s bleached white skin. Looking at the plan, I thought that he must have truly worked in the relevant field when he was on Earth as the quality of the plan did not look too bad.

The product of his hard work was incorporated into this plan, on the back of the bleached hide, which was a month long effort for his survival. Although it seemed to require some modifications as the plans for defending against external invasion, building the home base where the children would play were written in terms of human experience, I felt that he had a good grasp of our life patterns since he has spent quite a bit of time in the Green Skin village.


The b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s face brightened up immediately. He appeared to be extremely happy about bringing his hope of extending his life to reality. No longer looking at the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I said to Hark and Gark.

“Take him into the tent and give him some provision for food.”

“For Blood Dagger.”

Changing my direction, I began to walk towards the tent where the meeting was supposed to be held.

Of course, I did not forget to carefully read the plan that was written on the hide while I walked. The content was quite interesting. Perhaps, realizing that the corpse of the beast of the east was problematic, the very first page of the plan addressed how to utilize the beast’s corpse.

The idea was to install the bones of the beast, which was caught by each of the respective clans, at the center of the village.

In other words, they would become a landmark.

Certainly, the heads of the beast of the east had such a value.

That was, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d would be a proof. A proof that the brothers have overcome hardships by uniting together.

It was certainly better to cut it up and use the beast rather than just simply leaving it in its current condition. The bastard’s bones and hide would become our tents, weapons and armors.

After having many thoughts, I was able to arrive at the door of the tent in which the leadership meeting was to be held, and then I was able to take a seat at the front of the Blood Dagger Clan members who were there already. I must have been very late as I saw Gark and Hark, sitting there already.

As I sat down, Black Spear spoke like in the usual times.

“Then… We’ll begin the discussion on how a village will be erected in our brothers’ land…”

Goff and I nodded and that was how the meeting started. It was rather funny that out of these meetings, so much time was used making the decision to call this land the brothers’ land.

There was a good reason to collect the necessary materials and food as it would be difficult to venture out once the village construction was to start, but the real reason for having made such a slow progress was because everyone was single minded.

That was, the fact that no one wanted to remove the beast of the east that was placed in the center. It wasn’t certain whether it was naivety or stupidity, but someone must bring up this item as an agenda to discuss in situations like this. I spoke cautiously as Black Spear finished his remarks.

“First, I believe it would be best to cut up the beast of the east in the center of the village.”



As expected, a solemn ambiance permeated inside the tent. Even Gark and Hark, who were always supportive of all my ideas, appeared surprised. Unlike his usual self, Goff also looked very wistful. It was Gara, the Twin Headed Ogre from the Goff Clan, who spoke after the long silence.

“Gara thinks waiting a bit longer may not be a bad idea. We’re not quite ready to begin to build the village yet!”

It was an unlikely problem that everyone was in support of the Gara’s nonsensical proposal since the general preparation work has been already completed a week ago. Taking a subtle deep breath once, I spoke again.

“We would be ready to start building the village once the b.a.s.t.a.r.d is cut up. The bones of the beast of the east will become the frames of our homes, the scales and the hide will become the roofs that would shelter us from the rains. Cutting up the beast of the east would not mean forgetting the time of that glorious battle.”

“It is just like how we are sitting right now. After building the village in a round fashion, we’ll erect the two skulls of the beast of the east in the empty space where villagers could gather. This is the great tribe chief’s flag. We will resolve any differences, and hold celebrations under the beast’s skulls that our brothers have hunted together, and this bone will become the proof that we did not forget that time of the battle. We will never forget that battle.”


Perhaps, it was the words that brought out their pride and honor, but they began to show sparkles in their eyes. I did believe that these words would work, but their obvious responses made me laugh. Goff was the first one to agree with my words.

“Blood Dagger is right. We can’t endlessly leave the beast of the east that way. A prize has meaning only when it is utilized. There will be plenty of battles that our three tribes would join in together.”

It was also the same for Black Spear.

“I, too, agree with Blood Dagger. It will be good if we can build a play ground where the children of the three tribes can run around and play.”

As the three tribe leaders agreed, the others all began to nod their heads. Certainly, not only building the village, but it was also possible to strengthen the weapons by using the materials from the beast. A very meaningful meeting was conducted for the first time in a long while.

I’ve heard many ideas and heard what each tribe needed during the meeting. Like in the hunt for the beast, I took on the overarching leadership of the village construction plan. Lee Wanyong and Ogres would most likely be in charge of the work, but such a title was not a bad thing.

“We’ll immediately commence the construction tomorrow. As the first thing in the morning, we’ll start the work of cutting up the beast of the east.”

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