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Chapter 136:  The Village


That’s how the next morning has arrived. The sight of Baek Ahyeon, holding a cup of tea, came in to my view as I opened my eyes.

“O, savior… It is time to go out.”


After taking the tea cup from Baek Ahyeon and drinking the tea, I ventured outside. Since I was completely nude, I roughly covered myself with a hide that was hanging when my eyes met Baek Ahyeon’s as she stared at me.

“I… I’m sorry! O, savior!”

“That’s alright. My follower.”

She probably saw me all night long to the point of tiredness, but she must have still wanted to see me. I stroked her hair one time as her inability to raise her reddened face appeared to be quite cute.

Although I was happy that Baek Ahyeon continued to remain in the village, I thought that it might be the right time to send Baek Ahyeon to the humans. Baek Ahyeon and her followers remained in the village and were adapting well, but she would be most effective when she was among the humans.

Not being able to hear the news about the human side was a big deal.

The northern territory was the destination that I was thinking about for Baek Ahyeon. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to enter the northern territory right away, but I thought that after growing the number of followers from the small cities along the way as she traveled, entering the north was the best choice.

She most likely would not want to go, but it wasn’t up to her. It pained me a lot as I saw her, many times, worrying about possibly having to leave the village. How to go about breaking it to her was also a considerable issue. Certainly, she would obey me if I was to order her, but I also thought that it would be good to coax and soothe her.

“Then, let’s go.”

“Yes, O savior.”

As I stepped outside, having put on my clothing, I saw that everyone was already in the thick of things. The Ogres, having a lot of slaughtering experience, have already started their work.

Although it was a simple task of skinning, separating flesh, and removing and classifying the bones, it seemed as if the groups of Ogres and Orcs needed to be working on it due to the sheer size of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Ragia who needed to separately remove the poison sack and Jung Hayeon who had the b.a.s.t.a.r.d hanging by the root were also the main characters for this work.

It was certainly a site to behold.

By hanging the b.a.s.t.a.r.d upside down on the root, and digging a hole, its blood was to be drained. Standing on top of a simple wooden barricade, the goblins and Orcs were repetitiously separating the hide with their knives, while the Ogres were either holding the barricade steady, so that the ones who were on top of it wouldn’t fall or were axing the parts of the beast that couldn’t be easily separated.

“The flesh and the bones of the beast of the east will become the foundation and fertilizer with which the brothers will build our homes!”

“The head must be separated. I’ve heard that the head would be removed and kept separately.”

“The Blood Dagger Clan’s head has been already separated!”

The young ones that were watching from a distance were also the same. If they were normal human beings, they would have covered up their eyes or gone into the tents, but seeing and learning about this was also part of their study.

It seemed that both Kim Yoora and human children have already gotten used to it. Looking at her talking to Hakajin, it appeared as if Hakajin has accepted Kim Yoora as his apprentice.

When I subtly approached Hakajin after seeing that, the little human children repetitiously shouted.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Kim Yoora, the human child, and Hakajin were also shouting.

“For Blood Dagger.”

As I stroked the heads of the little children who had their arms extended out toward me, they smiled immediately.

“Thank… Thank you.”

Although not sure what it was, Kim Yoora’s face turned red as if she was embarrassed over something, all the while. Initially, I thought of her as being a daring little one, but her recent display of child like behaviors made me feel quite strange.

Come to think of it, it seemed to have been a long while since I talked to her last. I spoke as I looked at Kim Yoora. It was because I thought that there must certainly be some challenging aspects in being a human, although she appeared to be adapting to things very well.

“How are you these days?”

“Ah… I’m doing well, thanks to you. Thank you for your consideration… The moms are also very good to me… I even made many friends, too.”

“I’m very relieved to hear that.”

Even the little Green Skins that thought of Kim Yoora as the little chief were relentlessly nodding their heads. In fact, I was predicting that there might be some conflicts, but the nurturing mommy Green Skins appeared to have been very considerate.

I was quite taken aback as some thoughts came over me when I was about to continue my words. That was because, without knowing, I was just talking to Kim Yoora in Green Skin language.

“You learn a language quickly.”

Kim Yoora nodded in response to that. Certainly she was intelligent. Certainly, she was excellent in more than just ‘playing games’. I spoke, looking at Hakajin.

“Hakajin. I’d like to see you take Kim Yoora around as you build the village.”

“I will do so.”

Both Orbo’s son and Nicole were outstanding, but Kim Yoora has made quite an impression. What I saw was a potential to be a leader. Both the little ones that were captured with her and the Green Skins that were born after that all followed Kim Yoora well. Should there not be a child of my own, I have even thought about naming Kim Yoora as my successor. It was a pleasure to be able to observe how a human child would mature and grow while growing up with the Green Skins.

Fortunately, even Hakajin appeared to be quite happy.

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